NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Apr 06, 2010 on CBS

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  • ONe of my favorites, that's for sure!

    This was a unique episode that standed out and stodd up well on ts own. I really enjoyed the undercover work in this one, and I have ot say that if this show can continuously develop storyline s that have not been recycled from NCIS, it's parent show, then it can really succeed!

    I thought this was an amazing episode! It ranks right up there with some of my other favorites! The storyline was good, the case was interesting and I highly enjoyed all of it!

    Quite funny too, and Hanna and Hetty were both great in this episode, as usual!

    Keep it up, LA, because I'm really enjoying some of the last few episodes, and I can't wait until I see some more!
  • good episode ***contains spoilers***

    this was a pretty good episode i enjoyed this episode very much.
    sam goes undercover as a mma fighter to find out who killed another mma fighter and then on in the epsidoe we find out that ncis isnt the only one investigating but the los angeles police department is too. but anyways i liked this episode i thouht there were some jokes at times and it was good acting at times to. i liked when callen and kensi were at the home of the killed mma fighter and then a guy walks in and then they ask questions like what are you doing here and then kensi is like well i emailed some personal pictures i liked that scene lol.
  • Great episode.

    Maybe it is just the Mixed Martial Arts fan in me, but I really loved this episode. Seeing it shown as a legitimate sport and not human cockfighting shows how far it has come in society and how people are starting to embrace it now.

    The storyline was really good here with Sam actually going undercover as an MMA fighter only to be thwarted by an undercover LAPD cop who was already investigating the gym. Chaos ensued and some great fight scenes, including a surprisingly somewhat realistic MMA fight ensued.

    This episode has not been getting great marks from my peers but personally I loved it. Good story, good ending, good episode.
  • finally some undercover work

    This show contained a plot hole that was at the same time a revealing mistake of what is wrong with this series.

    From the beginning the point to this show was doing undercover work. While Gibbs & Co. usually flash their badges all the time, these guys were supposed to keep low profile, play roles and only reveal who they are in the end. But we are almost done with the first season, and Tony DiNozzo has done more undercover work than the whole NCIS-LA team combined.

    In this episode we finally have a little undercover action, and immediately the writers screw up. That LAPD detective was undercover for six month. Now, one of the guys in the group he tries to infiltrate is killed. At the same time, two people suddenly appear out of nowhere - the 'girlfriend' and the 'replacement'. But this cop didn't figure out that at least one of them might be a cop, too? Huge plot hole.

    That's what you get for not sticking to your concept.
  • A Marine is found dead, and Sam goes undercover to find the killer.

    Definitely toward the bottom for me. This wasn't one of the better written episodes. As for the new character they seem to be introducing, he was okay for the episode. That's it, I'd rather he not be a recurring character. Just follow up on Dom, don't add anyone else new to the cast. It just makes things more complicated than they have to be. Again, no minimal character development (I know I keep harping about that). Please guys, just stick with the characters you've got and develop them better. And maybe focus on one of the other characters (especially Eric or Nate since they get minimal screen-time).
  • Dead in the water

    If th new guy isn't dead or gone the next episode I'm done watching... He was pathetic. Keep the original cast or it's not worth watching anymore. Don't change something that works now. He doesn't belong to a Navy team. Keep him out. He's not NCIS. Sorry, no rules, No NCIS. Bring back the other guy, he's actually more believable. You've gone in the wrong direction. If this guy keeps coming back you are not going to renewed for next season and that will be a total shame as it was pretty good up to this point. Get rid of him!!!!!!