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  • NCIS: LA

    Just began watching this series in the past year. believe I have missed this wonderful show. Even went out and purchased all four seasons that are currently available. I sincerely hope that you continue the storyline of Kensi and Deeks into the new season Fantastic chemistry while still maintaining their professionalism.
  • what will happen to deeks and kensi

    I love this show and i would love to see more and to know if kensi and deeks gonna love each other
  • The Watchers

    If you caught my reference you may thing I'm specifically commenting on that season 3 episode 13 episode, which I'm not... I couldn't resist naming my review after an episode (One of my favorites) because I'm a Geek (Or you could say an like that. And if you didn't catch my reference your probably really confused... poor you. ANYWAYS So this show of course is a spin off of NCIS which is a spin off of JAG... which I would say are both GREAT shows and which if I ever get the chance to I will watch every single episode of (I have watched every JAG episode, But NCIS I have missed quite a few)

    I think every character is great in their own way. Of course the major stars are G Callen and Sam Hanna, but I also love the attention put on Eric and Nell and Deeks and Kensi, Of course Hetty, Nate when available and Owen Granger... Because if you've watched most, if not all, of the series, you'll know he's the one we all love... to hate.

    My favorites are Eric, Deeks, Nell, and Hetty (Occasionally Nate) but of course every single one is near and dear to my heart. Although I find some of the cases rather lackluster (Like "Recruit" which was mostly Neric/Densi and practically no attention to the case was paid) Most of the time the character development is good (Except maybe season 4) although I would like to see more of Eric, Nell and Deeks' pasts.

    as far as shipping goes Densi and Neric are the best, Although in season one it was CaKe (Callen/Kensi) all the way and for the first couple episodes of season 2 it was Nallen (Nell and Callen) to the max (But then Eric was adorbs to Nell and It clicked)

    Best episodes to watch in my opinion (In chronological order) would be as follows:

    Season One:



    Past lives


    Hand to hand (DEEKS!!!) and


    Season 2

    Special Delivery (Nell!!!!)


    Empty Quiver

    Rocketman and

    Plan B

    Season 3

    The Debt

    The Watchers

    Patriot Acts

    Neighborhood Watch

    San Voir ( part l & ll)

    Season 4

    Recruit (DUH Neric)

    Free Ride (More Neric)

    Paper Solders (Cuz Nate)

    Kill House


    Season 5




    Zero Days

    SO those are all of my favorite episodes (Like you wanted/ Needed to know them) If you read all of this Thanks. I love this show and Hope it continues for a long time

    . I totally think G's name is George like his grandfather

  • Deeks and Kensi are driving me crazy

    What is going on?! I admit that I only started watching the show because of the Deeks-Kensi affair last season - otherwise it really does lack the luster of the original NCIS. Did they really "break up" before they started getting together??? This is very sad to me. And for heaven's sake - they need to have an actual conversation about it.
  • NCIS: Lost Angles

    I am British, so some non-english speakers might miss the change from 'el' to "le" in the word "Angels", which changes the meaning of the word completely. "Your look like an Angel" to "What's your angle, you swine?"

    The point is, the new incarnation of NCIS lost the intelligence of creating stereotypes with heart and individualityt and produced a poorly concieved clone of the original characters.

    Linda Hunt as Pauley Perrette - I don't think so. And so it goes for the whole, misguided attempt to recreate NCIS as a 'cash cow' for the writers and the studio.

    Just my thoughts


    i like the show because the men go together like ice cream and apple pie; however, if something isn't done about DEEKS hair, i don't know if i can stand watching. i understand the look they are going for, but it is worse than bed head, and it is too long in his eyes; i think he would look really handsome if he got a better styling. other than that, i love the show and i love seeing hattie, been a follower of hers since her very early movies.
  • Noise Polution II

    I have to agree with the person commenting about the noise level; I keep turning it up but still music is louder than the dialog. This is true on a lot of shows. I wonder if the producers realize what they are causing. It is especially true if someone has some hearing loss.

    I am glad to hear that Kensi will be back! I thought maybe she was pregnant.
  • The answer to Kensi's low profile...

    Daniela Ruah was pregnant, and had her baby in late December - if you consider production schedule, she should be back by the end of the season.

    Consider this - when Deeks kissed Kensi - Eric was kissing his brother's pregnant fiancee.
  • Awesome

    Please bring Kensi back. I miss the partnership of Kensi and Keeks.
  • Why don't they ever wear vest's?

    The plots are sound and the story line is generally okay, but why don't they ever wear vest's. Tonight's episode is a perfect example. They know they are going to a couple of tough situations and they don't wear vest's. This makes the show unrealistic, there are several other things about the show that is very unrealistic but this may be the worst. Thoughts
  • Keep team together

    Like the show with Kensi better, still good but she is important.
  • bring back Kensi

    Sending Kensi off like the script called for was very unrealistic; For an experienced and respected partner, both Granger and Hedy treated her rudely and unprofessional. Kensi deserved better treatment. I expected Hedy to approach Kensi in a collaborative role, but instead Hedy and Granger dismissed like an insubordinate and like she was a child; really thats how the script writers thought the relationship between Deeks and Kensi should be handled; sounds like they were making it up as they went adds nothing but annoyance and insult to the show; How Hedy can go along with how Granger treats her team is demeaning to her and her team; didn't she use to protect her team from Granger?Nell is ridiculous as Deeks partner. Bad enough she looks like she is 12, but to put her in the field is so unrealistic- and insulting to Kensi; also to have Hedy supporting that move discredits her usual strength. I think the script writers are losing their focus on Hedy's role as a leader and wise person. Nell needs to go back to her "tech" job- that is a fit for her- plus she looked so uncomfortable in being out there in the field and i doubt if the rest of the team feel that Nell will have their backs as Kensi always did. Too bad Callen, Sam and Deeks didn't speak up- they don't look too happy either.
  • The Best Movie Ever!

    That's the best movie i ever watch in my life!
  • Noise Pollution

    Is it just me or have they amped up the music and background noise more every season. It's just about impossible to hear the dialog any more. I like the show but it's not much fun if you can't hear the people.
  • Better than I originally thought.

    I recently caught reruns on USA or TNT.... Whatever channel airs them. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the episode. I remember originally trying to watch it in season one and thinking it was just okay. It was decent but not enough to catch my attention. However, I caught 2 episodes in a row from season 2 and was blown away by how much better it was. I ended up going back and rewatching the entire series. It really started to pick up towards the end of season one story wise and character wise. It really found its footing in season 2 with the addition to the cast and with regulating Nate to a few episodes a season. The cast now are work well together and the chemistry on screen is great. Deeks hads a lighter side to the show with witty banter. I will say that LA can be over the top action at times but to be honest im okay with that. Its like being at the movies. What action movie these days are realistic. I was never a faithful NCIS fan because it was an easy show to just pop in and out and still keep up. It was your basic cop procedural. Just story of the week without much character background. However with NCIS LA I now find myself really embracing the characters and the partnerships. We get that procedural aspect but we also get character movement. I actually find myself wanted to catch this show everyweek unlike its predecessor. It summary if your looking to judge it against the original you might be disappointed but if you go in looking at it as a new show you might find your self surprised.
  • So improved

    I tried watching the first two episodes of NCIS Los Angeles and gave up. As someone else commented, the background music was so intrusive each time they tried to introduce some comedy into the show and the characters didn't gel to me. Anyway, I decided to give it another try and watched the season 5 opener - and now I'm totally hooked. You can thank the introduction of Deeks. I love his character and love the chemistry between him and Kensi. And having now watched every episode since his introduction, I've also developed an appreciation for all the characters. What a brilliant piece of casting by Shane Brennan to have Linda Hunt play Hetty - she's another reason why I now love this show. G and Sam seem to have developed a good rapport as the series has progressed and that's helped the show as well. I do think the storylines are a little too Sam/G focussed but this season has been an excellent one for some Deeks/Kensi scenes and from what SB has said, it looks like there'll be plenty more this season. My advice to anyone who watched the first season and gave up on it - then give it another try.
  • Definately Over The Top

    I have enjoyed this program and the relationships between people. The action has been good and consistently creative. However introducing the heavy level of torture in the season finale is making me wonder if I want to watch next season at all. It was totally over the top especially given the type of violence out in the streets today. The writers were scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with a season finale to create the typical cliffhanger for the year. It was totally unacceptable to me and as such I will no longer support any of the advertisers for the program if this type of writing continues.
  • DENSI.

    At first, I wasnt too keen on watching this show but when I got to know Marty Deeks and Kensi Blye, I just couldn't stop watching it. They are perfect! Just get together please! and have "little mutant ninja assassins". I love the banter between them! I'd probably stop watching if they took out Densi. On the other hand, I enjoy watching Sam and Eric! Overall, I love NCIS:LA.
  • falling show ....

    I used to enjoy this show, but this season seems to be worse at each new episode. Gave up watching this .... Only the "real" NCIS keeps worth watching ...
  • Invisible

    Why is it when the team(s) are staking out suspects whilst in a car they can openly sit on empty streets, a matter of metres from what/who they are targeting and NOT be seen? This is not an isolated incident. Rather it is repeated in lots of episodes. Maybe NCIS have the vehicular equivalent of the "cloak of invisibility". Or maybe the criminals/terrorists are so relaxed that they never look around them when leaving wherever they are. Then again, the 'bad guys' could all be visually impaired and have left their guide dogs at home. Get real NCIS.
  • Might as well be called the Sam and Callen show.....

    Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the show. That being said, however, there is WAY too much man power. I'm not trying to be a feminist, but SERIOUSLY!!!!!! Ziva and Abby get plenty of action on the original. This show feels like Sam and Callen are the main characters, and everyone else is just tagging along. I want more Kensi!!! And I DEFINITELY want more DENSI!!!!
  • Ah, the wonderful world of Densi

    If you watch NCIS: LA and you're interested in shipping, one of the most popular ships of choose is Densi (unless you're a CaKe shipper which is a totally different story). Even if you're not experienced in the shipping world, if you watch NCIS: LA the attraction between Deeks and Kensi is more than a little obvious. Densi, in my opinion, is one of my favorite things about NCIS: LA. Their cases are so-so, the eye candy is brilliant, and the scripts are witty enough. But what really sets this show apart from others is the chemistry between a certain blond LAPD liason and a certain brunette NCIS agent (though I do love my Neric as well).

    I love Densi- it's fresh, fun, and cute. It's different from, say, the Tiva relationship on NCIS because it's newer. Tiva has so much history, and though Deeks and Kensi have a little, it's not enough to make them occasionally act like they're a married couple who know way more about the other person then they should. (Well, maybe SOMETIMES they do :) )

    I'm really afraid that much like the writers of NCIS did with Tiva, the writers of NCIS: LA will drag out this flirty, fluffy stage of the Densi relationship. I love watching them get all flustered and banter-y on screen as the next person, but could you really imagine this show going on until season ten without so much as a kiss between Deeks and Kensi when they're not under cover? As rabid an NCIS: LA fan I am, I don't know if I can spread my shipper heart out six more years with just the same old same old jokes, wit, and if we're lucky the occasional jealousy. But like all good captains, I do believe I'll probably go down with my ship.

    I think I'm speaking for a large majority of Densi shippers when I give Deeks and Kensi this one piece of advice: JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!!

    Sadly, I honestly don't think season four will be the year of Densi. It's definitely going to be the year of Neric; they basically came right out and said it. If it did happen, I'd be (pleasantly) surprised. As for season four, at this point I'm just crossing my fingers for a hug or an emotional scene or SOMETHING (anything) us Densi shippers can latch onto and stay satisfied, for a little while anyways. I really hope they cover the topics of Jack (Kensi's PTSD-ridden x-fiance), more of Kensi's life on the streets when she ran away (there's still so much to discuss; she was only fifteen. How did she manage high school with good enough grades to get into a descent college?), and more about Deeks' father, considering it's such a touchy-feely topic for him (as it well should be). All of these topics have amazing Densi potential.

    The writers should be proud; their third spin-off of two amazing shows turned out great, they've made great chemistry for a team, and they've created a fenomenal relationship that's somehow different from all of the usual agent/agent partnerships. They've set themselves up for something great, and I know that when the time comes, they will deliver it perfectly. I just hope for the sake of my fandom that the time comes sooner than later!
  • Rocking show

    I love this show because i am a fan of the show and the original show too. Kensi and Deeks need to date because there is something in the air with them. G and Sam a tag team you do not want to mess with because if you mess with there women friends they will come after you.
  • background music and more back ground music

    why all the background music?. from start to finish . cant hear the actors for the *** music. stop the music
  • Drones shouldn't be used to assassinate people nor sell commercials

    I may have to bid adieu to my favorite actress, Ms Hunt. Romanticizing drone attacks is beyond my sensibilities. And there is nothing real about this episode. After a drone attack the US doesn't go in to identify the remains pursuant to international laws of war. And there is nothing to retrieve to test for DNA once humans are obliterated by hellfire missiles. I won't vote for either Romney nor oBama as both argue that they can assassinate more people than the other. What a campaign promise. Apojigo (dot) com/JohnDickinson

    Read more tv spoilers at:
  • NCIS & NCIS Los Angeles

    I love anything that has Mark Harmon in it!! I do need some help tho. Is there anyone out there who can tell me if there's a website

    where I can watch full episodes of past ncis and ncis Los Angeles shows?? I have searched EVERYWHERE!! If you can answer my question please send the answer to my email because I'm not very computer savvy and ill probably never find THIS page again to see if I got any answers!!

    It is: sandra88883@live. Thanks for any help. 10.0
  • This show must continue!

    This one shouldn't be on hiatus! It's awesome. I expect to see it on the air on Sept. 25th.

    Callen is the best....a real tuff cookie but a gentle heart.....Love the cast Sam, Kinsey, Hetty, and not to forget Deeks the newbie...Keep them coming I never leave home on Tuesday at 9:00....My favorite show on TV and I am buying the DVD's so I can watch them over and over.

    Love it.....CBS THE PLACE TO WATCH
  • I love this Show

    Really like Callen and his relationship with Hetty. Like the comedy of Deeks and Kensie but it is getting to be a bit too much. Keep them as it was when Deeks first appeared. I would like to see more Callen and him finding out more about his family and past. Hopefully he finds his father and would be nice to see him find a nice girl, not like Hunter, someone younger and softer. Maybe he can meet Hettys neice?? Anyway keep the show coming and I will watch it. My favouite show on tv.
  • It's like a good wine, it keeps getting better with age...

    I remember not connecting well with the pilot when I viewed the cross-over episode, while mildly enjoyable I didn't feel the connection to the characters like I did with NCIS. However only recently have a started watching from season 2 and I have loved the changes they have made to the show. The introduction of Deeks and Nell, and pushing Nate back into a recurring role has revitalised the show and given it some new dynamics (as well as replacing that lead woman with Linda Hunt).

    The show is fast paced and adrenaline inducing, there are great chemistry's between the lead's from the bromance of Callen and Sam, to the sparks that constantly fly between Kensi and Deeks. Personally I find Eric a little flat, but Nell is always peppy and entertaining. Of course Hetty is the glue that holds the team together, and her relationship with the team and Callen particularly, is always great to watch.

    While I watch both NCIS and NCIS: LA I wouldn't be able to comfortably compare the shows, it feels like they come from different worlds, LA has the explosions, constant under-cover work and wildly extreme cases. From my recent viewings I'm actually surprised to be finding the LA counterpart more amusing than the recent seasons of the original.

    Overall, I would definitely suggest you give this show a chance, skip most of the first season, highlight episodes start from 1x15 'The bank job' and continue forward as Deeks is introduced, from there it only gets better. Stand out second season finale and first episode of the third season, with many brilliant stand alone episodes.

    I look forward to watching this team grow over the (hopefully) many seasons to come!
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