NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 3 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2012 on CBS

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  • Slight spoiler, read with caution...

    Everyone loves a good villain, and this one is definitely good. He's interesting and mysterious and ending the episode with more questions than answers was a great decision :) Twists and turns, a good plot with a possible follow up... I look forward to watching it.

    I was a little disappointed in the team not figuring out that the Interpol agent was suspect, and I think that this team would have spotted that. I understand why the writers decided to play it out that way, but I just think that G's team is better than that and would've noticed that something was up - if I spotted it, they really should've. I was pleasantly surprised, however, that the writers still managed to shock me toward the end, so I will give them points for that. Did not see the final twists coming so I look forward to the next episode with the Chameleon, and hope that 1. The writers add even more twists to the plot and 2. These actors play it out as well as they always do.
  • Very impressive!

    Crimeleon was yet another amazing instalment of NCIS: LA. The storyline was beyond phenomenal and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    I am also stunned by soem of the events of the episode, and I am thrilled that this may act as some sort of cliffhanger for a future episode. I'm seriously expecting big things if/when the Crimeleon returns!

    Definitely a top notch episode! As most LA episodes are!

    Can't wait for more! 'Blye, K.' sounds really interesting, just by reading the name, obviously, so I look forward to next week!
  • very good

    intense, interesting, good comments. a very good show with the villain winning often. I guess the villain will continue in another show.
  • Crimeleon

    A very god installment of NCIS: Los Angeles tonight. It was action-packed and had the intrigue of Homeland packed with the shootouts we only get to see once a month from this show. I like an episode ending with the story not yet concluded though. Build things up, let this villain get more villainous, for lack of a better term, and leave us in suspense.

    Definitely one of this season's best.