NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 5 Episode 24

Deep Trouble

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2014 on CBS

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  • My favorite show

    Loved every episode. Love each caracter and hope to keep Heddy on forever.

    Every character seems so real and I like the amount of humor between the characters that balances out the amount of violence and helps make the stories more believable. One of the best series on TV.
  • Deep Trouble

    Good ending, and I like the show yet again closing out the season with a cliffhanger. That's the kind of thing CBS dramas need to do more often.

    Of course Hetty will be back, but I am curious to see how they handle this. Solid finale.
  • Brilliant!

    This was a great episode, a great case and a terrific conclusion to Season 5. The season has had some superb moments and some average moments but a s a whole it has been very enjoyable and this episode exemplifies that.

    The first scene was cool with the fire breathing stuff and it was a nice way to only introduce the case. The case itself was very interesting - I particularly liked tracking the gang member and those scenes were well done.

    The ending was so spuspenseful! I expected a climactic conclusion but I definitely didn't expect a submarine to come into play! Nice one!

    I can't wait to see how they gamble with this one and how they get out to the top again. It should be a fun start to the next season!

    Hopefully Hetty is all right as well.

    Great epiosde! Great finish!
  • Deep-6 Cliffhanger...

    OK. I'm really wondering how the writers will get G and Sam out of this one.... literally! Poor Sam, getting trapped inside of a submarine and he being claustrophobic! I can empathize with . I'm extremely claustrophobic myself. I kinda had 'that feeling' when Sam ended up going down into the sub with G, that it would end up this way. Ah, well... now we'll have to wait to see how they get out of it.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Kensi's display jealousy over Deeks' involvement with the DEA woman (sorry, don't remember her name). I totally lost it when Kensi came out of the restroom with her blouse unbuttoned a bit more and tucked into her jeans, and then the "other woman" takes her outer shirt off and shows off her cleavage. Poor Deeks. Just couldn't help looking, could he?! Hahaha.... typical man.... Yeah, well... sorry, guys, but ain't it so!?!

    All in all, I'll say I thoroughly enjoyed this season finale and am looking forward to next season.
  • Deep Trouble

    It was Great again. All of the episodes is Great. Next, season the show will be Great again. All 124 series was Great.

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