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  • just another sorry cop show

    yet another show glorifying the worst of the worst in our country

    the COPS, the GOVT. the fbi the nsa

    I wonder which agency is paying to have this tripe produced
  • Love this show

    I like this show so much better than the original NCIS (can't stomach the Tony character any more) and NCIS: New Orleans is just silly beyond belief. The accents are ridiculous and wouldn't be believed for a second by anyone who has ever lived in the south. So I watch the LA version because it is so much more about the investigations and less about silliness!
  • Favorite Show

    Absolutely love this show. The cast is the best of the (3) NCIS shows currently on tv. Initially liked the show, but I must say it got even better when they added Marty Deeks. Just love his character. The entire cast is perfection. Very seldom dislike one of the scripts. I don't watch the other two NCIS shows, but never miss NCIS LA.
  • Love it!

    I love this show! I watch every episode. But what I don't like is that the show is almost always about Callen and his past. I understand that he want answers, but why does in every season there are (a lot of) episodes about him? Or Sam? I have nothing against them and their stories, but come on, be creative writers. Why not a story or more around Eric? Or Nell? Or even Deeks? And maybe Kensi. Because it seems that it is always about Callen and Sam. Move on!

    I can't wait 'till the next season!

    The show took me a couple episode to get hooked but now i love this show. This TV show is my favorite TV loved the little things that are different between the charters,and all the mission and investigate are all ways different , because It is fun to watch.

  • Worst of the NCIS series

    All of them hardly investigate Navy/MC crimes and violate fundamental human rights! Terrible series compared to NCIS: New Orleans.

    The only good thing? Nell and Kensi are action girls unlike silly Bishop.
  • Another Shot at Conservatives!!??!!

    Last night's portrayal of a sniper with PTSD coerced into assisting terrorists with a murder is another insult in support of the ridiculous Homeland Security warnings about patriotic Americans. A couple of weeks ago it was Kensi looking at some nutcase bomber's squat and saying it looked like some "crazy Tea Partier". What's with this Leftist crap? Find me one case in the past 15 years involving a Conservative. Sick of it . . .
  • Great show -NCIS-LA

    I have to admit that it took a few shows to get me hooked. Probably because I was so in love with Gibb's team on the original NCIS. BUT gradually I became hooked. There is No comparison between the 2 shows. They are 2 separate shows & no reason to compare.

    -- This group I really enjoy watching. Sometimes the writers have Deeks & Kensi 'talking' too too much which becomes boring quickly.

    -- But G & Sam - oh, m, what men..............

    - AND I love their boss (forgive I just had a brain freeze & forgot her name - shame on me) - But she is a feisty older woman and so short she's cute yet very forceful.. She adds that extra ump to the show.

    -- AND the 'nerds' are great..... Would not be same without them.

    Great team to watch..

    AND THE BEST of ALL THE NCIS SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Might as well rename this show

    After watching the last few episodes i think they should just rename this show "the Callen and Sam show"

    I thought this was based on a team but really it's these two and then a support cast...

    Kensi and Deeks are so much better but you forget they are even in this show?

    Maybe it's just that this show is getting a bit boring or the studio have to give more air time to actors they think we like to see more of...
  • My Kind of Crime Drama

    I find that it's not too gruesome, too many firefights or explosions. TPTB leave many breadcrumbs just like you would find in every other successful show but they also give enough to sustain viewers and keep us watching. If you're not a Densi or Neric fan there's always the Sam/Callen bromance or the weird Hetty/Granger relationship to keep one interested. Although some episodes are predictable and episodes sometime make you feel deja vu, all in all it's enough to keep me faithfully watching.
  • Savoir Faire - finally a decent well portrayed story line

    Just seen this episode, finally one of the NCIS group of shows has a decent storyline that they did not butcher. I for one would like to see if the NCIS brass could possibly spin-off a "several" episode run filmed in Afghanistan with the Afghan soldiers that were on in this NCIS LA tonight. It might give all of us North Americans a better insight into the problems their country faces, we're quick to judge these people and their countries. As a foot note, we just watched "American Crime" pilot,pretty realistic portrayal of what it's like on the streets of many major American cities of late - Hence why I said that we are quick to judge other countries, people and cultures around the world, look at our own streets and the crime here at home.
  • Soooo Boring

    Used to like this show. There is absolutely no character evolution. Best part of most long running show is the changes that their characters go through. It has become just a bang bang shoot shoot deal.

    Jan. notice Hetty is being given less and less she has always had brief appearances, she kind of held the 'team' old fellow - Ferrar? - is boring and stiff. Why is he getting more time than Hetty...
  • Love NCIS LA

    NCIS LA is a great spin off from the original series NCIS. Especially when Marty Deeks became one of the main characters. I love his relationship with Kensi Blye, it gives the show an exciting edge. To my opinion, they evolved their relationship perfectly during the series. It's not just a crime show and after I see the latest episode i can not wait for the next.
  • LA vs NO

    I don't feel the chemistry in the new NO. I love LA they all fit, they have chemistry. They have different and eclectic backgrounds. And I love love Heddy. I really wish is was back on Tuesday following the original NCIS.
  • LA stinks

    You should scrap the LA Heddy on ether NCIS or NCIS-NO and get rid of the rest of the crew. NO is so far ahead of LA and they just started!
  • Loved this series ... but now I can't stand it

    This series was a great spin off from NCIS. The characters are very different - more fun loving, tighter teams that you can TRUST to have your back. And having a partner that you can trust was the strongest point about this series. I loved that everyone would do anything to keep their team safe . At least I thought so until the 3rd choir ep where Eric went and hid in his office waiting for backup instead of helping out Hetty who was in major trouble. Now I cringe when I see that coward on screen and I find - after watching every single episode up until now - that my faith in Eric at least is gone and I don't want to watch any more episodes. Funny how just one scene can screw up an entire series.
  • One of the only good Buddy cop style shows that is left on TV.

    Many different crime-drama styled series do not meet my expectations because most of them fall short of or continuing the same type of idea over and over again acting like that is what we want to see. Well for some yes, some don't and what others who are trying to get into the show want to see why the show has others attracted. Those other crime-drama styled series whether you watch 1 or 2 episodes, you will see a repeating factor of "Hey, this was almost like the previous episode except for now its just a different guy who did the EXACT SAME THING". Episode setup is basically Detective work, hooray for dumb forensics, find perp and move on to next episode, repeat. (Previous sentence was meant to anger people. DEAL WITH IT) Well now we have a show like NCIS that had somewhat changed that idea. Though all those ideas and the serious part of the job are all present. there is a little less of the seriousness to it. Now lets leave some of the formulas from NCIS behind (Mostly forensics, and repeatable BS body count per episode) and add in elements of old style Buddy cop stuff that most shows have stopped doing and we get NCIS: Los Angeles, a show where if you sit down and watch just 1 episode (certain episodes are 2 part so 2 episodes) You will start to like each character for who they are, what they do, and their attitude in the series and why you start to get attached to almost all of them. Sure you will get someone dying here and there but the cases they work on are much bigger than what other crime dramas cover. There is humor here and there, sometimes some friction but when it comes to the action, it does the job. Also it is the only show that you will start loving the person in charge. Though I love the whole cast and crew of the series, Linda Hunt's performance in the show is what makes me look forward to seeing every episode all over again.
  • NCIS: LA Team

    Everyone has a story, first of Callen and his past, Hetty and her enemies and the rest and their stories that is that I love so much in this show, I hope people understand this. not just need one in the show, everyone of them complate each other.
  • Deeks you rock

    I was going to stop watching until they brought in Deeks. He is just the character that team needed, If there is going to be more stories on the romance between Deeks and Blye, I hope the episodes involving them are not centered on that. It seems like every time there is a romantic angle between two major characters, the quality of the stories suffer. As a sideline LL Cool J needs to consider acting lessons. If his a character is a Navy seal at least, LEARN TO SALUTE.
  • What happened?

    Season 1 wasn't the best which was excusable because they were finding their style, but two was fantastic and three was just as good, if not better. Then season four hit and we got the awful streak that included Endgame, the Fifth Man, and the most biased episode of any television series I've had the misfortune of tuning in to, Dead Body Politic.

    The show just seemed to get worse. The Descent/Ascension story line was descent, but Nate's "treatment" of Deeks's PTSD was awfully executed. He was basically saying "Let it out buddy. But first, let's talk about Kensi. Are you two banging or what?" Kensi punched a man who'd came from a home where he watched his mom get pummeled by his dad daily and somehow he was still the one at fault. Hetty has turned into the bad guy. The episodes are either really bad or really boring.

    Season five was painful to watch save for Spoils of War. The only way I can see my once favorite show improving is if Hetty tells Deeks it was her fault for sending Kensi to Afghanistan and if Kalstein is taken off the writing staff.
  • Opportunity to ask Owen Granger/Miguel Ferrer your questions

    He's doing a live video chat this Thursday, June 26 at 5pm PST/8pm EST - it's a pay-what-you-can event benefiting an org he loves, Best Friends Animal Society. Who's in to meet him and chat NCIS LA? 9T
  • Storyline going downhill? Cutting down on production costs?


    Entering a submarine and getting trapped in it? No backups?

    Terrorists attempting to blowup a whole building and being apprehended with the two "heroes"? No backups?

    Not just NCIS agents, but international spies?

    You make the police force look really BAD!

    We used to watch this series, buy the DVDs, but our interest started to wane recently. We even switched it off before the episode ended, can't stand the ridiculous and ludicrous storyline.

    And the silly repartee between the characters which used to be fun... running out of plot? Romance?

    In a recent party, we found out just about everyone who USED to watch NCIS LA shared the same opinion.

    How sad! What's happening? Are they making their swan song? Can't they do a grand exit without shaming themselves?

  • NCIS: LA

    Just began watching this series in the past year. believe I have missed this wonderful show. Even went out and purchased all four seasons that are currently available. I sincerely hope that you continue the storyline of Kensi and Deeks into the new season Fantastic chemistry while still maintaining their professionalism.
  • what will happen to deeks and kensi

    I love this show and i would love to see more and to know if kensi and deeks gonna love each other
  • The Watchers

    If you caught my reference you may thing I'm specifically commenting on that season 3 episode 13 episode, which I'm not... I couldn't resist naming my review after an episode (One of my favorites) because I'm a Geek (Or you could say an like that. And if you didn't catch my reference your probably really confused... poor you. ANYWAYS So this show of course is a spin off of NCIS which is a spin off of JAG... which I would say are both GREAT shows and which if I ever get the chance to I will watch every single episode of (I have watched every JAG episode, But NCIS I have missed quite a few)

    I think every character is great in their own way. Of course the major stars are G Callen and Sam Hanna, but I also love the attention put on Eric and Nell and Deeks and Kensi, Of course Hetty, Nate when available and Owen Granger... Because if you've watched most, if not all, of the series, you'll know he's the one we all love... to hate.

    My favorites are Eric, Deeks, Nell, and Hetty (Occasionally Nate) but of course every single one is near and dear to my heart. Although I find some of the cases rather lackluster (Like "Recruit" which was mostly Neric/Densi and practically no attention to the case was paid) Most of the time the character development is good (Except maybe season 4) although I would like to see more of Eric, Nell and Deeks' pasts.

    as far as shipping goes Densi and Neric are the best, Although in season one it was CaKe (Callen/Kensi) all the way and for the first couple episodes of season 2 it was Nallen (Nell and Callen) to the max (But then Eric was adorbs to Nell and It clicked)

    Best episodes to watch in my opinion (In chronological order) would be as follows:

    Season One:



    Past lives


    Hand to hand (DEEKS!!!) and


    Season 2

    Special Delivery (Nell!!!!)


    Empty Quiver

    Rocketman and

    Plan B

    Season 3

    The Debt

    The Watchers

    Patriot Acts

    Neighborhood Watch

    San Voir ( part l & ll)

    Season 4

    Recruit (DUH Neric)

    Free Ride (More Neric)

    Paper Solders (Cuz Nate)

    Kill House


    Season 5




    Zero Days

    SO those are all of my favorite episodes (Like you wanted/ Needed to know them) If you read all of this Thanks. I love this show and Hope it continues for a long time

    . I totally think G's name is George like his grandfather

  • Deeks and Kensi are driving me crazy

    What is going on?! I admit that I only started watching the show because of the Deeks-Kensi affair last season - otherwise it really does lack the luster of the original NCIS. Did they really "break up" before they started getting together??? This is very sad to me. And for heaven's sake - they need to have an actual conversation about it.
  • NCIS: Lost Angles

    I am British, so some non-english speakers might miss the change from 'el' to "le" in the word "Angels", which changes the meaning of the word completely. "Your look like an Angel" to "What's your angle, you swine?"

    The point is, the new incarnation of NCIS lost the intelligence of creating stereotypes with heart and individualityt and produced a poorly concieved clone of the original characters.

    Linda Hunt as Pauley Perrette - I don't think so. And so it goes for the whole, misguided attempt to recreate NCIS as a 'cash cow' for the writers and the studio.

    Just my thoughts


    i like the show because the men go together like ice cream and apple pie; however, if something isn't done about DEEKS hair, i don't know if i can stand watching. i understand the look they are going for, but it is worse than bed head, and it is too long in his eyes; i think he would look really handsome if he got a better styling. other than that, i love the show and i love seeing hattie, been a follower of hers since her very early movies.
  • Noise Polution II

    I have to agree with the person commenting about the noise level; I keep turning it up but still music is louder than the dialog. This is true on a lot of shows. I wonder if the producers realize what they are causing. It is especially true if someone has some hearing loss.

    I am glad to hear that Kensi will be back! I thought maybe she was pregnant.
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