NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2011 on CBS

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  • Hatty withheld this information from Callen? Why?


    The ongoing story of Agent Callen's efforts to learn about his past and his family have been intriguing, but if a television show is going to stretch such an arc out for so long, there should be a payoff.

    Instead, we learn that Callen's grandfather was a member of the OSS during World War II and worked to bring down Romanian Nazis. He married a Romanian woman and they had a daughter (Callen's mother) who also became a clandestine agent for the U.S. government, going into Romania, and eventually killed (after bearing a son) by the Comescu family for her father's and her work again them.

    We also learn that Hatty has known this information for a long time and has been withholding it from Callen. This is where it falls apart for me. What possible reason was there to not tell Callen about his family history? If anything, leaving him in the dark about the fact that there is a criminal family that wants him dead would seem to put him in more danger.

    The writers have tried to make Hatty this mysterious, almost all-knowing character, who was involved in many crucial intelligence operations for the United States. The revelation that she withheld this information makes her look like a manipulating schemer, without any regard for a character that she is supposed to care a lot about.

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    It seems like every single week the show either is tackling a small time drug cartel or dealing with a huge corrupt government of a foreign country and this one fell in the latter category. Not that it was not enjoyable, it was a fairly entertaining episode, but the show is starting to repeat itself more often than not.

    And I also do not care about G's past, and since that was a big deal here maybe that is why I could not fully enjoy it.

  • Case was OK, but the story of Callen was the most interesting part of tonight's viewing.


    This was another highly interesting NCIS: LA episode. It is safe to tell you that this episode's case was the least enjoyable case so far this season - but that isn't saying much, as the season has been terrific thus far!

    I did, however, thoroughly enjoy the case regarding Callen's past. The beginning of the episode was done very well, and I thoroughly found it to be enjoyable and insightful. I(t was definitely thoroughly interesting and it will hopefully have a significant impact laster on.

    The case had its merits. The begiinning was interesting and thoroughly enjoyable, and Deeks's dog added another angle to the episode, even though I didn't find it to be a particularly enjoyable thing.

    Sam's relationship with the dog was definitely funny, though!

    All up, a good case and interesting back-story! I hope NCIS: LA continues to improve, because this season had been terrific thus far!