NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2009 on CBS
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During a Marine Corps training exercise a predator with hellfire missiles is hijacked, resulting in the death a Marine. The team must locate this UAV before it can be used against America.

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  • Yet another enjoyable episode.

    The show is continuting to get much better, in my opinion, and this is portrayed quite well in this episode.

    The storyline to this one is a little weird at first, but it turned into an extremely entertaining case as the episode continued on.

    There were some hilarious moments, especially when Kensi gave that lecture, and I was laughing really hard at that moment. That was magnificent!

    I also thought that the case was rather suspenseful and I immensely enjoyed the ending.

    So far, I think the show is improving, and it has potential, but to me, it doesn't seem like NCIS, but a completely different show.

    I would recommend this as it is a very enjoyable episode!moreless
  • NCIS LA a.k.a. Knightrider sans KIT

    Sorry all. Think NCIS is one of the best shows out there for the last while - up there with Supernatural.

    But NCIS LA?

    Apart from Chris O - there are no likable or believable characters at all. LL as an ex-Seal - just do not buy it at all - a bit like saying Gibbs used to work in McFry's.

    The interplay and all the running about with the gadgets - just has me thinking back to Knightrider - with LL playing the part of KAR - angry and impotent. Know this will upset a lot of folk - but I had great hopes for this show after the NCIS episode last season - but now after watching 3 of these "Knightrider" knock-offs I think it is finally time to admit defeat and try to find something a bit more engaging. Who knows maybe someone is showing repeats of last years Knightrider - at least KIT is in that show.

  • Callen and Hanna investigate how a hellfire drone killed a marine.

    Solid episode, realistic as well. This show is holding its own that it doesn't feel like a spinoff. You are starting to know and like the characters.

    I like the plot about the hellfire drone. Typically when you hear about these drones by the corporate media, they always put a positive spin on it, where it becomes more propaganda than anything else.

    NCIS decided to play Devi's advocate and show us what could wrong. The hellfire drone not only misses its target, but kills a marine, then gets stolen by a hacker.

    The episodes takes a couple different twists when several key suspects die leaving you to wonder what will happen next. It was a thrilling episode to the end.

    Kensi has a big role in this episode as does Nate and Tommy. Callen and Hanna get in on the action too, but they made a decent enough script to let the supporting cast grow.moreless
  • An unmanned drone with a Hellfire missle goes missing.

    The concept of this episode is interesting, and scary. As for the reality of the situation not possible, no undercover NCIS agents have the authority over civilians off base. The show has potential, but there is no cast chemistry like NCIS, it is a two man show with a few people there for window dressing. What does Linda Hunt do? Her best lines so far were when she just stares at people.

    If they do not have better integration of the rest of the cast this show will not last. I never thought that way when NCIS started, but this one leaves me wondering.

    I know I am going to get a lot of people who disagree with this review, but the show is just mediocre so far, good action but not much cast cohesion.moreless

    NCIS: Los Angeles really is filling the void that was left by The Unit when CBS pulled the plug on that franchise in May. Fresh, exciting action-packed drama with interesting characters and fast-moving writing. You really cannot ask for more.

    LL Cool J has been doing very well in the first three episodes portraying a believable character. You may not hear his name called at the Emmys next year, but he has certainly leaped into the acting field a lot more successfully than Ludacris, for example, whose "performances" are as wooden and completely scripted as they come.

    I am okay with Los Angeles focusing on some of the supporting cast, but it is clear the best dynamic for this show is between Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J. Giving too much time to the lesser characters could deter viewers.moreless
Linda Hunt

Linda Hunt

Henrietta 'Hetty' Lange

Chris O'Donnell

Chris O'Donnell

NCIS Special Agent G. Callen

LL Cool J

LL Cool J

NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna

Peter Cambor

Peter Cambor

Operational Psychologist Nate Getz

Daniela Ruah

Daniela Ruah

NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye

Adam Jamal Craig

Adam Jamal Craig

NCIS Special Agent Dominic Vail

Patrick Robert Smith

Patrick Robert Smith


Guest Star

Andrew Slamet

Andrew Slamet

Tech Student

Guest Star

Gino Salvano

Gino Salvano

Hamzi Kahn

Guest Star

Barrett Foa

Barrett Foa

Tech Operator Eric Beale

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: Eric says that the hacker posted the video at 10:23. However, if you look at the map he has on his screen while saying this, it is timestamped 9:23:07.

    • Goof: It is stated by Sam that it will take 20 minutes to get a F-22 Raptor from Edwards AFB up and across to intercept the Predator UAV, which Callen states is too long - yet they have time to drive across LA to a Marina on the coast somewhere to stop it in person at the controls - which even in light LA traffic will take a lot longer than 20 minutes.

    • Both Callen and Hanna speak Arabic.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Kensi: I'm the best first date girl in town, I mean I bring my A game; funny, flirty, charismatic, tasteful.
      Sam: Like me.
      Callen: And the second?
      Kensi: The second date, antsy, bored, distant, impatient, irritable.
      Sam: Like G.

    • Hetty: Few men know how to deal with a smart, strong independent woman. They say they want a soul mate to share their dreams and their hopes with; but all they really want is a substitute mommy.
      Nate: Okay, as a professional psychologist, I have to completely…
      Hetty: (interrupting) Nate, sit down!
      Nate: Cool, I'm going to sit.

    • Hetty: George Hamilton once told me that what men really love is a woman that plays hard to get… or was it Frank Sinatra?
      (Eric whistles)
      Nate: Saved by the whistle.

    • (Hetty handing out papers)
      Callen: Mission briefing?
      Hetty: Sexual harassment guidelines, there's a seminar next week, it is mandatory even for you, Mr. Callen.

    • (Footage of the UAV attack)
      Sam: How fast can we get that footage off the web?
      Eric: With or without the cooperation of's legal department? (Sam looks at him) Okay, cutting through the legal tape…. I just crashed their entire server.
      Hetty: (yelling from her office) Idiot hackers!!!
      Eric: Uh-oh
      Callen: Sam, I think we are due in the boathouse.
      (Callen and Sam walk away, passing Hetty walking in)
      Sam: Hi, Hetty
      Callen: Eric did it.
      Hetty: I was just watching that viral video with the cats and the trampoline and the site just froze up and crashed on me. Did you have anything to do with that?

    • Sam: So, what are we this time, a couple of salesmen who got lost, maybe some guys looking for an old college buddy?
      Callen: How about we're two armed federal agents trying to apprehend a terrorist?
      Sam: Oh, yeah.

    • (Hetty walks up with a shirt)
      Hetty: Is that blood, Mr. Hanna?
      Sam: Mostly.
      Hetty: Yours?
      Sam: Other guy's.
      Hetty: Can we bill him?
      Sam: Not anymore?

    • Jenson: I don't get close to people on the job. Trust me, you open that door up and you're asking for a needy, whiny slacker of a colleague.
      Callen: I know exactly what you mean.
      (After Jenson leaves)
      Sam: I don't whine, I'm not needy and I don't slack.
      Callen: Two out of three ain't bad.

    • Callen: Bad news is our only lead in this case is dead. Good news is you're off the hook for date number two.
      Kensi: Sure hop on the Kensi abuse train while there's still room.

    • Callen: (to Sam) You know your ears wiggle when you're trying to avoid a conversation? It's kinda of adorable.

    • Kensi: (as Razor Mantis) I will consider answering your question once the guy to your left stops IM-ing you about my bra size.

    • Hetty: (referring to the hackers) These guys have spent more time with their World of Warcraft avatars than real women who aren't called "Mom".

    • Nate: Whoa, what happened?
      Callen: Kaleem's dead.
      Nate: How?
      Callen: Shot.
      Sam: Blown up.
      Dominic: You guys are thorough.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Music:
      Never Be Your Baby by Will Dailey

    • International Air Dates:
      Australia: October 14, 2009 on Channel Ten
      United Kingdom: October 28, 2009 on Sky1/Sky1 HD
      Sweden: November 24, 2009 on TV3
      Norway: December 21, 2009 on TV3
      Latin America: March 10, 2010 on A&E
      Germany: July 31, 2010 on SAT 1
      Finland: August 25, 2010 on Nelonen
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