NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2009 on CBS

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  • A clever title goes here!

    amazing show interesting to see the characters development especialy callen and his past
  • The first of NCIS LA

    NCIS LA is a similar show to the original NCIS but this LA one is more about going undercover which only sometimes happens in the original. Callen and Sam are the main two characters in the show and I would say they would be right for it but whether the others are right for NCIS I don't know yet.In the episode Callen returns after getting shot at the end of the crossover episode and his first case is a kidnapping of a girl which has its twists when it turns out to be the father and the first time the team go undercover they are compromised but manage to get there way out of it and rescue the girl.This was overall a good episode and a good start to the show and I hope it continues to be good.
  • Identity Theft

    Now, I love NCIS: Los Angeles. It's action-packed and almost always entertaining, but I was kind of hoping this would be a conclusion to the cliff-hanger they left us with on NCIS. They left alot of bread crumbs, but then they didn't follow them.

    To this episode. I thought this was ok, at best. It wasn't a great start to the show, by itself without NCIS, if I had seen this episode first, I probably wouldn't have tuned in the following week. That sad the episode was watchable and a most part entertaining, but it's not a story I would have started the season with.
  • The Pilot episode finds Callen returning to work for the first time since being shot. A Navy Captain is killed by what seem to be kidnappers in a gun battle with the LA police. Everything including a young girls kidnapping is related to the drug wars.

    Beginning with new digs this is supposedly a faster paced version of NCIS. LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell star as a pair of NCIS Special Agents who work undercover to solve national and international threats to the US.

    This first episode involves the Mexican Drug Cartels and the kidnapping of a young girl to manipulate her Uncle to do things he normally wouldn't. Things go wrong and the Uncle who is a decorated Navy Captain is killed. So his death is investigated by NCIS.

    Complete with a professional extraction team who is run by the Navy Captain's friend and a father who turns out to have worked with a major Mexican Drug Dealer for the last six years. That last piece of information was suppose to be the twist, but it was pretty obvious before they revealed this piece of information that the father was behind the kidnapping. I thought it was a little strange that the mother passed the phone to the NCIS Agent Blye.

    Overall a very professional show with a lot to live up too. Giving it its due this is the first episode so I think we have to give it a chance and forget it is NCIS for a while. I look for this show to improve a great deal over this first episode. Thanks for reading...
  • NCIS: EL AYE = Left Coast Inbred Lackluster Boring Annoying and Waste of Time.

    NCIS: Los Angeles started out bad - - - obligatory jumpy "action" that nauseates me. In this age of High Definition, would someone PLEASE inform the industry that degrading the image is NOT entertaining, NOT good story telling, and frankly almost had me shut the expletive deleted show off.

    However, the shaky camera work subsided as the show progressed. We had the usual back story, etc, etc, and the posing of unanswered questions. Yadda yadda. Drama 101.

    The actors were a bit stiff, and somewhat "left coast" for such a gung ho "military" outfit. You can put Abby Hoffman in a uniform, but you can't make me "believe" that he's hero material. And LL Cool J may be an entertainer, but he's no actor. Confidence before a lens can only carry one so far.

    The story, for a pilot, was pretty much pedestrian. The [spoiler] napped the [spoiler] - which was telegraphed pretty early on.

    And then the climactic fight scene was a repeat performance of unstable imagery, shaky cam, and blurry "action". They might as well have just thrown the camera up in the air, played loud music coupled with sound effect grunts and scroll "ka-Pow", for the "shot". (Didn't BATMAN pioneer such pitiful fight stunts?)

    Well, that was it for me. I am NOT going to waste my time with this show.
    [] Casting = D
    [] Actors = C-
    [] Story = C
    [] Cinematography = F
    [] Entertainment factor = D-
  • A new, hard hitting NCIS with heaps of potential.

    I got hooked on Los Angeles in Legends 1 & 2 and have been waiting (im)patiently for the new show to start. I definately wasn't dissappointed. I found the plot quite easy to follow (not that I really watch action shows for the plot). The actors worked well together and I love the dynamic between Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J.

    The only problem I had with the show was when they shot the car. That was just wrong.

    This show is not NCIS. And I'm so glad its not. It should be rated on its own merits and not how it compares to the original.

    I'm looking forward to the next episodes.
  • Good start to a promising show.

    NCIS: Los Angeles will be a success. It is guaranteed. It has NCIS has a lead-in, and plus it actually is NCIS, so expect it among the highest rated scripted dramas of the fall.

    The premiere was about as action-packed as one could expect and want from the show, but there was also some charming and witty dialogue (a staple of all CBS and crime shows in general) to go along with it. LL Cool J was awesome as was Scott Foley (er, Chris O'Donnell) in their roles. The supporting cast really did not do a good job of establishing themselves as memorable, but that will come with time.

    I'm not a big fan of the actual NCIS, so if I like NCIS: Los Angeles that should tell you something.
  • The NCIS LA teams looks into the murder of a Navy officer.

    This is the very hyped spin-off to NCIS. It was good if not great. More hits than misses. LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell play their parts like veterans.

    Character wise you'll notice differences and similarities between this and NCIS. There's a computer guru like Abby. There's a psychologist in the show where as NCIS there isn't one. The main chief, Hetty, is an old woman who seems to treat her agents like their kids. In the first episode when Agent Callen (O'Donnell) arrives for his day back to work, Hetty makes sure he has everything he needs including a new wardrobe!!! She is definitely unlike Gibbs in many ways. Gibbs would never pamper his agents to that level. Gibbs is more direct and impatient. Hetty seems a bit more understanding.. Also Hanna and Callen have a buddy buddy relationship in the tradition of Dinozzo and McGee

    Basically then the writers have incorporated bits and pieces from the original, yet still have made the spin-off it's own.

    You'll also notice differences in the way of how the organization deals with cases. For the bulk of the pilot it was Callen and Hanna doing the bulk of the muscle for their investigation. Maybe this will change over time.

    Story-wise the show seems to have interesting stories. Here the pilot is about a Navy Officer whose gunned down by people who are working for the drug cartel. There are a couple of twists to make the outcome not seem so obvious.

    "Identity" introduces the main characters of the show. They establish O'Donnell and LL as the main stars who everyone else follows. They can act. They've been around enough to make their characters real. We also get a few characters making cameos for the show like Director Vance.

    Overall, this so far is a nice spin-off. "Identity" was entertaining. There's a lot of possibilities here. As long as they character development and make stories interesting this could end like NCIS having a long run.
  • This show could easily remove the NCIS title and still be good.

    There were a lot of expectations to live up to by attaching the NCIS tag to the name. And the show not only delivered but squashed the doubts surrounding it. This show is NCIS at the Core and yet totally different. It has the character relationships perfect, using the script and well cast actors to relay that impression. Even the way the new team mate Dominic is introduced and half shouldered and half joked with fits perfectly. Like NCIS you have people with their specializations and their character quirks. The team IT specialist was introduced in Legend parts 1 and 2, and this team seems to deal alot with technology. This is re-enforced by Hetty who seems to be the person in charge of the team or engagement. She fits Callan out including his new phone and car and relays the specs for both. We know McGee would love the tech there, pretty sure DiNozzo would love the car. There is also a Psychiatrist on the team where as NCIS relied on Ducky for any Psych info. Little was shown of the rest of the team, but we can tell that the female speaks at least 1 extra language.

    You would certainly think that the Veteran Leads would hold the audience for a few episodes, but i don't think that is the case. I think they have definitely captured the essence of their characters, but good casting has meant no need to hold anyone else up from the start.

    Even though it is a spin off if this show keeps the standards from this episode, and those we all expect from an NCIS show then it will do good.
  • Very little to do with NCIS

    Last season of NCIS I figured they were going to do a spinoff, and so they did. Unfortunately they made something that has very little to do with NCIS. It is too much technology, too much action, and too little NCIS. I mean: An eyescan and a palmprint scan? And what's that office all about? Seems like a vacation resort. Having the lady from the Incredibles on the show doesn't help either. If any writers from the show are reading this: Please have some more actual NCIS stuff if you are going to call it NCIS. I did not like the first episode. Hope it get's better...
  • First episode. Callen's back, Macey's not

    The show needs another woman badly. I don't know what the producers were thinking getting rid of Louise Lombard to replace her with Linda Hunt. That is just a bad trade any way you look at it. I don't even really understand what the role of the Heddy character is supposed to be. Is she the boss and the leader of the team, or is she the team stylist? Just a bad overall casting decision. If there isn't another female character added at some point to go along with Kensi, I don't know how much longer I'll be able to watch.
  • A great spin for a potentially great spin-off...

    Following in the footsteps of an extremely popular and successful show such as NCIS is a tough act, but after seeing the pilot, I believe this spin-off has enough juice to keep old fans tuning in and draw new fans as well. Some viewers are looking for the sexual tension which existed between Kate and Tony or Ziva and Tony in the original. I think it's good that they're trying to veer away from that and are going in a new direction. IMO, the URST element isn't as exciting when everyone else is doing it (Bones, Warehouse 13, Castle)! LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell, as co-alpha males, have great chemistry and can get better as the season progresses. The rest of the pack have their moments in adding humor to the show. Also, the series isn't into too much lab forensics, which honestly, is a refreshing sight for this type of show.
  • Disconnect from NCIS might have helped.

    Unlike my other episode reviews, I'm not going to bother discussing the plot, which was unbelievable and trite to boot. Instead, I'm going to concentrate on what went horribly wrong with this - - and probably every subsequent - - episode, although, quite frankly, it might have been easier to list what went "right" with the show (nothing except the eye-candy female agent):

    - This is L.A.: people drive down their driveway to drop off their trash at the curb! The building was crawling with people, yet hardly any cars were seen, anywhere. So, where do the agents park? Normally, I wouldn't even have noticed, but they made such a big deal about being in the middle of nowhere, and the "neighbors" not knowing about them, and the building has (apparently) no gov't markers or signs.

    - At crime scenes, they handled potential evidence without gloves. Cardinal rule of all cop shows, if not in real life: Don't contaminate the evidence!!!

    - At some point, somebody (the characters are lame rip-offs of the original "NCIS", which was a rip-off of "JAG" characters, from whence it came!) looks at a computer from a crime scene and in mere seconds says, "It's encrypted!" I'm guessing they meant that it was password protected or otherwise locked, because there's no way anyone can tell that a "computer" is encrypted (files are encrypted, not computers, but that's a niggling point; FWIW, I'm a computer programmer). Poor writing or worse directing.

    - Most gardeners won't talk to just anyone, so it's something of a HUGE stretch that they would freely give information to "realtors", forgetting the fact that most gardeners have no idea who their clients are, much less their whereabouts.

    - When they played with the NCIS computer, I instantly thought of the "Mission: Impossible" movie in which Tom Cruise did virtually the same thing, which, IMHO, was also trite and lame.

    - Playing with the computer by moving icons all around a large screen is cute for about all of five seconds, then becomes incredibly annoying, and even nauseating, vis-a-vis getting seasick from the nonsensical movements, stretching, "clicking", etc. My local TV weatherman has the same "toy", and it's just as annoying, especially because he has to have his back to the audience most of the time (and, yes, I sent them an e-mail feedback about it!).

    - The security firm they visited had unplated/untagged cars, with openly displayed weapons, yet the NCIS agents didn't do a darned thing about it.

    - Henchmen yelled "HEY!" before opening fire. Thanks for the warning, guys!

    - Girl went swimming, but didn't hear a single gunshot during the melee?

    - I wrote a comment which reads, "Kid not allowed to use computer for a whole week", but I have absolutely no idea what that means, which is only one indication of how forgettable this episode was. I have watched a couple more "NCIS: LA" episodes, and have found them rife with similar issues/problems.

    Had the producers simply created a completely different show, without using the NCIS moniker (i.e., a private or rogue team, or a vigilante group; maybe call it, "L.A. Cowboy Justice"), it might have made more sense. But, if this is any indication of how the US gov't runs its departments, it explains a lot about our economy and how badly our gov't is run.

    In the past, I have said that bad shows wouldn't last a few weeks, much less a single season. However, given that the US voters have chosen two Presidents with little experience (one of them even having been re-elected despite destroying the economy), and given that my predictions about equally bad shows have yet to come to fruition, I have to believe that either the American viewing public is totally devoid of any modicum of intelligence (if you got this far in my review: present company excepted!) or the producers have great deals with the advertisers or the advertisers no longer watch the shows with which their products have become associated.
  • Instead of trying to use the strengths of the original, this is a lot of flash with minimal content. Strange that more effort wasn't made to make the pilot impressive.

    Have to say I'm disappointed. The very things I was concerned about turned out to be true:

    1) Casting two relatively big movie stars. The original NCIS works because of heavy-hitter Mark Harmon, backed up by an extremely competent supporting cast. Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J are just not good enough actors to compete. Linda Hunt has obviously been brought in to try to balance the equation but she is neither a big enough star or has enough presence to counteract them.

    2) Setting: Los Angeles. The first thing that comes to mind when you hear L.A. is glitz and glamour and sure enough, the entire visual impression is flash but no content. Like the new office and it's interesting to see a costume section.

    The dialogue is lame and feels forced. Add to that, I'm not very impressed by the supporting cast – not just the acting but there's not any characters that really stand out. There's sadly very little chemistry between O'Donnell and LL Cool J.

    I'm also not thrilled about the conspicuous lack of military presence. I didn't even know NCIS had an undercover division. The military bit is a lot of the reason we watch NCIS.

    I was hoping this would at least be on the level of NCIS but perhaps it will improve once it settles in. Problem is that the pilot is supposed to be their best effort to impress and this doesn't. Even taking it on it's own, completely separate from NCIS, it's good but nowhere near the level it should be if it intends to compete with the original.
  • Terrific way to commence the Completely now NCIS: Los Angeles!

    This episode was definitely a terrfic one. It featured a great case, which starts off with a shooting. The shooting turns into drug cartels, which then turns into kidnapping. The episode took some nice spins, which made it nice and unpredictable!

    I was also happy with the additions of Hetty and Dom into the cast that was shown in NCIS episodes 'Legentd (Part 1 and Part 2)'. Howevfer, obviously Macy is not on the cast, but I think it would've been nice if they mentioned what happened to her or where she is now. It seemed a lttle weird to me.

    Overall though, a great episode! I enjoyed how the episode worked itself out in the end! Keep it up NCIS: Los Angeles! I woul highly recommend this episode and I think it was a great wasy to kick start the new spin-off!