NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 5 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2013 on CBS

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  • Amazing start to a season.

    This episode was riveting from start to end. Yes it may have been a bit bloody and painful but its not like NCIS LA does this all the time. It fit with the story line. My only criticism would be that Deeks seemed in a lot less pain then he should have been after having had major oral surgery. How long were Sam and Deeks in the hospital before they left to help Michelle? Im not sure it was even a full day. That would be my one major plot hole. However besides that it was a riveting episode. I even loved the ending with Callen and Sam trying to tell Deeks it was okay to laugh.
  • cosi', cosi'

    bell'episodio, ma in alcuni punti poco curato.
  • Disappointed... :(

    I love this show, especially the characters, but the plots just aren't very good, time after time. I was so anxious for this premier and there was so much they could have done with it. It had so much potential, but they crammed everything into one episode and It could have been so much better if they had fleshed everything out in a two part episode. I did love seeing the serious side of Deeks, I thought Eric Christian Olsen did a great job. But overall I really wish they would give their emotional, dramatic plots more show time, instead of cramming it into one episode. I'm hoping the next episode will be good.......
  • Flawless!

    This was an incredible hour of TV as NCIS LA returns to our screens! I've watched season premieres of a few of my usual shows now, but I think this was the best. So much action! So much drama! So much suspense! And major stuff went down.

    Part of me wished that the storyline did not end just so that it could go on a little longer! But something tells me that Janvier's role in this is not yet done with...

    Absolutely flawless hour! Can't wait for more next week!
  • Epic!

    love this episode.... it started the season of really well i think that its going to be interesting watching how the writers over the next handful of episodes show the effects of the resent event will have on the hole group... :) cant wait for more !!
  • Good Start

    Seeing the premiere, I thought that this show should really have more crossovers to Hawaii 5-0 and NCIS... maybe a trilogy that starts off with NCIS LA then NCIS and ends in Hawaii... also good to see that the writers and producers are playing with the characters. I'm amazing in how they showed the more serious side of deeks. Hope to see more of that
  • Premiere Was A Let Down

    Seeing a watered down, non-comedic Deeks is not why we watch this show. Obviously, I expect he and Kensi to return to normal in a few weeks, but I just don't think Eric Christian Olsen can pull off the emotional and dramatic moments needed with this current story.

    I am glad to see the show getting a bit edgier, what with the mad dentist work and cutting off human skin and limbs, but after last season's strong finale I wanted a blow away episode here. Did not get that tonight, although there were some parts I really enjoyed.
  • Good ep

    God dammit just share a proper kiss already Kensi and Deeks