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Will this show be as good as NCIS?

Will this be as good as NCIS?

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    [41]Sep 7, 2009
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    Totally addicted to NCIS! Watching all day marathon, for the fifth time and still lovin it! Although I am a late bloomer, started watching the show just about the time Kate left, I caught up watching reruns. I don't like change and liked Kate but Ziva's character blended in terrifically. Going along w/what seems to be the popular opinion, hope they keep "the family" together. All of their characters mesh so well for me it would be hard to get used to too much of a change. I already don't like them being on the left coast because I live on the right coast. Best show to come along in a long time!!!

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    [42]Sep 16, 2009
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    I don't think it will be as good as NCIS but could be up there with it, i was a big fan of JAG and had my doubts over NCIS as a 'spin off' but after 6 ( into 7 ) seasons of NCIS i'm a bigger fan than i was of JAG. Just hope NCIS LA live's up to the Bellisario standard and i'll keep watching as long as the show is aired.
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    [43]Sep 22, 2009
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    The first episode in my opinion was horrible. It completely killed off some of the series for me. Definitly not a show that I will waste another hour on. 1). Not anywhere close to being anything like the original NCIS. 2). The storyline was horrible and did not flow well at all. 3). The acting was subpar. 4). The soundtrack sucked. I give this show a one in ten chance of lasting more than two seasons unless some drastic changes happen. Quick, someone find Bellisario!

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    [44]Sep 23, 2009
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    NCIS LA – Viewer Review of the Season 1 First Show.


    This is a BADLY written show that begs for NEW WRITERS before it gets pulled and dies a quick and
    painful death like so many bad sequels before


    I read in another review that there was a lack of chemistry on screen between the actors and their characters. I don't think this was actually a lack of chemistry between the principals, but more a lack of the writing staff's (and ultimately the production teams' ability) to include pertinent details about character history, back story (short of Callen's orphaned status), and a complete lack of informing the audience not only who these characters are but in fact why we should care about them.

    I was surprised that last season's head of the LA Office, "Mace/Macey" was not around to drive the office staff like a Gibbs character, leaving it to appear to the audience that it was arranged more like a collective of sorts, with a scruffy looking (Almost Gregory House like) office psychologist, an ex Navy Seal with a BA Barachus like "I pity the fool" A-Team attitude, an as yet unknown female who does... well.. we don't know yet, some black guy who is supposed to be new but doesn't act like the McGee "newbie/Probie" character from the original, a tech geek (so I am told) with the 20-something 1990's short spikey and "blond frosted tipped" hair as most college aged club-kids have donned for the past 10 years, a female version of James Bond's "Q" character and Mega Film Star Chris O'Donnel - playing an enigmatic and withdrawn cog-in-the-wheel who seems to have no first name other than "G". By the way... is it just me or should their female "Q" perhaps assign razors or electric shavers to all the white boys in this cast? What's with looking like they just came in from a 2 week camping trip with so much stubble you'd cut your hands if you ran them over their chins? I hardly think looking like a disheveled homeless person fresh out of the gutter is appropriate in a high level, high security US Military establishment unless they're undercover as a street bum.

    The on screen chemistry between the principals seemed watchable but without any one character emerging as the leader of this office, no Horatio Caine, no Leroy Jethro Gibbs, no Hannibal who "loves it when a plan comes together"; (None of which would tolerate such a street-bum, stud-with-a-hangover facial stubble look like the white male cast in this show seems to have been assigned by the writing staff) that there's a fundamental failure in the crafting of the series which sees a distinct absence of "pecking order". A military show without a clearly defined chain of command... how's that possible? Even Hogan's Heroes pitted a team of military men led by an American Captain against the "enemy". In MASH, it waa an irreverant comedy about war, but there was still a pecking order... it was after all, military. Even McHale's Navy preserved the military chain of command, as did Gomer Pyle USMC. Let's not forget the "N" in NCIS means this is the US NAVY we're talking about here and without a unified chain of command, they simply don't function. One would expect that a show which steals its not only its very basic set design, but "borrows" its video editing, its primary characters, minor back stories and in fact its entire key conception from existing formula shows and movies, like NCIS, The A-Team, CSI Miami, 21 Jump Street and House...someone would have spent some time to, at the very least; get the basics right.

    The diminutive female character assigning cell phones with "updates" a car with "upgrades", a set of fake ID complete with iris scan and palm print and a complete re-wardrobe of Chris O'Donnel's character begged the question: is her name "Q" or "Q2"? Do you think the James Bond people will be mad or slightly flattered at the outright theft of their decades old key character by this show's writers? And her speech about the upgraded cell phone read the common details of the standard features of all cell phones/PDA's sold on the retail market for the past 5 years. Her delivery of "A-a-and G-P-S!!" was like we just discovered this technology. A little more believable substance for the lines written for this great actress would be a nice touch, something that didn't make her character sound like a complete idiot would be a good start.

    The same reviewer felt the end-result was so boring he'd lost the ability to follow it part way through the 1st episode this season. I was going to say that was not entirely true, but then I looked at what time I logged onto this site to start writing my initial review and to my own almost-shock; I too lost the ability to watch this show without looking for other distractions about 30 minutes into it.

    The story was predictable and I was pretty insulted that only about 35 minutes into it did any of our supposedly highly trained military characters even think "gee where's the little girl... you don't suppose she's being held hostage do you?" I'm all for not revealing the "twist" until the back half of the episode, but can we please find a writing staff that is capable of writing a twist the audience can't see within the first 10 minutes of the show?

    I also watched the 1st episode of Season 7 NCIS, just prior to this spin off. It occurred to me... if the spin off is the "Office of Special Projects" and the terrorist training camp in North Africa is an ongoing special project of both Israeli MOSSAD and US NCIS, why is Gibbs' team in Africa and not LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnel? Hmmm....

    Speaking of the main series, the guest cameo by Rocky Carrol, the NCIS Director came right at the top of the premier episode where Carrol's character conducts a "mission briefing" via vid-link from NCIS headquarters on the US East Coast. I was waiting to hear "Your mission should you choose to accept.... this recording will self destruct in 10 seconds"... then I realized we weren't supposed to recognize the patented Mission Impossible spirit this was done in and assumed yet again this was a bunch or really incompetent writers. By the way...does anyone wonder why the NCIS Director would place an operational briefing call from his unsecured East Coast Naval Yard office where not only are there no video cameras to place such a video call, but where he has no computer staff poised by his office door to execute a "cut" command to end the call like we saw tonight? I would think that those types of calls would be done from within the secured Iris Scanner room called MTAC which fans of the original show have grown to know as the place where all operational video calls happen from?

    I now go back to the set design… well it looks like the 21 Jump Street set, a converted multi-level warehouse complete with winding staircase and rather unassuming sense of chaos. But it also looks like the lobby of the hotel from the failed Golden Girls Spin off, "Golden Palace". I half expected to see a brief cameo by Johnny Dep or Betty White. Then I thought... wait a minute... this looks REALLY familiar and then I glanced down at the rugby shirt I was wearing, and the logo caught my eye. Just then it hit me. Small rooms with sliding doors lit by hundreds of small, expensive halogen track lights, internal room dividers and interior windows which are made from wide, dark brown wooden shutters made to give a false appearance that you're outside on the beach looking into a surf shop and what looks like a check out counter on the main floor being used almost like a hotel reception desk...This is the same layout (barring the multi-level thing)of most any "Hollister Clothing Company" retail store in every suburban shopping mall in both the USA and Canada. Kawabunga dudes...where's the gnarly boardies or the rad graphic logo t's at, man?

    I think firing the writing staff and finding people capable of crafting cohesive story lines which follow both the integrity of the established series and which carefully expand on it without blatantly tromping all over continuity like a bull in a china shop should be the primary concern for the production staff of this fledgling series. Also... redesign that office set. The West Wing TV series did it... after their pilot, and throughout their Emmy Winning first season, why can't you? Ditch the "Hollister" retail storefront look and design an actual crime-fighting US Naval office that isn't just a rip off of 21 Jump Street. HOW much do you people make? Earn it.

    The question remains... will this series last a month, a couple months, a couple seasons or like so many spin offs before it, will bad or should I say "uninformed and careless" writing, be its downfall? Or is it more fundamental than just really incompetent writers? Is perhaps the notion of granting 2 simultaneous franchises just a really horrible idea? Sometimes you can't franchise "the right stuff" into a new series and I think most of us will agree that over the past 6 years, NCIS has proven to be, "the right stuff".

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    [45]Oct 9, 2009
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    The first 2 Episodes thus far have been a disappointment to me. The stories are boring and the characters are forgettable. Maybe, I am hoping, it will soon grow on me.
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    [46]Oct 16, 2009
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    This series needs a leader, they have the heart in Hetty, but no leader. Like the woman in the crossover episode, she was a great leader, why did they decide not to at least keep the character. They kind of run around and do stuff. I have given it 3 episodes and that is defintiely what is missing.
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    [47]Nov 8, 2009
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    I did not vote because my choice was not included. I would have said It is hard to tell.

    As I have stated elsewhere, I am sure there were some at first who did not think CSI Miami measured up to the original. Now, there are those who love it more than the show in Las Vegas.

    It is unfair to compare this show with NCIS right off the bat. Like CSI was when it started spinning off, NCIS is the number one show and has fans who have been there from the very beginning. My advise is to watch NCIS Los Angeles and try to enjoy it for what it is - a new show. If this were a clone of NCIS, the PTB would have had Tony lead the team, bringing McGee or Ziva with him.

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    [48]Dec 12, 2009
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    Hey, i must agree with you, you can´t compare NCIS Los Angeles with NCIS, because it´s totally two different shows.

    NCIS Los Angeles first Season is good but fare, they have much to learn and find thier own way, that will fit them.

    NCIS first season was not that eaihter, but for every season ater that, every season after is getting better and better, and same thing will happen to NCIS Los Angeles.

    So don´t be to fast to judge, its a show with very good potential.

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    [49]Dec 13, 2009
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    I was getting tired of Gibbs and his mystery life/ladies and all those enigmatic, smug glances. Every week it seemed a new one popped up. I didn't think I'd like NCIS.LA because I'm not fond of a few of the actors, but I gave it a try and I actually enjoy it much more than the original. My only issue is I wish they'd continue on without relying on the characters from the original, especially Abby. I simply find the character very, very annoying. The guys of NCIS.LA do not need their/her 'help.' They have a terrific chemistry all their own.
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    [50]Dec 13, 2009
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    I couldn't vote because my choice wasn't an option. Perhaps the question should have been "Will this be better than NCIS?" Then my answer would be yes.
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    [51]Nov 21, 2012
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    Well its been going now for 4 seasons.

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