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NBC News Specials

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NBC News Specials is an introspective news program that delves into pertinent topics in the current social landscape. Looking to uncover even more than they do nightly, hosts such as Stone Phillips and Brian Williams are on location to interview people and tell a new story in this touching, enlightening program. From sitting down with the gallant firemen that survived the brutal attacks of September 11th, to taking a look at the legendary tradition of High School football in a small Texas town, Phillips and Williams ask all the right questions and offer gripping commentary with each story. By no means an exclusive look at crisis or despair, NBC News Specials will get up close and personal with author J.K. Rowling as well as notable figures such as Tony Blair or George Bush, but will also take a touching trip to Africa with singer Bono to see the tragic way of life all too common in much of the world. All that matters is the story, and these relentless hosts will travel far and wide, from Darfur to Haiti, Texas to Iraq; if there is a tale left untold, it will come out on NBC News Specials.moreless

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AIRED ON 11/19/2010

Season 2010 : Episode 11.19.10

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