NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 1 Episode 12

Past Lives

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Jan 12, 2010 on CBS

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  • We finished watching all the weekly shows like 24, Burn Notice, Leverage, White collar, NCIS & decided to give this spin-off one more chance...

    We finished watching all the weekly shows like 24, Burn Notice, Leverage, White collar, NCIS & decided to give this spin-off one more chance, but instead of getting better the show got WORSE! I can't wait for them to take it off the air & resurrect the Unit!

    At one point the characters were playing ping-pong & we started discussing ping-pong. Finally, my thirteen-year old friend named King Joe said: "Let's just watch some ping-pong on Youtube. It's better than this".

    Bottom line, if you have nothing to do, you're better off watching random clips on youtube that watching NCIS Los Angeles.

    P.S. I love L.A.!
  • Way too complicated, and this was why the episode became unenjoyable.

    This was one of my least favorite episodes of the show so afar, and this was quite a dreadful one,, in my opinion.

    The actual case was indeed quite interesting, but it turned out to be way too complicated, too detailed and the episode didn't focus enough on the important things.

    There were some good moments, and the ending was great, but I didn't enjoy the episode as much, because it was quite difficult to flollow.

    I wouldn't recommend this one, unless you enjoy confusion. The show needs to step up, beacause it was amazing a few weeks back, and it is now in some poor form.

    Please improve, LA!
  • G goes undercover as one of his former alias to uncover a plot to kill everyone involved in a military heist of 5 million dollars after one of the men involved is gunned down. Kensi goes to the state pen to talk with the one person still in prison.

    I'm not sure exactly what was missing from this episode. Chris O'Donnell's lingering angst filled looks got a little old after a while. The situation with Kensi and the Jag officer was a little strange and the prison scenes were not that good as well.

    The case involved G as a guy named Tedford as an undercover operative five years or so ago. He pretends to be a crooked MP and gets in with the three men who took the money. Eventually after two of the men who turned states against the other one get released from prison four years later turn up dead some additional twists come up.

    Also G had a relationship with one of the men's sisters and then just left her without explaining anything and there is a little boy involved and a new fiancee in the picture. So that explains the soulful angst filled looks by O'Donnell. It could be that the brother was gunned down while standing next to him as well that was causing his character grief.

    It becomes obvious that there are outside influences and a very unsatisfactory ending which may have been my problem with the episode.

    It did seem like a lot of going thru the motions on certain actors parts. Overall the cast is still pretty good. A disappointing episode compared to some of the other recent ones. Thanks for reading...
  • G goes lone wolf.

    Finally, some funny banter to kick this show off. It's been a while since that has been the case, but this NCIS staple is one of the reasons this series has become so popular.

    But I also like when the humor is kept to a minimum, just in the opening scene essentially, and there is a good story for the other 35 minutes, and that was the case again tonight. For once there wasn't 25 twists and there was just an easy to follow plot, that also involved a former member of CBS' The Unit, which for me led to a mark-out moment.

    Not the best episode the show has done, but this was definitely a good installment.