NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 4 Episode 18

Red: Part One

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 2013 on CBS

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  • Red will ride on.

    I thought the flirting was cute between G and Paris Summerskill. I know they won't have anything after this weeks 2nd part. She now will have to handle her interactions with her ex, Roy Haines. He really didn't get a chance to do much. Hopefully his back story doesn't fade as we go along. Some shows that happens.

    I don't really know Kim Raver. I look on IMDB and maybe saw 24 once, and Third Watch once. So she is pretty new to me. Those 2 shows were ones no one in house but me was interested in watching, so we didn't.

    The member I was worried about was Kenneth Mitchell who plays Special Agent Danny Gallagher . The one injured and that John Corbett as Roy Hines takes his place on team. Mitchell played on Ghost Whisperer. Then played mostly bad guys, on Without A Trace, Lie To Me, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, Hawaii Five-o, Law And Order: LA, Detroit 1-8-7, Castle, Body Of Proof and CSI. So I was hoping he would catch on here. But chances are as shows have done lately is eliminate someone on the team early for more drama. So he may not be back. I hope he is, and they at least mention him in Part 2. It makes it more real.

    I like all the members. They had good interaction with G's team. Time will tell how it works. The leaky Tractor Trailer Mobile Headquarters was nice. G, Sam and then Granger bunking together was cute. G's shoe flip and catch was nice too, wonder how many tries it took? It was snowing but the SUV wasn't covered with snow. Story line of Gunny Sargent Edward and Achmed Santoso being dead was harder to follow. And Santoso lost his shoes? We find the OCD killer wore them. And left them by a tree. But he had 2 thousand in his pocket. It amazes me that the killers don't take it. Maybe the Police will at first at least think robbery? And heck, there is some spending money, even if you drop it somewhere.

    The Ford snow plow hitting the Suburban and after team took shots at it, it was announced when it was found empty, that Hetty was hiding in it. That was cute. Not sure who said it. But Danny Gallagher was hit. That's how Roy comes in. Sam later bangs the Excursion into the Econoline van of Robert Spears, Ari Sayed and others headed for the airport. Hetty wasn't happy to see terrorist Ari Sayed on video surveillance. She said,"buggar". But after shoot out,Spears Escapes, and must be Sayed id wounded? All others are dead.

    Hetty still don't trust Assistant Director Owen Granger. Nor do I. Roy Haines and Paris have a history. She slapped him and later at the shooting range told G, "Roy didn't stay down!" Interesting! Hetty told him about job Redemption! We will see!
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