NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2009 on CBS

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  • A foreign national from North Korea is shot and killed on a water craft. Later G and Sam find his business partner bludgeoned to death in their office. Director Vance arrives to persoanlly lead this investigation as a former nemesis is involved.

    Now I thought the premise and the story behind this episode was pretty good. There were some pieces that didn't seem to fit and to be honest my biggest complaint is that the story didn't end. It was sort of left hanging out there without a real resolution.

    I realize we know a lot more and we know who killed who, but we don't really know how all of the situations will be resolved or whether the nemesis is really dead. It's suppose to be a psychological approach to feel that if they never find a body there will never be closure for Director Vance? Also, aren't professional assassins pretty adept at finding resources to patch them up one way or another. The assassin was really the best part of the storyline but we never really saw anything of her substantial. With this setup I think a two part episode with a cliffhanger might have been in order!

    Abby solving the second murder was no surprise. We've seen her doing this for a long time. That story was sort of left hanging as well. I guess we are to suppose that the surviving brother will work with DARPA and the wife will go to jail for murder unless the technology savvy husband can work something out.

    In general I felt the acting was good, the storylines were decent, but the story was incomplete. The only people left without closure were the audience which in this case is the one group you can't afford to leave hanging.

    A real disappointment after a couple of really good episodes and this one had such promise as well. I guess they felt having the cross over was enough to finish off the story to everyone's satisfaction. Thanks for reading...