NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 4 Episode 5

Out of the Past (Part 1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2012 on CBS

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  • Out of the Past

    The first half of a two-parter proves to be a little slow, a little unrealistic, but they did keep us entertained. I don't know if another two-part episode so close to last year's finale is necessary, but this show has given us far worse episodes than this one.
  • Not Original but OK

    A bit of re-harsh from some old 70's and 80's movies . Telefon w/Charles Bronson, Lee Remick), but a fair episode. It's too bad that the writers and producers did not get some technical advice because atomic bombs were already reduced to the size of backpacks and suticaese in the 1960's, and not as depicted in this episode as a large device that almost fills up a room.

  • Very good.

    intense security breach. Show was very interesting and the actors were enjoyable.

    The bad part - we have to wait for the continuation of this show.

    =--- But that is how really fantastic shows usually are - just too much to show/tell in a 1hr show..
  • Phenomenal storyline!

    This was an extremely interesting storyline with some unexpected developments and occurrences, and I am really fascinated to see what comes next, because it is 'to be continued'.

    The plot was great. The first scene was really unusual and weird, but set up a great episode. The dog show scenes were epic <3 and those poodles looked really funny and cool at the same time! :P

    Deeks and the poodle was an unbeatable combination! <3

    So this episode really impressed and I think that the continuation might be even better! ;)