NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 05, 2010 on CBS

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  • When a Petty Officer who is part of a high level encryption group is killed in a strip club the team mobilizes to find out what happened. What they turns up involves terrorism, infidelity, trafficking, blackmail, and a host of other illegal activities.

    We get to see inside some of the agents psyche in this episode. We have Nate the workaholic. The ME was charming and not subtle in the least about her intentions with him. Sam has a soft spot in certain circumstances and when people disappoint him he works out the anger in a physical way. It's nice to see them bring out these qualities in the characters as it makes them more real. G really does care about his friends even if he doesn't think he has any.

    If I had to say any one thing it would be the fact that the episode seemed a little uneven. There was a lot going on for even a one hour plot which is why there really was no ending to tonight's story. The CIA has Yassan, Deng Oyat is on his way back to The Sudan, and Dallas get to go back to doing his thing. In other words no real resolution. We're out of time we need to wrap this up. Poof... Thanks for playing.

    The action was a little slow as they were trying hard not to tell the audience anything until the end. Keeping things on a suspenseful level throughout. Who was doing what with who and why? I think terrorism has been a pretty regular plot line for NCIS:LA.

    Enjoyable episode but a little slow to form and really didn't end for me. The making nice at the end really doesn't do it for me as far as making up for that. Thanks for reading...
  • Good episode tonight.

    NCIS: Los Angeles has been mostly a mixed bag for me. Some episodes have been interesting, with some good action sequences and such, and some have just been really, really dull with generic plots that have been done a dozen times before on cop shows. This episode sort of fell in the middle for me. While I was thoroughly entertained by it, the action was pretty low outside of an attempted drive-by and a very brief stand-off at the end. I understand that it is not feasible or realistic to have a huge shootout every week, I also understand that this is a television program and the viewer is supposed to suspend their reality just a little bit.

    The ending was also a very sweet, very sincere moment, something the NCIS franchise has been able to do over the years. That was a different ending than most Los Angeles' have had this season, but definitely a good one.
  • Slight improvement on last week, but still not as great as the one before that.

    This was quite definitely an improvement as I thought last week's episode was one of the worst ones, but in my opinion, it was only a slight improvement.

    The storylin started off quite interesting, but there were some annoying moments. I was quite confused at some points with that kid that Sam was with, and I thought they placed a good story that they could carry on for several episodes into just one, and that made it rushed and crammed. Personally, I think that this storyline shouldve been spaced out better.

    The ending was very intersting, and I think they executed the last few scenes very well, and that made it enjoyable for me to watch. Overall, a good episode, but not stunning or spectavcular. I wouldn't recommend it too highly, but for a huge fan, it is not a bad episode. At all.!