NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 3 Episode 6

Lone Wolf

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2011 on CBS

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  • Weaker episode.

    So far this season I think that the episodes have been up and down and with this episode was one of the weaker episodes It had a good few moments but overall I just didn't enjoy it and I just hope that NCIS can recover from this.
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    "Lone Wolf" was not a bad episode of NCIS: Los Angeles at all. Part of me could justify giving it high marks simply for a short scene with Kensi on a boat in a two-piece, but I'm not that shallow. There was a lot of action here, and there was a fun little premise and the hour seemed to fly by.

    Glad the G. Callen/mother dilemma is over with too. I'm all for shows on CBS getting a little bit more serial, but this clearly wasn't working so wise to end it now.

  • First episode of this season that did not live up to my expectations (possible spoilers ahead).


    This episode was a disappointment for me, particularly as all five episodes this season up to this point have been beyond spectacular. I thought this case lacked anything special or memorable, and it wasn't gripping or interesting.

    However, there were definitely some great moments. Firstly, I loved Sam's magic tricks while he was trying to get away from the kid in the house, and also, I enjoyed seeing that kid who plays Jack Hotchner on Criminal Minds making a guest appearance here today! That was spectacular to see!

    Also, a very amazing and memorable quote from Hetty, after Sam tells her that they have been doing all her legwork; Hetty replies, "Well, you have longer legs!" That was just hilarious!

    A lot of great comedy today, but NCIS: LA failed when it comes to the most important aspect of the show, the actual case. I'm expecting more next week, and hopefully we will return back to some spectacular episode!s