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Official Discussion Thread - 4x9 "The Gold Standard"

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    [1]Dec 11, 2012
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    New episode for December 11, 2012, "The Gold Standard". Enjoy!

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    [2]Dec 11, 2012
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    I thought it was a great episode and it had a lot of cryptic messages, possibly of things we'll see later in the season. I was especially intrigued by Hetty and Granger's discussion of Deeks. Wonder what it was all about.What do you guys think?

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    [3]Dec 13, 2012
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    Remind me again why this was an NCIS case? Don't get me wrong, it was an interesting case with lots of twists and turns, but I kept waiting for Callen at the initial briefing to ask why it was a Navy matter; there didn't seem to be any other agencies on the case, certainly not on the scene, in spite of the comments from Hetty that all agencies were in fact working on it as a priority. They seemed to be working basically on their own. It also seems odd that a shipment/payment of that importance should get only the same resources/protection as a regular bank transfer. Less important transfers have had decoys, unmarked trucks and so forth.

    The amnesia guard thing was weird too. I realize it was most likely a misdirect, but they spent a lot of time on it and the amnesia thing didn't seem like it was really necessary in the end if he's just simply not gotten a good enough look or it had all happened too fast.

    Even notwithstanding the Hetty/Granger weirdness, Granger was being strange with Kensi. Even in as much as he should be much better at hiding his motives, or that he even has motives given is past and experience. He should have just gone "protocol dictates that you have a partner. Nobody else is available, and I'm field-trained and experienced. Plus, I'm your boss, so grab your sh1t and let's go" instead of acting all "you're purdy and I want to smell your hair"-creepy.

    Like I said, I didn't hate it, but there was a lot of odd stuff in there.

    I expect Deeks' thing will result in its own episode when it goes sideways and the NCIS cavalry rides to the rescue.

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    It was okay a little too much cutsie stuff. First with Grainger and Kensi and then with Eric and Nell. The case didn't interest me at all and the guard with short term memory loss was a waste of airtime. I'm mildly interested in the Deeks situation based on the previews I don't see how it could be that big of deal but we'll see.

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