NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Nov 17, 2009 on CBS

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  • Um.

    NCIS: Los Angeles has all the tools to be a successful show: big name actors, being a spin-off of TV's most popular show and having the best time slot on TV, following said show. But for some reason the show has not met my expectations in its first eight airings.

    Maybe it is because I am not a fan of the original NCIS, or maybe it's just because there are so many superior police shows out there, but I'm just not feeling the program. I hope it will get better over time, it's still in its early stages after all, but this is just not quality right now.
  • I loved this one!

    This was perhaps the best episode of this show so far. I t was definitely very interesting and highly enjoyable, and quite different and unique from anything attempted in the past.

    I thought the storyline was perfect and could really use little to or no improvement at all, in ny opinion. It was really well written, and in my opinion, almost up to the caliber of an NCIS episode, which is great to finally see!

    Overall, a magnificent episode, and this show is head ed int the right direction. I hope it continues to go this way, because it had the posential to be great!
  • After a Marine is found dead while working for Naval Intelligence, NCIS is brought in to investigate the work of a militia group who is working against the government in the illegal alien situation. This group had stolen major weaponry from the Marines.

    Patriots which sometimes is another word for whack jobs who parade as concerned citizens who are really pushing their own agendas. Fighting for a cause. A very dangerous group to get involved in as they don't trust anyone or anything.

    Special Agent Mike Renko played by Brian Avers joins the hunt with Callen, Hanna and Blye as they try to infiltrate one of these groups through a suspected Marine Private who is on the inside. Somehow the Private who was involved in munitions managed to steal six hand held rockets and get them off the base in a very clever way. Unfortunately he managed to not realize the lunacy of the men he was dealing with.

    Heddy is off in Washington before Congress testifying on one thing or another about appropriations and so when she finds out what is going on she flips out. It turns out she lost an agent on a similar case years before. She blames Vance for getting her boys in harms way so she does something about it.

    Pretty entertaining, but outlandish, almost cowboyish episode that sort of pushed the level of belief a lot. It was entertaining though and the banter was good. Kensi proves herself in the field to be as good or better than one of the boys so that was interesting. If they are going to have Callen go undercover I hope it's on more realistic investigations in the future. Thanks for reading...