NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 5 Episode 12

Merry Evasion

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 2013 on CBS

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  • Merry

    A surprising guest appearance by Michelle Trachtenberg, but it worked. She blended with Callen and Sam well and it led to some good action. Above average by this season's recent episode standards.
  • Good show

    I always love the interactions and this show never failed. Great story and enjoyed the short scenes with Kensi - turns out she is there for more than just being the 'shooter' - I look forward to seeing just who is the 'traitor' there.

    All was great & michelle did very well here - good actress.

    What I really loved was the Ending............. & the phone Hetty sent Kensi.
  • A very Merry Christmas indeed.

    I really loved this entire episode. The only drawback is I would have liked more Deeks and Nell involvement. They seemed like back burners this episode. Michelle Trachtenburg was fabulous. A much better actress than I remember from Buffy. She had great dynamic and screen chemistry with both LL and Chris. Then they finally pulled out the real reason Kensi is in Afghanistan and actually gave her story arc more credibility other than to hide the Actress' pregnancy. I'm actually interested in that story arc now well as long as they don't make Sabatino the traitor. I liked him way back in 4x17 I think it was. I don't want it to come out that he was also the reason his partner got killed.
  • Brilliant!

    This was a great episode - the last for the year. I thought it was perfect, with a very unique case that took us in an unexpected direction, topped off with some interesting developments in Afghanistan and a very touching conclusion.

    Michelle Trachtenberg was great - she was brilliant and there were great dynamics with Callen and Hanna throughout.

    Not to mention an interesting revelation that Hetty revealed to Kensi. Wonder how that one will play out! Looks promising!

    Can't wait for more NCISLA in the new year!