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  • Finally!

    At last fans were given a funny and entertaining show. I am not a fan of the Kenzie-Deeks side plot but the wedding episode brought every cast member back in a humorous and fulfilling way. Thanks, writers, for giving us a worthwhile episode and actors, for ACTING!
  • Here's a goodbye reason.....

    I stopped watching after the 1st episode of season 10. What was the point of bringing NIa Long in? CBS could have found another way to tank this show, cause that's exactly what they did bringing her on! I have an OTA and watch reruns all day Sunday. These characters are strictly wild west, that means NO HEELS or tight skirts, unless you're on a mission. The attitude is way off the mark, I would've bitch slapped her a long time ago with her own hand, good show gone bad because of what?
  • NCIS LA= boring

    We used to love this show, now, not so much. Too much lovey dovey bullsh__. If I want romance, I'll watch the Hallmark channel. Even LLCoolJ can't keep me watching this crap. Bad enough with Kensy and Deeks, now the Nerd Twins in love too!# Go back to the original premise and bring back Hetty!

  • I miss Hetty

    I quit watching this show after being loyal since it started!

    The writer is now obsessed with the new Director . Sure, saving his son was fine, but come is enough. Her attitude is horrible.

    Will not watch as long as she is on the show. She treats her staff horribly

    Would review a 0 due to her on the show, but there is not a zero. lol
  • Why oh why??

    Would Mosley character remain while Hetty again is nowhere to be found and a wonderful new actress playing Hidoko is written off? Hate Mosley character and no matter what storyline is written can not see liking her. Somehow you need to resurrect Hidoko and get Hetty back in the linup quickly or this show won't make it another season. Color me very disappointed.
  • What the *ll happened to this show?!

    Just finished watching the latest massacre (story line) of a once wonderful show. How many times have they used the "let's investigate the team" story line? 4? 5? It appears when the writers can't think of anything new, fresh or clever they resort to this story line. The acting is flat, the Kensi/Deeks thing is beyond boring, Hetty once again is missing, the 'banter' between Eric and Nell is so annoying and serves absolutely no purpose, the Mosley character is ridiculous. The only saving grace is the Gerald McRaney character, he's awesome. Definitely removing this from my weekly 'must see' list. I'll stick to reruns if I need an NCIS LA fix.
  • Hate Mosley

    She has hurt the team and needs to be gone!
  • Mosley needs to go!

    Since the producer seems to want Mosley to be the only star of the show I just deleted the show from my dvr record list. She 's an arrogant stupid character in the show, so I won't be watching it any more.
  • I hate Anna

    This is one of my favorite shows and I watch it every day, but I can't stand the character Anna, and her being with Callen literally makes me sick. I have to change the channel when she is on, and I've never done that. I hope her character is killed off or she goes away in whatever manner.
  • Mosley is Mostly Awful

    This was a good series once. They must have changed writers or something because it's been going downhill for the last year. The absolute bottom was the story of retrieving Mosley's kid. All the people acted out of character and Mosley was nothing but a whiny, self-centered, tin-pot dictator that should have been fired and thrown in jail. My household will not be tuning in again until that character goes away and the show hires some decent writers.
  • She had her run, now RUN HER OFF!





    Nia Long is NOT a welcome addition to this show. She clearly detracts from it. Now that the first episode is done and her son has been retrieved, GET RID OF HER. Time to write her out for her insubordination, stripping of rank for her self-centered calls and behavior, not to mention the number of people dead and injured because of her self-centeredness. Get rid of her, or this household will stop viewing
  • Do Not Like Mosely

    When Mosely started on the show I knew I was not going to like her. If she goes the show will get a perfect rating from me ! I want Henrietta back !!
  • Love Mosley

    Nia Long is Wonderful as Mosley. Clearly she was brought in to shake up the love fest with the rest of the cast. By the end of last season she was starting to find her way in this new terrain and starting to let her guard down. Not that difficult to follow the storyline the writers were putting out unless you just didn't want to for other reasons.

    Please please keep her. Had I know of the effort to give her the boot I would have written in early. I absolutely love Nia Long & will be most upset if you get rid of her. Please KEEP NIA
  • Do not like Mosley

    Love the show. Love spending Sunday's watching reruns. Get rid off Mosley. She might be a good actress somewhere else. She ruins the show. I want to see many more seasons. Love Callin, Sam, Kensi, Deeks, Erik, Nell, and especially HETTY!!!
  • Don't watch as often

    I used to watch this ALL the time but dislike the new cast. Hetty and Granger really held the show together and were great!! Mosley 'turns' me off and needs to go, Her character is TERRIBLE and ruins the show. She only has her own self interest in mind and 'talks down' to the others asserting her 'better than thou' attitude.

    Perhaps she and her son can go live in some far away place. First time I ever wanted someone not found safely.
  • Shay Mosley has got to go.

    Shay Mosley it the worse thing to happen to my favorite show ever. I did not watch much of season 9 because I cannot stand to watch her. No one can be that mean and vindictive and get away with it in real life. She is a bitch of the worse kind. If she stays NCIS LA will loose a lot of loyal fans. How can you just fire someone because they don't agree with doing something that is not only wrong but illegal.

    Really the writers need to do a better job or you will not have a show to write for.
  • Moseley Ruins Everything

    I have watched NCIS LA religiously from the beginning, but the introduction of Mosely has made me STOP!!! The show is no longer worth the lost sleep. I have liked Nia Long in many movies, but this character is horrible. I now only watch the show on rare occasions when I see a preview of something interesting involving the original core cast. Granger was a pain/jerk in the beginning, but Mosely is just a Bitch whose narcissistic personality disorder can not be cured. End her or end the show in my opinion.
  • Terrible changes

    The new camera shooting style is terrible. It makes it appear very cheesy and unwatchable. If the old style isnt reinstated, i can no longer watch it. A strange side effect of the new shooting style is that it seems to highlight any bad acting, especially the newest lady's acting. She's awful.
  • Nia Long

    Can she do anything except look sexy and wear high heels. The way she went off on Deeks was so unprofessional. It is hard for me to watch her because she can't do anything. If Deeks will no longer be on the show, I will not watch. Nia can't do anything with high heels. Hetty, needs to stay on the show. I watch a rerun this morning I must agree she is a witch. She does not even know how to speak to someone.
  • Nia Long

    I realize that Nia Long is just playing a character but it's all a BAD choice. She's a "witch" & plays her part as a "witch" well. It turns us off to the point that we change channels. She's so wrong all the way around. Her attitude is a detriment to the show. Keep the others. They make the show!
  • Hetty

    Hetty for President!!!! Dump Mosley! Bring back Hetty and the old team!
  • dump mosley

    This show has been a favorite of mine for years. Mosley's addition is a cruel joke. She's excellent at playing a bitch, but the show doesn't need one of those. If she stays, I'm gone. Along with millions of others, I'm guessing.
  • thumbs down

    Mosley is out of place with a great show. If she continues, I might change my mind & not watch anymore. TV is supposed to be enjoyable; she makes it just about miserable in every scene she's in.
  • Questionable Casting....

    EDITED 08/17/2018

    I agree with the many who are getting thoroughly disgusted with the addition of the Mosley and Hidoko!! I believe that Hidoko could eventually fit into the LA family, but Mosley is so damned arrogant, aloof and full of herself she'll never work. I'm glad I record all of my shows on DVR because I can fast-forward through most of the scenes that Mosley is in. She totally RUINS every episode she appears in with her eternal bitchiness and 'I'm better than any of you' attitude. I want to smack her every time she stands with hands on hips, trying to impress everyone! And, ps: she ain't all that!


    Hidoko will, I believe work out well in due time.

    Please don't ruin one of the very best shows on television by keeping Mosley.

    update 08/17/2018:

    I've come to really like and appreciate Hidoko! She's loosening up and becoming a true team member, which makes me happy. I did kinda like her from her first introduction on the series but wasn't sure if she would fit. She does.

    BUT... still absolutely DISPISE the Mosley character, and Nia Long certainly doesn't have the acting abilities to keep up with the rest of this excellent cast! The feeble attempt to make her more human-like when her son was in jeopardy failed miserably, so please don't try that again. How about she gets a new job in Washington, or perhaps gets done away with in a plane crash? And, please open sweet little Nell's eyes about Mosley. She really can't be so nave as to believe Mosley has anyone's best at interest other than her own! Please, return this magnificent show to its original wonderfulness. (Yeah, I did say 'wonderfulness' and it must be a word because the auto-correct didn't red-line it!! LOL!)

  • Ditch the character of Mosley

    I had just started watching NCIS for the 2016 season and was enjoying then this past season they added Mosley's character and I hate it. The character of Hetty was such a unique character it really added to the show.
  • NCIS Director for LA

    Please keep Hetty on show. Cannot stand program, but not her character. mute it when she is in scene. We want Hetty as team leader.
  • Mosley

    If Mosley character stays on the show I wont be watching anymore.
  • Nia Long (Mosley) needs to go

    She just doesn't fit. Her acting is monotonous, her character is boring with a side dish serving of contemptible, mixed with egotistical. She is actually ruining the show. Bring back Hetty! The cast was perfect - why did they mess with it? Actually, the character of Hidoko would actually work without Mosely. When Mosely is gone, I will once again give NCIS la a 10. rating.
  • Bad Writing

    NCIS has jump the shark
  • Post Granger additions are horrible

    I have binged watched this show from the beginning. Although Granger and Jones are not cast well, but tolerable and served their purpose. But once they added the two new additions Mosley and Hidoko, this show really went down hill try to fit two characters that does not fit well into this show. They are poorly casted. They have to go! Love CBS's diversity, but these 2 characters are not a good fit for this show. Fans have to stop watching Season 10 so CBS knows they need to get rid of these two characters on the show.
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