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  • Charles Barkley

    I am sending this communication on behalf of my 82 year-old Mom. She has asked me to remind Charles Barkley of the man he was in his youth and the very unfortunate actions he displayed like spitting on people. Her point is that she is extremely troubled by his description of the people in Ferguson as scumbags.

    She also is curious as to why Charles is always sought out for his opinion on non-sports related issues. Why don't reporters seek out Kenny or Steve Smith or Isaiah Thomas, men who appear to be intelligent and very thoughtful in their opinions. Can Charles just stick to sports? Maybe, he is well versed on that subject.
  • Who is Charles Barkley Anyways???

    OKC should boycott Charles Barkley from ALL Thunder games. He has diarrhea of the mouth and nobody wants to hear what he has to say! Charles, you are a HAS BEEN that nobody has even heard of so quit ragging on our team. It figures you would like Lebron! Freakin go to Miami!!!! Oh, and your voice sounds so lazy and annoying.

    The rest of you guys are cool! GO THUNDER!!!!!!!!!! Review would be higher if I didn't have to listen to whoever that guy was sitting on the far right side with the lazy voice.
  • Shut up Shaq

    This discussion over the play of Dwight Howard between Shaq and Barkley is interesting, but I wish Shaq would shut up for a second and let Charles make his points. You're coming across as a boorish big mouth Shaq.
  • shaq's a crack up. "birdman, birdman!!"

    lovin shaq. rest of the guys always the best. big man's adding a lot. keep up the volume, tho, big man.
  • Marv Albert is horrible

    I was watching the basketball game tonight and heard him tell the other announcer that another group did not want him to work with him. That they voted and it was 6-0 and he also said there had been issues. The guy said that made him feel bad. Really! Is this sports or drama. That was unkind and unnecessary. ESPN is much better.
  • For Basketball fanatics!

    Your non stop station for basketball.... the viewing quality of the games shown are great!
  • I like it more on ESPN.

    TNT is okay and all, as a drama-type show network, but not as good as sports-broadcasting. I'd perfer watching the NBA on ESPN rather than TNT. Nothing against TNT, though. By the way, TNT actually doesn't broadcast nearly as many games as ESPN does. If TNT starts developing an actual interest in sports broadcasting, then maybe I'll be able to see it more as a sports broadcasting network, but right now: it's all dramatic and romantic shows and movies, and that's how I think the managers and president, etc. of the network want to keep it: and that's okay. They do broadcast the NBA decently, though. But the commentators aren't as funny or recognizable.