NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 1 Episode 22


Aired Sunday 9:30 PM May 11, 2010 on CBS

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  • Hunted

    I have continually backed this show despite most internet critics bashing it, but now I am starting to see what those pundits are talking about.

    NCIS: Los Angeles just has not developed any original characters and down the line, when it loses NCIS as its lead-in, will people continue to watch? Will viewers still tune in to see a 50 year LL Cool J?

    This particular episode stood out as there was just another senseless explosion, and a plethora of cliched dialogue among the agents. No character development, and no witty dialogue, the one thing you are guaranteed during NCIS, even during their bad episodes.
  • Lame episode

    This episode is already lame to begin with. After emotional flashback about Dom's death, all of a sudden they have comedic scene? Especially, if you notice, every time they have comedic scene, they will put that lame music on...lame music that they think will encourage viewers to laugh, while it won't.
    There's a lot of plot holes, and by plot holes, I mean something that will ruin the overall story. Remember when Eric mentions the last Turkish ship to the team? He just says that the ship will go in one hour. He does NOT say that the ship is a confirmed target. So how can the team make an assault without fearing legal persecution? How come they can take out much larger force with much larger weapon only with small handguns and no protection? It's like cheap Hollywood B-movies in the 1980s.
    Lastly, there is no lead character in this episode. Even ensemble-cast show needs one. This episode contains Sam's emotional moment with Mo and G's disapproval of Hetty's resignation, but none is strong enough to stand out.
  • Slightly disappointing episode.......

    In this episode of NCIS LA, the following happens. During an Army transfer of a prisoner, armed men turn up and kill the officers and take the prisoner with them. We soon learn that the prisoner is the leader of the group who had Dom kidnapped and the group who ultimately killed Dom. And so they have so work with the Army to track him down. They get a lead and when they get there, the prisoner is there. Hetty also drops a bomb in this episode, when she hands in her letter of resignation. A slightly disappointing episode after the brilliant one from last week. We saw in the opening 2 minutes the way his death has affected them, and then that was basically it.
  • Great episode, and this show continues to be awesome!

    I'm really enjoying NCIS: LA, and there have been some amazing episodes. This one is certainly no exception to that philosophy, and I hope this continues!

    I thought tahat Hetty's retirement/resignation made this episode slightly sad and disappointing, but I did enjoy the actual case tht the team was working on. It was really interesting, and it tied in well, after Dom'ss death in the previous episode.

    Overall, I hope this show continues down this path. It has certainly come a long way since its premiere, and I can't wait to see what sort of cliffhanger they will deliveer in the final two episodes of this amazing debut season! Keep it up!