NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 4 Episode 19

Red: Part Two

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 2013 on CBS

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  • Better than the first half!

    I enjoyed the second part of the episode more than the first part, although I did like both. I have to disagree with other reviewers about the new team - some of those characters seem really interesting. Paris is really great - and I love Kim Raver in the role - and that girl with the Australian accent is cool, especially with that awkward scene where she grabbed Sam which was kinda funny. The Roy chracter seems all right as well, and there seems to be an interesting dynamic between him and Kim Raver's character Paris.

    The other couple of members of the team didn't get all that much character development so I don't really have an opinion on them yet, but I am pretty disappointed that CBS didn't pick it up. The concept is interesting - it has a Criminal Minds feel to it with the team travelling across the country as opposed to one location, which would have been interesting for an NCIS format.

    Nonetheless it was a very interesting episode. Even if they don't pick it up, I kinda hope we will see more of Paris on LA in some kind of recurring capacity!
  • Red Part Two

    The second half of the potential backdoor pilot was solid. Kim Raver and Chris O'Donnell have chemistry, and I thought they developed the Red team well, even if the casting perhaps could have been done a bit stronger.

    Solid episode.
  • Red part 2.

    After watching the two Red episodes I am unsure whether NCIS Red will work like NCIS and NCIS LA I thought the two part Legend episodes was miles better than this Like other people have said I don't really know about the characters and that is an important thing because NCIS and NCIS LA are all about its characters I thought overall it was ok but definitely could've been better.
  • Red Team

    I was as bored as a lot of the others who have posted about the episodes. I also have a question for the writers of the show, why did they try to force feed us a hook up between Callen and Paris of the new show? other than to try to bridge the two shows it made no sense really. Another thing that bothered me was this angst/hostility she they tried to display between her and a man that seem to do nothing more than save her life several times 9onece in the back story and the other we witness in the episode and instead of establishing them as a couple/troubled or otherwise, they waste time with having her and Callen making googoo eyes at each other! The show has not even aired on its own legs yet and I already don't care for the lead female character and exactly why she seems to be made at a man that keeps showing up to save her life! Yea, she has a valid reason to hate him, I'm sure they are going to get to it eventually, but I'm not sure if I want to care enough to tune in!
  • Waste of two episodes

    Did not care for this two part episode. What a waste of two NCIS Los Angeles episodes. Found the Red Team to be a bit on the corny side. Did not care for any of the characters.
  • Red team

    Not impressed with either episode. Seems a little crazy they drive around in big trucks when they could be using a plane that could be set up with everything they needed as well as getting to their destination in half the time.
  • Was Not an NCIS: LA show

    This was more of a Red team show NOT our NCIS: LA people.

    decent show But not what I wanted to see.
  • Spin off?

    Do I see the making's of a spin off, maybe NCIS Red Team. Hell if Law & Order or CSI can do it, why not NCIS? can not remember the guys name from Northern Exposure the radio guy but he's a great start for a NCIS spin off " NCIS RED TEAM "
  • Saleem?!

    Okay, was I having a brain fart or did I see Saleem Ulman from NCIS season 7 appear shortly in this episode?! The dude that held Ziva hostage, played 20 questions with DiNozzo and got shot in the head by Gibbs? People, this series is a (not so spectacularly special) spin-off from that show and you cast an important character for a quick photo op in this spin-off? Not cool!

    Fans of the show(s) find these inconsistencies not amusing.
  • Spinoff Launch Fail

    I like the idea of a mobile NCIS team, but not this cast. The new Kensi/Deeks are lame. The redhead guy especially is not amusing, but wholly irritating. Reminds me of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.
  • Disappointed on where shot

    This episode did not shoot any of the footage in around or near the city of El Centro, CA. El Centro is not a border town. It is close, but not on the border and does not have a border crossing. Also did not shoot in Bomb Bay Beach on the Salton Sea. You would think that a nationally broadcast network show would not insult the people that live in these towns or are from these towns by using there names if you were not going to shoot on streets, buildings, etc from them. Overall liked the episode