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March Madness returns with live coverage of the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament. CBS has been televising the Tournament since 1982 and was the exclusive broadcaster for all games (except the Tuesday play-in game) from 1991 through 2010. The only exception was 2003 when the daytime first round games were moved to ESPN to accommodate CBS News' coverage of the Gulf War.

The 2011 Tournament marked a new-era of television coverage as the $10.8 billion, 14-year contract with CBS and Turner kicked in. The 67 games will be spread across four networks (CBS, TNT, TBS and truTV) allowing for all games to be televised nationally.

The Tournament, one of the most popular events on the U.S. sporting calendar, is a single knockout tournament staged annually at various sites across America. The field, increased to 68 teams (from 65) for 2011, is made up of 32 automatic bids for conference tournament winners and 36 at-large bids as determined by a selection committee. The committee also determines the seeding for each participant. The tournament takes place over three weeks beginning in mid-March.

There are four geographic regions with 16 teams each and the winner of each region qualifies for the national semi-finals, which are better known as the Final Four. During the first week, there are two First Four games (which reduce each region to 16 teams) each on Tuesday and Wednesday, 16 second round games each on Thursday and Friday and eight third round games each on Saturday and Sunday which reduce the field to 16 teams. The 16 teams are better known as the Sweet 16. During the second week, there are four Regional semi-final games each on Thursday and Friday and two Regional final games each on Saturday and Sunday which determine the Final Four participants.

During the third week, the National semi-finals are contested on Saturday night and the National Final on Monday night. This guide begins with the 1978 Tournament, as that was the first year in which all games were televised on one network or another.

The first HDTV telecasts were the 2000 Final Four and National Championship games. From 2001 through 2006, a limited number of games were shown in HDTV and since 2007 all games have been televised in HD. The telecast format is shown in the Recap of each Tournament game for the 2000-2006 seasons.


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    • I can't believe you would

      I can't believe you would have "REX" who thinks he is Mr Kentucky BUT where is MR WISCONSIN..

      You are unfair. Either one from each side OR NO ONE FROM EITHER SIDE.. As a TEACHER you are a terrible role model. TNT should never been given this opportunity for NCAA MARCH MADness. HORRIBLE BROADCASTING
    • A great tournament as big as the NBA playoffs.

      I really enjoy the NCAA Tournament more than the NBA playoffs and the annual competition for the championship trophy in Division I, known as the Big Dance, is as big a sports event in my opinion as the Super Bowl of the NFL. The things I enjoy the most are finding out the seedings, teams who hardly know each other squaring off, and filling out my bracket! Of course, there have been a few downers just like anything else. I do not like the Big East conference getting 11 automatic seeds - their conference only has 16 teams! Plus I do not like the "First Four" they just recently added to the 2011 Tourney. First off, there are eight teams playing in this "round", which apparently makes it the first round? Also, how do they determine the teams that have to play in this game? All in all, it's still a great tournament, and it makes March a month worth living.moreless
    • An Exciting Annual Competition

      I think the NCAA Tournament is one of those sports competitions that transcends the sport in that many, many people who are not really basketball fans watch it.

      The Tournament's single knockout format, unlike a best-of something series, makes for terrific drama and at least a few upsets every year. It's wonderful to see the unbridled joy of players on a team that very few people have heard of when they knock down an amazing shot to pull out a win. It is also great to watch college basketball played at its highest level with great players who are just a step away from turning professional.

      I think many of us remember big moments in the tournament: unforgettable shots and memorable upsets. We also tend to remember the efforts of our school - both good and not so good.moreless
    • Good entertainment.

      I don't think that the NCAA is always entertaining. Some times it is just boring and other times, it can be great. I guess it just depends on the talent and the teams involved. Each year is usually okay, but there have been times in which I did not care. I like the battles between the top teams and the upsets. I guess that it makes for better entertainment when there aren't as many upsets because of the fact that I find it better to watch the best teams play one another. Overall, I have to say that it is decent. Thank you.moreless

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