NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 05, 2010 on CBS

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  • Slight improvement on last week, but still not as great as the one before that.

    This was quite definitely an improvement as I thought last week's episode was one of the worst ones, but in my opinion, it was only a slight improvement.

    The storylin started off quite interesting, but there were some annoying moments. I was quite confused at some points with that kid that Sam was with, and I thought they placed a good story that they could carry on for several episodes into just one, and that made it rushed and crammed. Personally, I think that this storyline shouldve been spaced out better.

    The ending was very intersting, and I think they executed the last few scenes very well, and that made it enjoyable for me to watch. Overall, a good episode, but not stunning or spectavcular. I wouldn't recommend it too highly, but for a huge fan, it is not a bad episode. At all.!