NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

During a join training exercise between the Marines and the Air Force , a UAV being operated by Captain Briggs from the Air Force. It's mission is to blow up a building near a group of Marines, only the UAV does not fire the missile at the building and ends up killing his partner, Michael Hazlett. The UAV then flies away.

At headquarters, the guys ask Kensi how her date was and she explains that she canceled. They ask her why and she states that she does well on first dates, but has problems with second dates. Hetty shares that men have difficulty dealing with strong women and notes that either Frank Sinatra or George Hamilton once told her "Men really love is a woman who plays hard to get". The conversation is interrupted by Eric whistling for the group to assemble in the briefing room.

They are assigned to locate the missing UAV as they watch the video of the incident. They are told that the UAV has not been located and the operator denies any misfires or direct involvement. They decide that they need to find out the importance of the mission and ask Hetty for help. She arranges a meeting between Sam & Callen and a mystery friend. They are sent a certain location and told to wait. A man climbs into the car and explains that this is not the first UAV to be hacked and he sends a message through them to Hetty, "We're even".

Eric discovers that the video from the UAV has been uploaded to the internet and alerts the team. They watch the video, which shows the UAV landing and being placed into a truck by an unknown man. Sam tells Eric he wants the video off the web, now. Eric crashes the site only to find out that Hetty was watching a video of cats and a trampoline. Sam and Callen leave Eric to handle this on his own.

They bring in Briggs for questioning and Nate informs them he will never admit fault. Sam talks with Briggs, who states that the UAV was hacked from the outside and that he warned them this would happen. He notes that he wants to be flying a real plane in combat and not playing with a joystick. He further states that unmanned drones are a bad idea as computers can be hacked, but not fighter pilots. After Sam leaves the room, Nate states he does not believe that Briggs is their guy.

Eric calls the team together and explains that the man from the video is Yousef Kaleem. He also reports that he was involved with a group of computer geeks at a local campus and today they are supposed to be having a guest speaker, an infamous hacker known as, Razor Mantis. He states that no one knows what this hacker looks like and he is in the FBI's custody. They decide to impersonate them so they can gain access to their computers.

Callen and Sam head to Yousef's apartment to check it out. They find he is not home and search his place. Yousef's returns home to find them in his home, he pulls out a gun and exchanges fire. He misses as Sam shoots and captures him. He turns on a bomb and Sam & Callen take off running. The bomb explodes destroying Yousef and his apartment.

It has been decided that Kensi will go undercover at the university as Razor Mantis. She appears in front of the disbelieving lecture group and is immediately tested by one of the students. Eric is connected to Kensi and helps her field the questions and she makes a believer out of the group. Eric is also watching the web for information popping up about Kensi and is hacking into the computers the students are using. Eric flags a suspicious student and they take a break from the lecture. Outside Kensi makes a pass at Joel, the student and he asks her out on a date.

Callen and Sam are looking into another lead; it seems that Yousef worked for AJ Concept Solutions, which is owned by Arthur Janson. They meet with him at his company and inform him of Yousef's death. He states that he had concerns about Yousef's religious and anti-American beliefs. He notes the irony that the same things he complained about American were the principals that prevented him from firing Yousef.

Kensi heads to a local bar to meet up with Joel and they order a drink. Dominic is present in the bar providing back up. Joel leaves the table heading to the men's restroom and after a few minutes is followed by Dominic, who discovers Joel's body.

They all head back to the headquarters and Callen gives Kensi a hard time about not having to worry about the second date. As they watch the video, a man leaves the bathroom, just as Dominic enters. Eric runs his picture though the system to try and identify him. The team reassures Dominic that it is not his fault.

After searching Joel's apartment, a computer and other electronic equipment is found, which it is believed was used to hack into the UAV. The team starts re-examining the case and realizes that Yousef was the perfect cover and Joel would have been easily manipulated. Eric shares that he has successfully broken the codes on Joel's computer and that he has been sending information to AJ Concept Solutions. Also, they have a name on the man who killed Joel, Hamzi Kahn. Eric digs into the man and discovers that his wife was killed by an UAV. And they have tracked the truck that picked up the drone and it is on the move. Sam and Callen intercept the truck only to find out the driver was told to drive it to the port. He states he was hired by AJ Concepts Solutions.

Eric contacts the guys stating that they have a bigger problems, the UAV is active and is preparing to target something in Los Angeles. Eric begins searching for Jenson location and Sam convinces Briggs to take back control of the UAV. Eric is able to locate Janson on his yacht in the marina. They head straight there and find Hamzi outside the boat. They quickly disable him and climb on board. They find Jenson and he refuses to stand down and is shot by Callen. However, he was able to fire the missile from the UAV at a local high school before be subdued. Briggs is working on taking control of the missile with the hacker's equipment found in Joel's apartment. He is able to redirect the missile into the ocean.
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