NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2012 on CBS

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  • NCIS try to find out who wants to kill Hetty.

    This was a very good episode when NCIS find Hetty is in danger and the case they are working on is linked to Hetty It seems we just keep learning more things about Hetty each episode and like she said she has made a lot of people angry so anyone could want her dead but all was revealed in the end but Hetty denied knowing the woman probably because of what Hetty did.
  • VERY good!

    This was a downright Brilliant episode of NCIS LA with some phenomenal developemnts in a very interesting case. The very first scene was organised really well, and I just didn't see that cigarette lighter coming!

    Kensi in the escort place was pretty funny, and there were other funny moments too, such as Hetty's swear jar funding her vast collection of tea(s) and the last agent who tried tarcking Hetty having a permanent lisp. That was epic!

    The case itself was really intriguing, with a great look into the past. I still don't like Granger, but I enjoyed a look at Hetty's past. I only wis h that the car had made the clean getaway, as this storyline would've been really great over two episodes, but it did well as one episode anyway.

    A great episode, and I look forward to more!
  • Ratchet

    watching NCIS:LA and have to say that they found the most appropriate place - an escort service - to play LL Cool J smokin hot new song "rachet"

    ratchet = The girl who thinks she's hot, she's actually nasty and unflattering, probably being sloppy and obnoxious, and has a big attitude. BIG laugh when I heard that song.
  • Collateral

    Some intriguing things and some action throughout, but I can't go out and call it that great an episode when we know this show is capable of much more.

    They tried, but it just came off as mediocre.
  • Hetty and her team

    I really loved that episode. There was a good storyline, great action, awesome team interaction and it was fun. I like how Deeks interacts with Sam. I loved the Kensi/Deeks banter as always and Kensi's part undercover was hilarious. Eric and Nell also had some great scenes together. We also get more background story on Hetty and team "teams up" to go help and protect Hetty who still is as deadly as ever.

    Awesome episode, I gave it a well deserved 10.
  • Hetty MIA

    I toht that this episode was briliant. There was a lot of action and some very humourous jokes. I loved the swear jar thing. That was funny. Itink thatthe ony thing that I did not like is when Hetty went off the grid and didn't tell anybody.
  • I like it

    Was very good. I enjoyed it where Kensi had to distract the 'madam' (would have been hard to do - if in real life - ugh) so Deeks could get the computer info - but more so when she left & deeks tried to give her a hard time about it

    - -- But show also showed that Revenge over your father's death is Wrong. - It only leads to more deaths....