NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 3 Episode 20

Patriot Acts

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 10, 2012 on CBS

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  • Great, great storyline! I absolutely loved this one! The return of Nate!

    So Nate makes an appearance today, in a very interestgin case. Part of the reason why it was so interesting, was because the storylien went in basically an opposite direction to what I was expecting.

    The storyline was flawless. I really loved it, and it was perhaps the best one wsince Blye, K. I can only hope that this tstandard is maintained into the distant future, and this episode leaves me excited for the remainder of this season!

    I absolutely loved this episoed! So many great moments, not least of which was Hett'y's epic comment at the very end, " I can't believe I didn't run into them" or something along those lines, referring to Kensi and Nell at a monster truck rally! LOL!

    Great episode! Can't wait to see what they come up with next week, and I am also thrilled that the spidoes are airing only 5-6 days behind the USA, here in Australia!!! :)
  • Chemical bombs? Really?

    The bomb in the pickup truck didn't even damage the car behind it. Presumably this sort of device would be able to take out whole city blocks.

    Not that I was eager for them to depict an attack that would kill hundreds of people, but that is what the storyline indicated.

    If the writers and directors insisted on going down that road, they have to show the damage involved. Anybody more than 20 feet away wasn't even at risk.

    This is the same for the other bombs. Even the cassette tape recorder (really?). A 2 foot blast diameter isn't that impressive considering all the effort the bad guys went through to get the bomb.

    Again, I wasn't disappointed that the explosions themselves weren't big, but that is what the storyline indicated that is what the threat was. That is what was disappointing.

  • Patriot Acts

    They made the return of Nate seem like a much bigger deal than it really was. It was not just that though, this was just a disappointing all around episode with no witty banter thrown in and a really generic, cookie cutter case at the helm of tonight's broadcast. The opening sequence with the bomb was good, but it wad downhill from there.