NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 2 Episode 22

Plan B

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 03, 2011 on CBS
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When Deeks' best friend and major informant needs protection from death threats, Deeks must go undercover as one of his old aliases.

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  • Deeks protects his wanted friend.

    When Deeks' best friend has a high bounty on his head Deeks does whatever he can to make sure he isn't killed so he becomes Max again which is an alias from his past Usually Deeks jokes around on every case but not on this one so it shows how much his friend means to him In the end NCIS made him look like he had died twice just to get all the people trying to kill him away I am looking for a big end to season 2 because it has been such a good season.moreless
  • Deeks-centered episode!

    This was a very god episode of NCIS: LA, which predominantly centres around an old friend of Marty Deeks! The storyline was very good in the episode (we thought that guy had died about seventy times!) and there was a lot of brilliant humor slotted in regularly to glue together the whole episode!

    There was also some great suspense and a lot of great action, particularly in the latter stages of the episode, and the episode just improved as it went along. I definitely really enjoyed it, and I must say that I think it was the best one in a fair while!

    All up, I highly recommend this episode! Please keep up the good work, guys, and I can't wait for the last two episodes of Season Two!moreless
  • Plan B

    I warmed up to the Deeks character this season after not really wanting him to join the cast when he was recurring last year, mostly in part because this year he has become yet another element of comic relief for the show. This episode tried to make him too serious as he went way undercover to try and crack down. Frankly, Eric Christian Olsen does not excel in this environment.

    The episode as a whole seemed very filler-ish to me, and the drama was severely lacking. Throwing in a few random explosions and car bombs and whatnot is so beneath this show, yet that is what was littered throughout this episode. As if the viewers of the show can be swayed by something like that.moreless
  • When a friend and informant goes AWOL, Deeks is forced to take on a former alias to get answers. Things quickly get complicated as old issues arise, and Deeks struggles with the lies he's had to tell about his identity.moreless

    This episode was an awesome chance for Eric Christian Olsen to show what he's capable of. Normally we only get to see him be a goof. Even when he was shot a few episodes ago, he was cracking jokes. This is the first time we got to see his totally serious side...and it was wonderful.

    When Deeks has to take on the mantle of Max again, he's clearly conflicted about it. What I liked the best is that you didn't understand at first why it was so tough on him. Then the various issues arose: Max being a volatile jerk, his obvious affair with Ray's wife.

    It was fascinating to watch Kensi's reaction to all of this. She's only ever really known the goofy side of Deeks, and in this episode she's watching him throw a punch at an innocent guy to get answers, or make out with a married woman in the boat shed. The whole time you could see her emotions playing out: disbelief, shock, and not a little concern. She cares about him, that much is obvious. And he cares about her, as we saw a few episodes ago when he dragged himself out of a hospital bed with two bullet holes in his chest to go save her from kidnappers.

    I thought the plot line was very interesting, especially when we found out that Ray was responsible for helping Deeks defend himself against his father. Their relationship was great. Ray's teasing comments about Deeks' relationship with Kensi were funny, especially as we got to watch Deeks squirm.

    It was also another chance for us to see how loyal Deeks is. Once he takes up with someone, he never gives up on them, no matter how difficult it gets. We saw that when his LAPD partner got killed in the season premiere, and we saw it when he rescued Kensi all those times, and we see it now, when he's determined to find Ray no matter the cost.

    Overall, I thought it was a really wonderful episode. I hope more episodes are like this as we lead up to the finale!moreless
Chris O'Donnell

Chris O'Donnell

NCIS Special Agent G. Callen

LL Cool J

LL Cool J

NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna

Linda Hunt

Linda Hunt

Henrietta 'Hetty' Lange

Daniela Ruah

Daniela Ruah

NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye

Eric Christian Olsen

Eric Christian Olsen

LAPD Detective Marty Deeks

Barrett Foa

Barrett Foa

Tech Operator Eric Beale

Channon Roe

Channon Roe

Ray Martindale

Guest Star

Evan Parke

Evan Parke

Nelson Sanders

Guest Star

Erin Foster

Erin Foster

Nicole Martindale

Guest Star

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    • Kensi: Planning on calling Ray anytime soon?
      Deeks: (firmly) No. No, I'm not. (pauses) Why do you ask?
      Kensi: Just, when you do, tell him Wikipedia says hi.
      Deeks: (smiling and shaking his head) I'll do that.
      Kensi: Oh, and, um...(strides up close to him)...I'm glad our "thing" is working out. (grins and walks away)
      Deeks: (mutters to himself) No "thing." (calls after her) There is no "thing!"

    • (The case is over, and Deeks sits down in front of Hetty's desk, where she is pouring herself some tea)
      Deeks: Thank you for letting Ray take Jenna with him.
      Hetty: No one should live out his life alone. Including you.
      Deeks: (smiling at her) What're you talking about? I got you. I'll be fine.
      (Hetty purses her lips to keep from smiling)

    • Ray: Promise me that phone call, Marty.
      Deeks: (embarrassed) No.
      Ray: I wanna hear how your thing turns out with Wikipedia. (Deeks laughs and shakes his head) You know you owe me that much! (hurries off)
      Deeks: (hollering after him) There is no thing!

    • Ray: (referring to his ex-wife) Nicole's still in love with you? (Deeks looks uncomfortable)
      Ray: I'm not blind, man. It's always been obvious. Hey, it could work.
      Deeks: (quietly) Yeah, maybe if things were different, right? She doesn't even know who I am.
      Ray: (mischievously nodding back at Kensi, who is standing several feet away) Does Wikipedia know who you are?
      Deeks: (laughing it off) Okay, easy, she's just my partner.
      Kensi: What are you guys talking about?
      Deeks: Nothing. We're just discussing the, uh, pertinent details to the case.
      Kensi: Okay. (Turns away again)
      Ray: (whispering now) But you two got a "thing".
      Deeks: (scoffing) Aw, man, no, there's no "thing".
      Ray: Listen, I know when I go into relocation, we're not gonna really be able to talk...
      Deeks: (interrupting) It's gonna be nice.
      Ray: ...but you gotta make me a promise. You gotta call me someday and let me know how it turned out with her.

    • Deeks: (discussing Ray's relocation in the witness protection program) You sure you're gonna be able to handle all those women in Miami?
      Ray: The women, yes, but I feel like I'm gonna get whacked by an, they're just waiting for my pasty ass. (the two men laugh)
      Kensi: Okay, you guys do know that alligators don't actually prey on human beings, crocodiles do. Both live in the Miami vicinity but mainly in swamps.
      (long pause)
      Ray: (laughing incredulously) Did she just go all Wikipedia on me?
      Deeks: (grinning) Oh, she just went all Wikipedia on you, dude.

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    • International Air Dates:
      Canada: May 3, 2011 on Global
      United Kingdom: May 8, 2011 on Sky1/Sky1 HD
      Belgium: October 6, 2011 on VT4
      Germany: November 17, 2011 on SAT 1
      Sweden: November 20, 2011 on TV6
      Czech Republic: April 5, 2012 on AXN
      Finland: July 22, 2013 on Jim