NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 1 Episode 24

Callen, G

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 25, 2010 on CBS

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  • LOL at the directors of this episode

    Once again NCIS:LA proves what an over exaggerated show it is. If there was an Emmy award for most over exaggerated action scene, NCIS would win hands down. The car chase scene involving Callen towards the end of the episode is a prime example of the sheer stupidity of the directors. Before Callen gets in the car, he is involved in a shootout. He proceeds to get into the car and places the gun on the seat next to him. Fast forward and his car is flipped and does a full 360 in the air and then rolls further along the ground and comes to a rest on its roof. Okay fair enough, but here is where it gets stupid. The bad guy approaches the car and is about to shoot Callen, when suddenly Callen conveniently has his gun within reach and shoots dead the guy. WTF!!!!! And that is not the only stupid part, next Callen gets out of the car with no scratches or injuries and walks away like nothing happened. Only in this ridiculously fake show is it possible for a person to be involved in an accident like that and walk away with no injuries and also have the fortune that through that carnage the gun is conveniently right next to your hand.
  • A Really good finale.....

    In this episode of NCIS LA, the following happens. When a woman who has knowledge of a long forgotten Middle Eastern fortune marked for war, is in danger, the team re called in. We soon learn that her name is Amy Callen, and appears to be Callen's sister. As Callen is pulled off of the case, the team work it without him. Callen manages to track down the woman, who breaks down and tells him the truth. She is not his sister, but has been using her name. We learn that his real sister drowned when she was 11 years old and that this other girl took over her name and no one noticed. As the episode draws to a close we are no closer to learning about Callen's past, but we do learn one thing, someone is watching him and has been watching him since he was a little boy. Overall a very good finale. Although we didn't learn much about Callen's past, we are getting closer.
  • Crying with Callen

    Well, I actually thought this finale was better than the actual NCIS finale. I mean, I thought this episode was really well worked out. I like the tragedy component (bawled) and the whole case was pretty interesting. Okay, I lied. I didn't even pay attention to the case. I was more focused on the Callen's sister part. I thought that was SO sad. Callen has a long lost sister. And when he finds her, it's not really his sister and he finds out that his sister died a long time ago. Oh, how tragic. It is kind of soap opera-ish, but I liked it.
    This brings me to another point. Chris O'Donnell crying in the scene. I was reduced to a little puddle of tears by then. I didn't know he had it in him. The timing was perfect and so was the situation. I just found the whole story arch so sad, I wanted to jump in the TV and hug Callen! I loved the whole intense ending thing they did for the episode. I think it'll lead up to a really nice story arch for the next season. It's gonna be a long wait til season 2 and as we anticipate how this plot is going to be worked out.
    And I can't wait.
  • Season finale

    This show is like a hole: it's really empty. It's absent of a reason for me to care about the show. It's missing a reason for why there is so much shooting and violence. I usually am fine with that, but now I am starting to see that fans will grow tired of that after awhile.

    Look at NCIS. It has the head-slapping, it has characters with distinct personalities...what is distinct about these characters? Can you even define any of these characters in a word? What adjective would you use to describe Kenzi?

    These may not seem like real problems for Los Angeles now, but they are going to be in the long run. You're going to need people to have G. Callen avatars on, and right now does anyone?

    NCIS: Los Angeles can be a great series, but it needs to be reworked in the summer. Hopefully it is.
  • Enjoyable, except for one annoying hole.

    A fast paced enjoyable episode. A fitting end to the season, containing enough of a teaser to keep me interested in coming back to the show, without using the seemingly mandatory cliff-hanger many other shows use. (At least here you feel that one story has been wrapped up, and not left hanging –eminently more satisfying for the viewer.)

    I agree with other reviewers that the characters need more fleshing out to make them as distinctive as their original NCIS counter-parts. But adding more to Callen's background here is steps in the right direction. Some background has been shown for Hanna, in past episodes, but more work needs to be done on Kensi, Nate and Eric, to fill out their characters, and make them more 'real'.

    As for Hedi, I don't think we'll ever get any more than vague references, and inklings of a secretive, eventful past. I guess the writers like to keep her mysterious, and us guessing at the "what ifs.." (Unfortunately, though, she actually does very little in the present; to some extent she is the equal 'rank' to Gibbs -direct reports to Vance- yet she is nowhere as involved in her team's actions as Gibbs is with his. She is no Special Agent Lara Macy, who now will never be back.)

    Back to this episode, I found one aspect that didn't make too much sense. The team risked their lives to get whatever files they could from Eugene Keelson's lair, getting away with the "Tayor, A" book-type file and a few odds and ends. Now in their search for this elusive "Taylor, A" never once do they crack open this telephone-book-sized tome to read what it contained. Presumable, if Keelson was actually as good at gathering information as he seemed last episode, all the background information they found out about "Taylor, A" should have been contained in the file, thereby forgoing all the legwork they went through.

    The giant "Taylor, A" file was only used to provide the name, yet the little note-book yielded untold information in comparison. Why was this file so big if it contained nothing else? Why didn't any of the team think to actually read it? It kind of cheapens/lessens the anguish of Callen in not being able to get the "Callen, G" file, as it too may have only provided simply a name.
  • Sublime climax for season one!

    NCIS: LA heated up for its season finale, which ewas very intense, interesting and fun to wathch. This show has been improving immensely, and today was no exception.

    The storyline featured us delving into Callen's past, as the title might suuggest. I really was on the endge of my seat, because it was intense and suspenseful.

    I also really enjoyed the ending. I thought it was a great way to finish off Season One of the show, and it was certainly a great way to apply suspense during the off-season.

    Definitely would recommend this one to anybody, becauees the storyline was thorough, interesting and very fun. Great work guys, all season, and I can't wait unti l Season Two!