NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 1 Episode 24

Callen, G

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 25, 2010 on CBS

Episode Recap

Callen, Sam and Kensi have discovered that the key found on Keelson lead to a warehouse he owned. They head to the warehouse and find a computer and boxes of files locked behind a gate. Callen looks for a way into the gated area and Kensi looks at the computer. Sam finds and box labeled Callen and they begin looking for boxes on Sam or Hetty. Sam reports that he did not find a box with his name on it, but found two with Hetty name. They find he was researching someone named A. Taylor and then a self-destruct program is triggered. Sam and Kensi run for the door, while Callen works on getting into the locked gate to retrieve his box. Just as the self-destruct sequence hits zero, he runs for the door, just making it before the warehouse blows up. Outside, the fire department has put out the blaze and Callen questions Kensi about what happened. She suggests several possibilities and Callen walks away frustrated. Kensi tells Sam it wasn't her fault and Sam then follows Callen. Sam tells Callen that it is possible that Keelson had as partner. Back at the office, Eric is running down information about the warehouse looking for a connection to anyone else. Kensi approaches Callen and he reassures her that they are okay. They are reviewing the file on A. Taylor, which Kensi grabbed from the warehouse. They find a picture of a man and a woman arguing. Kensi notes that there are 450 A. Taylors in the Los Angeles area. Callen open a small diary type book and finds pages of addresses, he realizes that these are all the foster placements he went through. He states that each entry is handwritten and then notices that the final five addresses he does not recognize. Sam has been looking at the pictures and finds a chain, Bart's Mart, in the background. They head upstairs to Eric, who locates the Bart's Mart in a 6000 block in Van Nuys, and pulls up the satellite picture, which matches the picture. There is an apartment complex near the Bart's Mart and Eric runs the tenants for an A. Taylor. He finds a Steven John Taylor living there. They run his background and find he is 45 years old and was recently divorced from Amy Taylor. After running her background, they find she is 42 years old and that she has no current address on file. They discover that her maiden name was Callen. Hetty tells Callen he is off the case and sends Sam and Kensi to find the apartment. Callen leaves Hetty and immediately goes to the operations center to talk with Eric. He tells Eric that Hetty will be calling telling him that she has taken him (Callen) off the case. Callen wants an update first, Eric begins just as his phone rings, caller ID says it is from Hetty. Eric ignores it and briefs Callen that there was a data line at the warehouse that had never been used until this morning. The phone stops ringing, Eric has pulled surveillance video from the warehouse and found a car that arrived a few minutes before the explosion, watched the explosion and then drove away a few minutes later. His phone begins ringing again and he hurries up telling Callen that he ran the license plate. The car was registered to Carl Browning. Eric pulls up his driver's license and rap sheet for Callen to see. Callen thank him and leaves, while Eric answers his phone. Hetty yells at him, asking what took him so long. Sam and Kensi arrive at the apartment building and as they get closer to the apartment, they hear the television on. The knock, guessing what is being watched, Sam is guessing Mighty Mouse. Kensi notes that the Taylor's have no children and they bust into the apartment. The placed has been tossed and there is no sign of Mr. Taylor. Eric calls Sam and tells him about Browning. Callen arrives at Browning's residence and finds a strange man in the home. He identifies himself as a federal agent and CIA agent Trent Kort approaches from behind, announcing himself. He explains that they were tracking Keelson and Browning but arrived too late. He takes Callen into the garage and shows him Browning, who is tied upside down, hanging from ceiling, with electrical wires attached. Kort tells the team that he has been tracking Karim Akbari, but refuses to give him more information. As they leave the home, Sam and Kensi arrive. Kort tells them he used to work with Callen and then leaves. Callen fills them in on the crime scene and Sam explains that was almost the exact same scene at Taylor's apartment, minus Taylor. They concluded that the same pros hit both places. Callen asks Sam to call Eric, which gets a look from Sam, so he explains that Hetty took him off the case. Sam calls Eric asking him to run Karim Akbari and Eric states that the screen flashed up for a second and then was shut back down by Langley. Back at the office, Hetty approaches Callen and tells him that she would send him home, but that would only move him from his desk chair to the sofa across the room. Callen aggress and notes that he is still looking for a new place to live. Hetty asks him if he knows anything about Karim Akbari or why a pencil pusher at the CIA is calling her about a NCIS request to view a classified file. Sam walks in and tells Hetty that he made the request. Hetty explains that after she got off the phone with the pencil pusher, she called the director and he will have one of his agents, Kort, over here to brief them. She watches Callen face for a reaction and then tells Kensi & Sam to meet Kort at the boathouse in ½ hour. After she leaves, Sam looks at Callen and states, "She knows and you can't go". Callen heads to the shooting range and Nate comes by the range at Callen's request. Callen gives him the notebook and asks him to evaluate it. Nate states he can do a handwriting analysis and will check out the last five addresses after Callen states they are unfamiliar. Nate pauses and they states he could check out those addresses right now and if Callen looked over his shoulder. Nate finds that four of the addresses are or were orphanages ran by the government and the last one is a private residence, Callen heads over to the last address and an older woman answers the door. He shows her a picture of Amy and states he is from a law firms, trying to locate her. The woman invites him in and shows him her wall of her foster children. She notices his reaction and asks if his picture is up there. He tells her no, but it is on a wall like this someplace else. She finds Amy's picture and notes that she was a very troubled young girl. She states that Amy sends her a birthday card every year and digs out the most recent card, with a return address. Callen asks if Amy had any family and the woman replies that she was an orphan, but mentioned having a brother. Kort is at the boathouse with Sam and Kensi explaining that the connection between Browning and Karim Akbari has to do with the Shah of Savak. The shah was involved with the Iranian secret police in the 1970s and then went into exile. There are rumors that he is moving money out of Iran to restore his power. The Shah died 18 months after he went into exile, yet the money keeps moving. Michael Lawson was an American Banker who was believed to be moving the money for the Iranian. He was found dead six weeks after Shah. It is believed that Akbari track down Browning because he and/or Keelson may have found the money. Callen has located the return address from Amy's envelope and sees a man arrive. After the man enters the house, Callen begins to approach when he hears a loud TV playing cartoons. He looks in the front window and sees several men beating up on another man. He enters the home from the back, identities himself as a federal agent and the other men begin firing their weapons. He returns fire hitting one on their way out. He chases them outside, where they jump into a van. He pursues them and calls Eric for LAPD backup. During the chase, Callen's car flips and Eric is monitoring by video cameras, calls Hetty telling her she needs to see this. One of the men gets out of the van and approaches Callen. He draws his gun, taking aim, when Callen reaches his own gun and shoots the men. He climbs out of his car and heads to the van. He finds an unconscious Steven Taylor and grabs his cell phone. He call Amy and tells her that he is a federal agent and her ex-husband ahs been injured. He explains that if he knew her whereabouts that the men are coming for her. She hangs up the phone. Callen commandeers an onlooker's car and calls Eric to track the phone of the last call made from Steven's phone. Eric is able to track the call to a 4-block radius on Allington Street. Hetty picks up the phone stating, Mr. Callen and he hangs up on her. Nate explains that there is an address in the notebook on Allington and Callen knows this. Hetty asks Eric who the number belonged to that Callen had him locate and they discover that the number belongs to Amy Taylor. Callen arrives at the City of Angels, home for children, which has been long abandoned. He heads into the building and then dials Amy's phone. He follows the ringing and finds her. He indentifies himself as a federal agent and tells her his name is Callen and asks her who she is. Amy tells him, "I'm your sister". Callen states, "I don't have a sister". Eric tells Hetty that Sam and Kensi are fifteen minutes away. Amy finally admits that she is Hannah Lawson, not Amy Callen. She explains that Michael Lawson had a daughter and she was 11 years old when her father was killed. Her mother died when she was 3 years old. She explains that she hid when the Iranians showed up to kill her father and then ran away after they left. She lived on the streets until she was picked up by children's services. She was taken to an orphanage and was there for over three months before she spoke to anyone. She tells Callen that he did have a sister, Amy Callen and she was her only friend. She tells Callen that Amy talked about him all the time and she remembers one story about a little red cart that she would pull him around in and one day it crashed. She felt so bad and it left him with a scar on his left wrist. Callen lifts his left wrist up and shows her the scar. The Iranians show up and Callen starts evading techniques, protecting Hannah. He takes out of the men by shooting him and a second man he has a physical fight with, losing his gun. Akbari draws his gun and aims it at Callen, who is unable to reach his gun. A shot missing Akbari and he turns around, Hannah is shooting at him. She empties the gun, missing each time. Akbari steadies his aim on her and is shoot Amy when he is shot by Callen, Sam and Kensi simultaneously. Callen walks over to Hannah to comfort her as Kensi calls Hetty and reports everyone is fine. Callen asks what happened to Amy and Hannah states that they would sneak out at nights to go to the river. One night Amy slipped and was swept away in the river. Hannah stated she was scared and ran back to the orphanage and hid in Amy's bed. The staff had never been able to tell them apart and they thought Hannah was the one missing. A month later they found Amy's body and buried her under the Hannah Lawson. Back at the boathouse, Sam, Callen, Kensi and Kort are working on an agreement between Amy/Hannah and the government for information leading to the money. She agrees to give them the address of the house where she lived with her father and they agree to leave her alone. She signs the papers and tells them the address, 2175 Ellison Way, Marina Del Ray. The satchel was a secret panel in the wall between laundry and the bathroom. Kort leaves and Amy asks what will happen when he finds out the house was demolished 15 years ago. Sam and Kensi leave and Hannah hugs Callen. She tells him that Amy loved him so much and cried herself to sleep every night. As she begins to leave, Callen asks, "What did she call me?" Hannah stops, turns around and states, "Baby brother". He asks no, what name and she states she only referred to him a baby brother. He heads back to the office and finds Hetty and she tells him that he is being suspended for one day since he directly disobeyed her orders. She hands him a note as he leaves her office. Hetty find Nate looking at the notebook found on Keelson. He tells Hetty that there are more addresses in here than NCIS was aware of. He continues that the strange thing is that all the address were all handwritten, by the same person in different pens & pencils. He believes that they were added as they were happening; somebody was watching Callen, tracking him while he was growing up. Callen goes to the grave of Hannah Lawson and finds a note "For my sweet daughter, always in my heart". As he looks around, a camera shutter is heard in the distance.