NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 4 Episode 12

Paper Soldiers

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 15, 2013 on CBS

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  • Paper Soldiers

    I did not like the return of former castmember Getz, but this was a fun little episode here, that gave heavy focus to Rose, played by an actress currently stealing scenes on Showtime's Episodes.

    Solid, but not exactly memorable.
  • A marines wife believes her husbands death was a cover up.

    This was a great episode where NCIS investigate the death into a marine who's death appears to have been covered up In this episode NCIS get the help of Nate who once again returns and finds it hard to question Rose who becomes a suspect in the cover up I liked the part near the end where Sam and Callen are undercover with Hetty and Nate and then Hetty has word with Sam at the end A really good mid season episode.
  • Scintillating!

    This was yet another amazing episode of what is fast becoming my favourite show... almost!

    The case being investigated here was very interesting. While I thought it was going to go in another direction, it still panned out to be really interesting.

    Aside from that, I was laughed SO hard as I watched those scenes in the funeral place with Hetty and her dead animal around her neck! That was GOLD - and then interrogating Sam at the end! SO FUNNY!

    Then there was the added bonus of seeing both Rose and Nate again, which was nice. I hope we do see some more of them - particularly Rose - in the future!

    Keep it up, LA! Sublime episode!
  • Snoozefest incoming

    This show has seen better days. "Paper Soldiers", as it's titled, lacked any redeeming characteristics this show was built on. The episode sees one of its older characters return (Nate) for a few light hearted jokes but just like a mirage, he disappears. Honestly, I couldn't tell if this was a comedy show or a cop show because everything felt like it was trying to be humorous. Even the plot felt convenient to the point of hilarity. Did the old coot in the ending really think he was going to get in the way? We're talking about cops who finish chases and shootouts like they were child's play. And for all the plot's turns, the ending result just felt lame.
  • Very good & enteretaining

    Horrible things to happen, lots of detective work - whose the bad guy(s), etc.


    The show even began by giving me a big laugh - when Kensi comes in upset and tells the guys that she has killed her 14th plant and it was a cactus....

    Later at the morgue - was funny with Nate & Hetty playing mother & son THEN Sam & G coming in acting... Well worth watching.
  • ok episode.

    though it felt like a filler episode, this episode had some funny bits especially Nates and Hetty at the funeral home :)

    I love Nate, it's nice to see him back on the show from time to time.

    But I don't get why Hetty had to have Nate interrogate Rose where anyone on the team could have done it. With the result it had on their relationship it's too bad :(

    Now, I liked the part about Kensi-the-plant-killer but there was an apparently-deleted scene missing here ! I saw a picture from a shoot on twitter where Deeks offers Kensi a plant (a Fern to be exact) and in that picture they were wearing the clothes they had at the funeral so it had to be from this episode (and that would be logical). So why remove the scene?? I would have been nice :)