NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 4 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 08, 2013 on CBS

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  • Drive

    This episode had a lot of good moments for the Kensi and Deeks fans out there. Kensi undercover featured a little bit of an unrealistic character, but it did feature a lot of entertaining moments.

    Fun show tonight.
  • Kensi goes undercover as a gangsta to find a woman from Deek's past.

    In this episode we see gangsta Kensi who looks for a woman from Deek's past When she goes undercover she doesn't go alone because she gets help from Jaime who earlier in the episode tried to run from Callen and Sam but they was only walking to catch him Even though Jaime is slow he saves Kensi's life but she probably wished he hadn't when she is put in an awkward situation in the end.
  • Sublime show!

    This episode was really great! I can't believe that Jaime guy came back! That was too cool!

    The case was really mazing with some interesting developments and Kensi doing some absolutely scintillating undercover work. She was so funny in that role! It was great!

    Something really funny about Deeks flipping that sign for a majority of this episode! :P

    The last scene was gold! So many laughs! We get a great case and I also got more laughs than I do with most comedy shows, so it is absolutely a flawless ten from me! Absolutely picture perfect!

    EDIT: One negative I forgot to add was that it was so obvious that the gardener was the bad guy as soon as Kensi said hello. That was a dead giveaway. :P
  • Good show.

    good show. Not spectacular but very interesting. And I loved the ending..... get a few laughs...


  • something was missing here

    I'm really torn over that episode.

    It was a good episode overall, the plot was good, Jaime and Kensi undercover was great, funny, there was some action too.

    But what about Deeks? this is a great character and ECO was great as usual so, why did they send his character back to being the stranger in the group?? It felt like season 2 all over again!

    I mean, come on, everybody forget his birthday? especially Kensi! ok she though it was on the 18th... and then when she knows it's his birthday she still goes to diner with Jaime!! WTH? Why did the writers do this? their partnership has evolved a lot since season 2 and it felt very out of character for Kensi but also for the rest of the team. Poor Deeks, everybody always making fun of him: there it was, a good case focussing on some of Deeks past, giving them the opportunity to show his more serious side and being supported by his coworkers (like he does for them all the time). but no.

    That's why I was disappointed by this episode.

    I hope that the few hint we had in the previous episodes about Deeks being on a big case will allow his character to get the attention AND support from his team mates he finally deserve.