NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2009 on CBS

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  • NCIS: EL AYE = Left Coast Inbred Lackluster Boring Annoying and Waste of Time.

    NCIS: Los Angeles started out bad - - - obligatory jumpy "action" that nauseates me. In this age of High Definition, would someone PLEASE inform the industry that degrading the image is NOT entertaining, NOT good story telling, and frankly almost had me shut the expletive deleted show off.

    However, the shaky camera work subsided as the show progressed. We had the usual back story, etc, etc, and the posing of unanswered questions. Yadda yadda. Drama 101.

    The actors were a bit stiff, and somewhat "left coast" for such a gung ho "military" outfit. You can put Abby Hoffman in a uniform, but you can't make me "believe" that he's hero material. And LL Cool J may be an entertainer, but he's no actor. Confidence before a lens can only carry one so far.

    The story, for a pilot, was pretty much pedestrian. The [spoiler] napped the [spoiler] - which was telegraphed pretty early on.

    And then the climactic fight scene was a repeat performance of unstable imagery, shaky cam, and blurry "action". They might as well have just thrown the camera up in the air, played loud music coupled with sound effect grunts and scroll "ka-Pow", for the "shot". (Didn't BATMAN pioneer such pitiful fight stunts?)

    Well, that was it for me. I am NOT going to waste my time with this show.
    [] Casting = D
    [] Actors = C-
    [] Story = C
    [] Cinematography = F
    [] Entertainment factor = D-