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  • Ah, the wonderful world of Densi

    If you watch NCIS: LA and you're interested in shipping, one of the most popular ships of choose is Densi (unless you're a CaKe shipper which is a totally different story). Even if you're not experienced in the shipping world, if you watch NCIS: LA the attraction between Deeks and Kensi is more than a little obvious. Densi, in my opinion, is one of my favorite things about NCIS: LA. Their cases are so-so, the eye candy is brilliant, and the scripts are witty enough. But what really sets this show apart from others is the chemistry between a certain blond LAPD liason and a certain brunette NCIS agent (though I do love my Neric as well).

    I love Densi- it's fresh, fun, and cute. It's different from, say, the Tiva relationship on NCIS because it's newer. Tiva has so much history, and though Deeks and Kensi have a little, it's not enough to make them occasionally act like they're a married couple who know way more about the other person then they should. (Well, maybe SOMETIMES they do :) )

    I'm really afraid that much like the writers of NCIS did with Tiva, the writers of NCIS: LA will drag out this flirty, fluffy stage of the Densi relationship. I love watching them get all flustered and banter-y on screen as the next person, but could you really imagine this show going on until season ten without so much as a kiss between Deeks and Kensi when they're not under cover? As rabid an NCIS: LA fan I am, I don't know if I can spread my shipper heart out six more years with just the same old same old jokes, wit, and if we're lucky the occasional jealousy. But like all good captains, I do believe I'll probably go down with my ship.

    I think I'm speaking for a large majority of Densi shippers when I give Deeks and Kensi this one piece of advice: JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!!

    Sadly, I honestly don't think season four will be the year of Densi. It's definitely going to be the year of Neric; they basically came right out and said it. If it did happen, I'd be (pleasantly) surprised. As for season four, at this point I'm just crossing my fingers for a hug or an emotional scene or SOMETHING (anything) us Densi shippers can latch onto and stay satisfied, for a little while anyways. I really hope they cover the topics of Jack (Kensi's PTSD-ridden x-fiance), more of Kensi's life on the streets when she ran away (there's still so much to discuss; she was only fifteen. How did she manage high school with good enough grades to get into a descent college?), and more about Deeks' father, considering it's such a touchy-feely topic for him (as it well should be). All of these topics have amazing Densi potential.

    The writers should be proud; their third spin-off of two amazing shows turned out great, they've made great chemistry for a team, and they've created a fenomenal relationship that's somehow different from all of the usual agent/agent partnerships. They've set themselves up for something great, and I know that when the time comes, they will deliver it perfectly. I just hope for the sake of my fandom that the time comes sooner than later!
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