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  • falling show ....

    I used to enjoy this show, but this season seems to be worse at each new episode. Gave up watching this .... Only the "real" NCIS keeps worth watching ...
  • Invisible

    Why is it when the team(s) are staking out suspects whilst in a car they can openly sit on empty streets, a matter of metres from what/who they are targeting and NOT be seen? This is not an isolated incident. Rather it is repeated in lots of episodes. Maybe NCIS have the vehicular equivalent of the "cloak of invisibility". Or maybe the criminals/terrorists are so relaxed that they never look around them when leaving wherever they are. Then again, the 'bad guys' could all be visually impaired and have left their guide dogs at home. Get real NCIS.
  • Might as well be called the Sam and Callen show.....

    Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the show. That being said, however, there is WAY too much man power. I'm not trying to be a feminist, but SERIOUSLY!!!!!! Ziva and Abby get plenty of action on the original. This show feels like Sam and Callen are the main characters, and everyone else is just tagging along. I want more Kensi!!! And I DEFINITELY want more DENSI!!!!
  • Ah, the wonderful world of Densi

    If you watch NCIS: LA and you're interested in shipping, one of the most popular ships of choose is Densi (unless you're a CaKe shipper which is a totally different story). Even if you're not experienced in the shipping world, if you watch NCIS: LA the attraction between Deeks and Kensi is more than a little obvious. Densi, in my opinion, is one of my favorite things about NCIS: LA. Their cases are so-so, the eye candy is brilliant, and the scripts are witty enough. But what really sets this show apart from others is the chemistry between a certain blond LAPD liason and a certain brunette NCIS agent (though I do love my Neric as well).

    I love Densi- it's fresh, fun, and cute. It's different from, say, the Tiva relationship on NCIS because it's newer. Tiva has so much history, and though Deeks and Kensi have a little, it's not enough to make them occasionally act like they're a married couple who know way more about the other person then they should. (Well, maybe SOMETIMES they do :) )

    I'm really afraid that much like the writers of NCIS did with Tiva, the writers of NCIS: LA will drag out this flirty, fluffy stage of the Densi relationship. I love watching them get all flustered and banter-y on screen as the next person, but could you really imagine this show going on until season ten without so much as a kiss between Deeks and Kensi when they're not under cover? As rabid an NCIS: LA fan I am, I don't know if I can spread my shipper heart out six more years with just the same old same old jokes, wit, and if we're lucky the occasional jealousy. But like all good captains, I do believe I'll probably go down with my ship.

    I think I'm speaking for a large majority of Densi shippers when I give Deeks and Kensi this one piece of advice: JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!!

    Sadly, I honestly don't think season four will be the year of Densi. It's definitely going to be the year of Neric; they basically came right out and said it. If it did happen, I'd be (pleasantly) surprised. As for season four, at this point I'm just crossing my fingers for a hug or an emotional scene or SOMETHING (anything) us Densi shippers can latch onto and stay satisfied, for a little while anyways. I really hope they cover the topics of Jack (Kensi's PTSD-ridden x-fiance), more of Kensi's life on the streets when she ran away (there's still so much to discuss; she was only fifteen. How did she manage high school with good enough grades to get into a descent college?), and more about Deeks' father, considering it's such a touchy-feely topic for him (as it well should be). All of these topics have amazing Densi potential.

    The writers should be proud; their third spin-off of two amazing shows turned out great, they've made great chemistry for a team, and they've created a fenomenal relationship that's somehow different from all of the usual agent/agent partnerships. They've set themselves up for something great, and I know that when the time comes, they will deliver it perfectly. I just hope for the sake of my fandom that the time comes sooner than later!
  • Great show -NCIS-LA

    I have to admit that it took a few shows to get me hooked. Probably because I was so in love with Gibb's team on the original NCIS. BUT gradually I became hooked. There is No comparison between the 2 shows. They are 2 separate shows & no reason to compare.

    -- This group I really enjoy watching. Sometimes the writers have Deeks & Kensi 'talking' too too much which becomes boring quickly.

    -- But G & Sam - oh, m, what men..............

    - AND I love their boss (forgive I just had a brain freeze & forgot her name - shame on me) - But she is a feisty older woman and so short she's cute yet very forceful.. She adds that extra ump to the show.

    -- AND the 'nerds' are great..... Would not be same without them.

    Great team to watch..
  • Rocking show

    I love this show because i am a fan of the show and the original show too. Kensi and Deeks need to date because there is something in the air with them. G and Sam a tag team you do not want to mess with because if you mess with there women friends they will come after you.
  • background music and more back ground music

    why all the background music?. from start to finish . cant hear the actors for the *** music. stop the music
  • Drones shouldn't be used to assassinate people nor sell commercials

    I may have to bid adieu to my favorite actress, Ms Hunt. Romanticizing drone attacks is beyond my sensibilities. And there is nothing real about this episode. After a drone attack the US doesn't go in to identify the remains pursuant to international laws of war. And there is nothing to retrieve to test for DNA once humans are obliterated by hellfire missiles. I won't vote for either Romney nor oBama as both argue that they can assassinate more people than the other. What a campaign promise. Apojigo (dot) com/JohnDickinson

    Read more tv spoilers at:
  • NCIS & NCIS Los Angeles

    I love anything that has Mark Harmon in it!! I do need some help tho. Is there anyone out there who can tell me if there's a website

    where I can watch full episodes of past ncis and ncis Los Angeles shows?? I have searched EVERYWHERE!! If you can answer my question please send the answer to my email because I'm not very computer savvy and ill probably never find THIS page again to see if I got any answers!!

    It is: sandra88883@live. Thanks for any help. 10.0
  • This show must continue!

    This one shouldn't be on hiatus! It's awesome. I expect to see it on the air on Sept. 25th.

    Callen is the best....a real tuff cookie but a gentle heart.....Love the cast Sam, Kinsey, Hetty, and not to forget Deeks the newbie...Keep them coming I never leave home on Tuesday at 9:00....My favorite show on TV and I am buying the DVD's so I can watch them over and over.

    Love it.....CBS THE PLACE TO WATCH
  • I love this Show

    Really like Callen and his relationship with Hetty. Like the comedy of Deeks and Kensie but it is getting to be a bit too much. Keep them as it was when Deeks first appeared. I would like to see more Callen and him finding out more about his family and past. Hopefully he finds his father and would be nice to see him find a nice girl, not like Hunter, someone younger and softer. Maybe he can meet Hettys neice?? Anyway keep the show coming and I will watch it. My favouite show on tv.
  • It's like a good wine, it keeps getting better with age...

    I remember not connecting well with the pilot when I viewed the cross-over episode, while mildly enjoyable I didn't feel the connection to the characters like I did with NCIS. However only recently have a started watching from season 2 and I have loved the changes they have made to the show. The introduction of Deeks and Nell, and pushing Nate back into a recurring role has revitalised the show and given it some new dynamics (as well as replacing that lead woman with Linda Hunt).

    The show is fast paced and adrenaline inducing, there are great chemistry's between the lead's from the bromance of Callen and Sam, to the sparks that constantly fly between Kensi and Deeks. Personally I find Eric a little flat, but Nell is always peppy and entertaining. Of course Hetty is the glue that holds the team together, and her relationship with the team and Callen particularly, is always great to watch.

    While I watch both NCIS and NCIS: LA I wouldn't be able to comfortably compare the shows, it feels like they come from different worlds, LA has the explosions, constant under-cover work and wildly extreme cases. From my recent viewings I'm actually surprised to be finding the LA counterpart more amusing than the recent seasons of the original.

    Overall, I would definitely suggest you give this show a chance, skip most of the first season, highlight episodes start from 1x15 'The bank job' and continue forward as Deeks is introduced, from there it only gets better. Stand out second season finale and first episode of the third season, with many brilliant stand alone episodes.

    I look forward to watching this team grow over the (hopefully) many seasons to come!
  • Awesome Cop Show

    For another criminal investigation show, LA really do it! The cast is awesome, love the storyline- Callen trying to discover his identity. Since Deeks' introduction the show's also become a lot funnier as well. The action is awesome, the drama is awesome, Dom's death was sad, but everything else is awesome!
  • Great Characters, Perfect Action and Graphics, Great Plots

    All the characters are of different backgrounds and ages. BUT, they work so well together as a team. LL Cool J definitely is an actor to keep up with. I think Linda Hunt is the perfect chief if I must say. Each episode covers and describes what life is as a hero and a criminal... this is what keeps NCIS on my list of must-watch. Action packed, suspenseful, and humorous are words to describe the majority of the episodes. I try not to miss an episode... can you blame me?!
  • Better Now than the Original Reviews

    In my opinion, NCIS: LA is now, in its third season, a much better show than the old reviews of season one would lead you to believe. I didn't care for the first season (in fact didn't watch past the pilot) and have just recently returned to the show.

    First, this is not the original NCIS and nor should it be. NCIS is a pretty straight up, cookie cutter police procedural. NCIS: LA is more of an action show with wild shootups, car chases, explosions, and far less police-type work (interviewing witnesses, interrogating suspects, etc) than a traditional cop procedural.

    Also, NCIS: LA doesn't take itself very seriously. It's usually over the top and the plots often pay little heed to realism. It's the jumping into and out of helicopters and other crazy stunts that JAG (both NCIS' predecessor) sometimes was, and that NCIS was supposed to be but isn't.

    If you go into the show knowing all of the above and willing to turn your brain off and not nitpick every little (and not so little) plot hole and insane thing, then you'll enjoy it. Like I said, this isn't a realistic cop drama/procedural. It's an action show.

    In its third season, I think NCIS: LA has found its footing and a good balance of screentime/storytelling for each character. The first season felt like a buddy show for the Sam and Callen characters, to the point the whole series felt like little more than a vehicle for O'Donnel and LL Cool J's banter. However, more time has been devoted to the others and their backstories fleshed out. There's a fair amount of time devoted to the characters and their relationships.

    Overall, I think NCIS: LA is worth a chance - or a second look - because I believe it's a quite improved show now than it was at its premiere.
  • Callen & Sam?

    I love the show but i have been finding the recent Sam & Callen scenes/episodes extremely boring. I have to resist skipping through them. Thumbs up if you agree.
  • Intriguing character mix, sometimes poorly served by the writers.


    The original NCIS set a very high standard for an ensemble cast, and with several other very high quality law based programmes, NCIS: LA was always going to have to really hit the heights to be noticed.

    And that is where there is a certain level of frustration in watching it. The cast are great, headed up by Oscar-winner Linda Hunt, who is always good value to watch. Sometimes the writing rather lets them down. The first season was all about finding its feet, and it did, but the second season seemed a bit more patchy.

    In season 3 the solution to the mystery of G Callen made for compelling watching, so the next two episodes were bound to struggle a little by comparison, they were however strong episodes, but the two most recent have been rather disappointing. Some loose ends, confusing set ups, strange comedy situations, I had expected better. A bit of a shame, I would have given season 1 an 8, season 2 a 7.5, but season 3 only scores a 6.5 as of now. I will continue watching, things may pick up.

  • Awesome show with loads of action and interesting characters that aren't the same as all the rest.

    Loving this show. I caught it mid season and was rivetted to the seat. This is much better than some of the crim based shows out there. The main characters are interesting and actually have some personality!!! Even the secondary characters are interesting. I'm hoping they do A LOT on Eric who is just absolutely gorgeous despite the ugliest pair of glasses on the planet. I don't want this show to go the way of Criminal Minds where the characters don't change or grow anymore and the gruesome murder story is the only thing holding the series together. But that Eric Beals character - mmmmmmmm!
  • After one and a half seasons, it is safe to assume that the spin-off from the fabulous NCIS is just as awesome!

    NCIS: Los Angeles is a fabulous show, acting as the spin-off of NCIS, which is just as amazing.

    Within the first one and a half seasons, we have had all sorts of great episodes. The cases on the show are intense and brilliant, and they get to showcase the beautiful city of Los Angeles, from Hollywood in the episode 'Fame', to the beaches in 'The Only Easy Day', to the deserts in 'Ambush' and 'Borderline' and all the way to the suburbs, in episodes like 'Identity', 'Past Lives' and 'Black Widow'. They are truly doing a magnificent job of portraying the different sides to Los Angeles, and that is why the script and cases are fresh and innovative.

    I think the characters are also amazing. You have G. Callen (Chris O'Donnell), who is a mystery, even to himself. Then there is Sam Hanna (LL Cool J), who looks tough on the outside, but supposedly smells like baby powder. You have Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah), who can very much mix it up with the guys and Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt), a.k.a. 'The Duchess of Deception', who is small in stature, yet elephantine in power!

    The cast is brilliant! There is suspense and an exceptional amount of action in every episode! The cases are fresh, dynamic and innovative! This has the right formula to continue to be such a great hit! Keep it up, and I would highly recommend this scintillating show to all!
  • I am strictly a movie man since childhood. But this is one of the few TV eoisodes that kept me completely glued to my seat. How lucky the younger generation people are to have quality shows like this to watch. Redyoyo2011

    When the leading person of the investigative unit
    completely disappears and ended up in Europe somewhere, with the crew running after and trying to rescue her. This is almost like the Mystery of the Third Man, combined with A James Bond Episode.Who, What, Where? I want to know. And I'm not going anywhere till I found out.
    My wonderful actress Linda Hunt, and the crew led by the handsone Chriss O'Donnell. who speaks several languages no less.
    Brilliant writing and story telling.
    As a foreign language student, thrilling discoveries in a foreign tongue. The guest actors parts all done with savor.
    I was just sorry it ended so soon.
  • If you like action watch this show!

    This show has a lot of action and surpising twists. I love all the charactors and my favorite is Deeks, hey I like funny guys. When I'm watching this show I feel like I'm seeing a xbox shooter game turned into a tv show. Before NCIS LA I was a fan and still am a fan of the original NCIS. To me both shows are great. NCIS LA keeps on getting better, I hope it will be around for many seasons. I'm tryng to convert my sister into a fan and so far her favorite charactor is G Callen. In the future it would be cool if NCIS and NCIS LA did a crossover episode.
  • A great show with a lot more besides the name.

    NCIS: Los Angeles is a great show. It's got action, great cast, good scripts besides the main cases on every episode, good interaction between characters. And it's pretty different from its parent show, NCIS. That was the point: to make it different. Those who compare NCIS: LA to NCIS couldn't be more wrong; only thing both shows have got in common are the first 4 letters and one guest star (Rocky Carroll). And Shane Brennan, of course. If you enjoy watching the little parts that make up the whole picture, then you should watch NCIS: Los Angeles, because it's full of those little details, and even better, it's well done. With a cast made up of well known stars as well as actors unknown to usual tv and movie viewers, they all work as a team, on the same level. Definitely, it has nothing to do with the original NCIS. I'm not saying this one is better; I love both shows, because both of them are very distinctive and different enough to have their own identity. In a few words: you should check this one out. Then, you decide if you keep watching; do whatever you want to do, but first check out this show for yourself.
  • Ensemble cast doesn't work. Story arc flaws. Annoying comedic music.

    "Ensemble cast doesn't work"
    Even in ensemble cast there's someone who takes a lead. In Original NCIS, Gibbs the leader character is the one who unites the team no matter what. In NCIS LA, who leads the team? G? His past may be interesting and his talent may be legendary, but did you ever see he actually commands the team? Sam? He may be an ex-SEALs, but did you ever see he engages the enemy mercilessly like a soldier? Don't get me wrong, but in any other federal agent dramas, a good leader IS bossy. Like Gibbs, or Don Eppes in Numb3rs, or Lisbon in Mentalist.
    "Story arc flaws."
    Like a reviewer said, how many Middle Eastern terrorist out there in LA? I don't doubt there's some, but depicting them like a legal group like in "Found" and all-powerful like in "Hunted" and undetectable like in "Fame" is quite pathetic. Also, story arc about terrorism needs an unlikeable, yet formidable archenemy, with determined army. So far they have no archenemy and all terrorists are just running around with AK47s.
    "Annoying music"
    It takes me three episodes to figure that every time they want to have a comedic scene, they will always have that music, you know, a lame one who they think will encourage us to laugh.
  • This is a BADLY written concept that needs to do a LOT of growing up and re-tooling if it's going to survive past its second episode. New writers would be a good start!!!

    I read in another review that there was a lack of chemistry on screen between the actors and their characters. I don't think this was actually a lack of chemistry between the principals, but more a lack of the writing staff's (and ultimately the production teams' ability) to include pertinent details about character history, back story (short of Callen's orphaned status), and a complete lack of informing the audience not only who these characters are but in fact why we should care about them.

    I was surprised that last season's head of the LA Office, "Mace/Macey" was not around to drive the office staff like a Gibbs character, leaving it to appear to the audience that it was arranged more like a collective of sorts, with a scruffy looking (Almost Gregory House like) office psychologist, an ex Navy Seal with a BA Barachus like "I pity the fool" A-Team attitude, an as yet unknown female who does... well.. we don't know yet, some black guy who is supposed to be new but doesn't act like the McGee "newbie/Probie" character from the original, a tech geek (so I am told) with the 20-something 1990's short spikey and "blond frosted tipped" hair as most college aged club-kids have donned for the past 10 years, a female version of James Bond's "Q" character and Mega Film Star Chris O'Donnel - playing an enigmatic and withdrawn cog-in-the-wheel who seems to have no first name other than "G". By the way... is it just me or should their female "Q" perhaps assign razors or electric shavers to all the white boys in this cast? What's with looking like they just came in from a 2 week camping trip with so much stubble you'd cut your hands if you ran them over their chins? I hardly think looking like a disheveled homeless person fresh out of the gutter is appropriate in a high level, high security US Military establishment unless they're undercover as a street bum.

    The on screen chemistry between the principals seemed watchable but without any one character emerging as the leader of this office, no Horatio Caine, no Leroy Jethro Gibbs, no Hannibal who "loves it when a plan comes together"; (None of which would tolerate such a street-bum, stud-with-a-hangover facial stubble look like the white male cast in this show seems to have been assigned by the writing staff) that there's a fundamental failure in the crafting of the series which sees a distinct absence of "pecking order". A military show without a clearly defined chain of command... how's that possible? Even Hogan's Heroes pitted a team of military men led by an American Captain against the "enemy". In MASH, it waa an irreverant comedy about war, but there was still a pecking order... it was after all, military. Even McHale's Navy preserved the military chain of command, as did Gomer Pyle USMC. Let's not forget the "N" in NCIS means this is the US NAVY we're talking about here and without a unified chain of command, they simply don't function. One would expect that a show which steals its not only its very basic set design, but "borrows" its video editing, its primary characters, minor back stories and in fact its entire key conception from existing formula shows and movies, like NCIS, The A-Team, CSI Miami, 21 Jump Street and House...someone would have spent some time to, at the very least; get the basics right.

    The diminutive female character assigning cell phones with "updates" a car with "upgrades", a set of fake ID complete with iris scan and palm print and a complete re-wardrobe of Chris O'Donnel's character begged the question: is her name "Q" or "Q2"? Do you think the James Bond people will be mad or slightly flattered at the outright theft of their decades old key character by this show's writers? And her speech about the upgraded cell phone read the common details of the standard features of all cell phones/PDA's sold on the retail market for the past 5 years. Her delivery of "A-a-and G-P-S!!" was like we just discovered this technology. A little more believable substance for the lines written for this great actress would be a nice touch, something that didn't make her character sound like a complete idiot would be a good start.

    The same reviewer felt the end-result was so boring he'd lost the ability to follow it part way through the 1st episode this season. I was going to say that was not entirely true, but then I looked at what time I logged onto this site to start writing my initial review and to my own almost-shock; I too lost the ability to watch this show without looking for other distractions about 30 minutes into it.

    The story was predictable and I was pretty insulted that only about 35 minutes into it did any of our supposedly highly trained military characters even think "gee where's the little girl... you don't suppose she's being held hostage do you?" I'm all for not revealing the "twist" until the back half of the episode, but can we please find a writing staff that is capable of writing a twist the audience can't see within the first 10 minutes of the show?

    I also watched the 1st episode of Season 7 NCIS, just prior to this spin off. It occurred to me... if the spin off is the "Office of Special Projects" and the terrorist training camp in North Africa is an ongoing special project of both Israeli MOSSAD and US NCIS, why is Gibbs' team in Africa and not LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnel? Hmmm....

    Speaking of the main series, the guest cameo by Rocky Carrol, the NCIS Director came right at the top of the premier episode where Carrol's character conducts a "mission briefing" via vid-link from NCIS headquarters on the US East Coast. I was waiting to hear "Your mission should you choose to accept.... this recording will self destruct in 10 seconds"... then I realized we weren't supposed to recognize the patented Mission Impossible style this was done in and assumed yet again this was a bunch or really incompetent writers. By the way...does anyone wonder why the NCIS Director would place an operational briefing call from his unsecured East Coast Naval Yard office where not only are there no video cameras to place such a video call, but where he has no computer staff poised by his office door to execute a "cut" command to end the call like we saw tonight? I would think that those types of calls would be done from within the secured Iris Scanner room called MTAC which fans of the original show have grown to know as the place where all operational video calls happen from? I now go back to the set design… well it looks like the 21 Jump Street set, a converted multi-level warehouse complete with winding staircase and rather unassuming sense of chaos. But it also looks like the lobby of the hotel from the failed Golden Girls Spin off, "Golden Palace". I half expected to see a brief cameo by Johnny Dep or Betty White. Then I thought... wait a minute... this looks REALLY familiar and then I glanced down at the rugby shirt I was wearing, and the logo caught my eye. Just then it hit me. Small rooms with sliding doors lit by hundreds of small, expensive halogen track lights, internal room dividers and interior windows which are made from wide, dark brown wooden shutters made to give a false appearance that you're outside on the beach looking into a surf shop and what looks like a check out counter on the main floor being used almost like a hotel reception desk...This is the same layout (barring the multi-level thing)of most any "Hollister Clothing Company" retail store in every suburban shopping mall in both the USA and Canada. Kawabunga dudes...where's the gnarly boardies or the rad graphic logo t's at, man?

    I think firing the writing staff and finding people capable of crafting cohesive story lines which follow both the integrity of the established series and which carefully expand on it without blatantly tromping all over continuity like a bull in a china shop should be the primary concern for the production staff of this fledgling series. Also... redesign that office set. The West Wing TV series did it... after their pilot, and throughout their Emmy Winning first season, why can't you? Ditch the "Hollister" retail storefront look and design an actual crime-fighting US Naval office that isn't just a rip off of 21 Jump Street. HOW much do you people make? Earn it.

    The question remains... will this series last a month, a couple months, a couple seasons or like so many spin offs before it, will bad or should I say "uninformed and careless" writing, be its downfall? Or is it more fundamental than just really incompetent writers? Is perhaps the notion of granting 2 simultaneous franchises just a really horrible idea? Sometimes you can't franchise "the right stuff" into a new series and I think most of us will agree that over the past 6 years, NCIS has proven to be, "the right stuff".
  • There is a major problem with this show. No chemistry between the cast members, inside jokes between people that the audience is not in on at all, and a story line that was not interesting.

    Replacing a beautiful blond head of the department in what was a very cool location was a mistake, IMO. I'm not sure how to put my finger on what is missing, but the acting was not very good (by Jay Z, in particular), and when the little girl was found, I had already lost interest.

    I had high hopes for this show after its preview during NCIS last season. But, this premiere episode was lacking big time. Wasn't it for you guys too?

    I did enjoy the beautiful Barracuda that they drive. I guess that is one good thing.
  • Stick a fork in it...

    Its done. I actually talked my husband into watching it with me (against his better judgment, his statement not mine). I did this mainly because I thought I had given this show an unfair review last week. I actually had to tell my husband that I was sorry that I made him watch this show. He is a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEE fan of the original, NCIS, as am I, yet, I didn't/haven't see the same chemistry with this spin off. This breaks my breaks my heart, mainly because I really like the main characters. But, you can NOT fake chemistry between actors, and it shows here. I don't know what the powers at be saw in this spin off, but it seriously wasn't what they left on film these last two weeks.. I am very sadly disappointed in this spin off..
  • Sorry, not one on my list to watch after seeing the first episode!

    I am a huge of the original NCIS, but had my doubts about this new one from the get go! I had a feeling it was gonna blow, and it did! The acting IMO was terrible, the script is to "James Bond'ish" with the secret location, car gadgets etc..and not to mention the main woman director! I know she has been around a while, but time for her to retire! To say the least I was very dissapointed! Why can't TV just keep the good shows running like the orginal NCIS and leave it be! Sorry NCIS Los Angeles...will be turning the dial when you come on!
  • Poor show, plot and casting. Last one I will watch

    The show was appalling, overly clichéd and made up of all the bad bits from other "buddy cop" shows. There seemed little, or no, thought in the plot – it was too obvious in places. There seemed to be no warmth between the characters, which may come with time. But shouldn't a pilot capture your attention as quickly as possible, so you want to watch the next episode? This one failed on all counts.

    I am sure just because you're based in LA, for your NCIS agency role, doesn't automatically mean you drive fast cars and dress down for your job.
  • A disappointment to the NCIS name.

    I think the very first mistake this show made was getting LL Cool J a spot in the NCIS. Let's all admit it, his head is just too big for his face! And Chris just can't be any competition to Denozzo. and by God, they have found a real life EDNA from the CG Animation - The Incredibles. What's her use? what's the psychiatrist use also? his not even a very good profiler. this show is just one bad scene to another. weirdo characters, awful story lines. heck, the only cool thing about this show is its located in LA. boooo.... unlike the CSI branches from Las Vegas to Miami, which are actually pretty good. this NCIS LA branch is just plain horrible.
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