Season 2 Episode 54

New Jersey Nets vs. Charlotte Bobcats

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Feb 11, 2011 on YES Network

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  • 2/11

    The New Jersey Nets beat the Charlotte Bobcats twice last year, including getting their first win all year against them, so if that team could beat this team, no reason this team could not, right?

    The answer is yes. The Nets always play well on the road for three quarters, but are terrible in the fourth. They were not terrible here, but they were not great either. The Nets held on to get a big road win over a team that could make the playoffs.

    The Nets are still only 7.5 games out, but if they want to get in, the march to the playoffs has to start tomorrow against the Knicks. They need to get a three game winning streak under the belt.