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  • Mosely No LONGer Needed!

    I still love & watch the show but now after it airs! Long/Mosely is just not the right fit! Her overbearing condescending tone is just uncalled for! However, I'm learning to like Hidoko as she seems to be meshing with the team more each episode & becoming more of a field team player than Mosley's accessory! Just my opinion!
  • No more Mosely

    Please let this be the only season Nia Long is in NCIS LA. Unfortunately she adds nothing in the mix. With Granger he sparked with Hetty but Mosely is just plain annoying. I don't mind change as long as it benefits the show. NCIS only has room for one female boss and that is Hetty. They need a male role but one that compliments Hetty like Owen Granger did! I am giving it a lower rate because of Nia Long
  • No more Mosley or Hidoko

    If a show is a success, it's because of us, the fans, and it seems that the producers need to be reminded more often. Why on earth did they think it was a good idea to bring Nia Long as a regular???? The show's characters don't like her, we, the viewers don't like her and yet, she's still there!!!
  • NCIS Mosley

    I'm pleading with you, please get rid of Nia Long, Mosley's character is horrible, I love NCIS, but she makes it difficult to stomach, I HATE her character and she doesn't fit the team at all, nor is she a team player, please send her back to the secret service, your fans are begging you!!!!
  • Get rid of Nia Long

    I have watched every episode of NCIS: Los Angeles from the beginning. I have endured poor writing when Daniella Ruah was pregnant and the show needed ot conceal her pregnancy and sent her to Afghanistan.

    However, adding Nia Long to NCIS was by far the WORST casting addition ever.

    I no longer watch NCIS: Los Angeles on Sunday nights. I wait to catch up on CBS All Access.

    The anticipation of watching on Sunday is gone.

    Get Rid of Nia Long. Hettie: Linda Hunt is the leader of this group
  • New characters not needed - Please nix Mosley/Hidoko

    The two new characters to replace Granger and Hetty (while in VN) really don't fit w/ the NCIS LA team. They seem sub par. Mosley is bitchy and aloof, a poor example of a supervisor, not trusting an elite team--that's piss poor for any supervisor. Bringing Hetty back is great, but she needs to be completely back, back in charge. I think you have enough characters on the team and don't need a Granger replacement. And much as I liked Miguel Ferrer, he didn't add much except another oldster for Hetty to reminisce with. Do the show a favor and get rid of Mosley/Hidoko. I"ve stopped watching NCIS because of their new characters (starting w/ Ellie. So get rid of these newcomers and NCIS LA can go back to being number one. Otherwise they just bring down my rating and make the show less watchable. I think the team's personal back stories are fine, but there's too much daily personal stuff that isn't needed.
  • Lousy characters

    The Granger replacement and her "assistant " is the dumbest thing I've seen in a long time. They bring nothing to the show except a lot of bitchinest and are worthless. No longer watching.
  • Mosely must go.

    Nia Long in the character of Mosely is a huge detriment to the show. While I have enjoyed her acting in other roles she brings no warmth or redeeming qualities to this one. NCIS LA is one of my favorite shows, but when the character of Mosely is onscreen it is actually distracting from the story. Terrible casting. Bring Hetty back to the forefront. Now there is an awesome character!!
  • Get Rid of Mosely

    How dare Mosely be so condescending to Hetty. Long is so busy strutting around in tight dresses with her cleavage hanging out that she brings no credibility to her character. Respectability is a good thing.... Long should be replaced or the character removed. The show was great without Mosely/Long.
  • Awesome

    Please bring Kensi back. I miss the partnership of Kensi and Keeks.
  • NCIS Los Angeles assistant director

    Nia long is the absolute worst most rigid actress. Could they have found anyone worse, I really don't think so.

    Just sack her now and admit you got it wrong.

    She is destroying NCIS Los Angeles.

  • Loved it... Now hate it!

    Who thought it a good idea to remove Hetty? The death of Granger was traumatic enough for viewers. Then... you replace those wonderful additions (Hetty and Granger) with some random new chic and Nia Long??? Ummm.. Luv ya Nia, but you SUCK in this role. And the new chic... just why??? You have destroyed one of my favorite shows. I've tried to stick with the show. But, I just can't anymore... It's garbage. Bad writing delivered by bad acting on repetitive storylines. Done!
  • What a shame

    Are there new writers for the show? Who cast Mosely and other girl? They add nothing and destroying the rest of the cast. Mild possibility for other girl as neither here or there but Mosely character is horrendous! Who wrote the script? Sack them and Mosely. Her role is confusing with her plunging awful dress, hands on hips, insulting the team, if she looked down her nose at me she'd get a slap!

    So boring and repetitive having the same storyline of people wanting to destroy and split the team as the writers, directors and producers are sadly destroying it enough, what a shame :((

  • Two new additions bring bad acting

    This was the best spinoff in a long time. But the loss of Hetty (and Granger) has changed the show for the worse. The 2 newest additions are simply bad actors and bad characters. Bring back the writers who made it happen.
  • Season 9 Episode 12 - Worst episode ever!

    What were they thinking? A model rocket and a deadman switch plus a concrete truck dropping wet concrete from above? The whole episode was slapped together with stupid / implausible plot points and unbelievable situations. Add that to the over use and poor writing for Nia Long's character, Assistant Director Shay Mosley, and you've got the worst and most unwatchable episode ever. Everyone loves Heddy, and I want her back too, but I want the old writing style and brains back more than anything!

  • Can we get a HEDDY New Year, please?!?

    I want my Heddy needs to head-back to whatever NCIS-parts she came from----she doesn't fit the LA-esthetics and is extremely condescending, smug and downright RUDE! She needs a ONE-WAY TICKET out of there!!!
  • Do not like Nia Long in this role

    Loved the show until Nia came... We want Heddy! The role does not fit her period! Love her in her previous roles, but absolutely hate her in this one... Please bring Heddy back and get her outta there!
  • new team members

    You know i really appreciate diversity and everything but if you're just going to add team members to the team simply because you need more black people, at least make sure they can act
  • Nia Long (Termination)?

    Nia Long 's acting and wardrobe detract from the original cohesive ensemble of characters of NCIS LA.

    I do not want to see the cleavage, high heels and party dresses of the so called "Director" at work. Get her hands off her hips and crossed arms written out of the script. Please get her into physical shape to do something other than strut around her new Glass Castle on the second floor looking down on everyone along with getting her to act and behave like an NCIS "Director" taking risks for the greater good and team building or I'm sorry to say please, "187" her character in some respective manner and move on with someone capable of depth and emotional content...
  • Bring Hetty back!

    The new Director is totally unlikeable. She is smug, rude and has a much higher opinion of herself than she merits. I love Cowen, Sam, and the rest of the crew, but unfortunately, the writers are giving her too much air time. She is ruining the show. I will not watch any longer. It is too bad the writers had to ruin the show with that addition.
  • Through with NCIS LA

    Nia long is a terrible actress and the character she plays is overbearing and rude. I have watched my last episode after enduring the 11/26, 2017 fiasco with her smug, leaden acting. I have removed NCIS LA from my DVR recording lineup.
  • Nia Long

    Absolutely wrong for the show and the overbearing arrogance she displays will soon cause me to look elsewhere for entertainment.
  • Terrible show

    Show has gone down hill fast with new characters that do not fit. Story lines are comedy and the acting is atrocious. Callen has something on somebody because he is absolutely one of the worst actors around.
  • Latest season S U C K S

    I don't know if the producers switched out the writers, directors, and fired Heddie, but they sure screwed up a good thing. Nia Long, Heddie's replacement, detracts from the show. The character's overbearing know-it-all attitude is pathetically bad. The actress, and I use that tern very loosely, could do with four or more years of acting lessons & she should take new agent with her to classes. But back to the hiring and show direction area ... what the hell are you smoking?

  • UGH to Heddies replacement

    Seriously, she adds zero to the show. We need Heddie back, she made the program great to is trying to be something she is not and really a lousy actress. Don't enjoy the program anymore and will quit next time when changing actors!!!!
  • Needs to be Cancelled

    "Allah 'Akbar" - that phrase has been twisted beyond recognition by psychopaths and mass murderers. The context in which that phrase is used by NCIS LA shows a complete lack of intelligence and awareness of the atrocities that have been committed under that phrase/banner.

    Qur'an - 8:39 "Wage war on non-Muslims and kill them until they submit and the onlyronly religion is

    This world is drowning in hatred, anger, mistrust, etc... (the list is too long).

    NCIS LA has been a favorite show of mine for years. However, taking joy in hatred is only creating a greater divide in a world that desperatly needs to come together and needs to truly embrace our differences.

    I am not anti-Muslim. I have traveled the world and have seen first-hand the horrendous and disgusting acts of violence that have been committed against Muslims and non-Muslims while the criminals have chanted "Allah 'Akbar".

    If Charles Manson's followers chanted "God is Great" while committing murder we would most likely not throw around "God is Great" casually knowing the historical context.

    Attempting to take advantage of absolutely horrific mass murders and acts of terrorism to boost ratings is about as low as you can go in the intertainment industry. However, I guess Harvey Weinstein and others are really showing us what the intertainment industry is all about.

    Good bye NCIS LA. It was fun while it lasted.
  • Nina long

    Please take Nina Long off the show. With her being on the show it makes it dry like no action, no meaning.
  • Wow - how trite - a right wing nut brainwashes air force to start nuclear war.

    Didn't even watch the rest of the show NCIS LA "The Silo" showing Nov 12, 2017 as soon as I heard the script talking about right wing conspiracy and how people on the right love fascism.

    Really heavy handed and asinine story line, not to mention trite, obvious and deliberately insulting to at least half of your viewing audience.

    It is not as if the NCIS shows have not been receiving bad reviews for their recent cast changes and less than stellar scripts, already one member of this family has stopped watching the NCIS shows altogether, but it is looking as if the rest of this family will be following - regardless of personal politics. When shows get too politically one sided they lose their appeal to those of us who don't view one side or another as being filled with evil people who all believe the same way.

    Done with crap.
  • Getting to be a Boring & Sloppy Show

    Read the reviews & Agree wiith them that :- NIA is boring with acting, so is the police woman. Hetti is missed very much in Boss capacity. Bring in Mark Harmon's sidekick ( Muse Watson Or Alan to replace Granger. (At least they how to Act ). Even Lady director, sloppy director.

    If changes are not made, my family & I, OFF THE SHOW. THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST INTERESTING SHOW, We all loved it. No MOre.

    Even NCIS Boring now the David McCallum is not there. Wilmer Eduardo Valderrama is Juiceless. We Do Not watch it any more,

    Do some fast changes to get Renewed for the new Season. Otherwise GOODBYE!

    6 episodes in, haven't changed my mind. The entire show is over the top, but fun as long as you don't take any of it seriously. However, Nell as an agent beyond ridiculous. And, STILL HATE the new director, LOVE her assistant. It's difficult enough to believe Nell as a field agent (it's actually comedic) adding these two new characters did more harm than good for the show. NIA LONG is so forced, she brings "East Coast demeanor and style" that's insulting to those of us on the East Coast, she is stilted, forced and hard to believe; the dynamics actually make me feel uncomfortable. A lot of new cast changes this year in many series - - this is one of the worse.

    On the other hand, Andrea Bordeaux is great, she needs to stay. Too much Nia Long and I know NCIS: LA will no longer be on my watch list.