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  • What a disappointment

    I definitely do not like that snotty woman and if they're going to keep her in a position on that show I've lots of other choices. I really enjoyed this show but with the new ones coming on and the really poor scripts they seem to be coming up with, I never thought I'd see the day when I left the room 3 times while NICIS LA was on because it was so boring.

    Last week I was really encouraged, neither of the new women showed up and I was thinking, "Yay, they're listening to viewers". Short lived. They are both back, and I'm not even bothering to watch. Now to convince hubby to say goodbye to this series and we'll start another one. So far The Brave is a strong contender to replace this one for my viewing time.
  • don't like new woman members

    I liked the show before the changes. Don't think either woman add to the show. They detract and don't fit in with the group. Don't care for how they look or the personality of the characters. Get rid of them.

    Bring back Hettie.

    Nia Long and her assistant, does not fit in with the other characters on the show; they need to go!!! Neither one is a good actor!! I miss Hettie!! The show has not changed for the better but for the worst!!

    New assistant director Moseley is dull as dishwater. No chemistry with any of the characters. Like her assistant.
  • New Spice spices up NCIS LA

    Hot new girl, Anna, really rejuvenated the show! It was starting to get boring with the 'good guys verses bad guys', but first they put hot little Nell in the field and now hot Anna as G's partner! They could go on a long time with these girls as regulars. Hetty always adds a lot too. You go girl...
  • Either impress us or kill her off

    Impress me with a background worthy of the post. Everyone in the leadership this far has a HELL of a great background. She just looks like an affirmative action hire with a "capital B", first day in prison kind of attitude!! HATE her!! Change that quickly, or kill her off like the no experience idiot she smells like!!!
  • Season 8 Episode 23

    Just watched second last episode this season where Sam's wife, Michelle was kidnapped and died. Aunjanue Ellis played a stormer but the big wooden ape that is LL Cool J was absolutely useless. He can't act his way out of a paper bag. They even had to superimpose some emotion as he has none. Even when he saw her dead body there was no change of expression or emotion. She might as well have scratched her knee. The whole story line is a little farcical and now he is heading off being the one man army that he is in pursuit of those responsible. Really. He can't act and because of this I don't care or feel any emotion regarding this whole episode. Yawn

    Now on final episode where the clichd expressions keep coming. Nell asked "when do we get to cry". I suggest after some acting lessons on how to do emotion. Sam is carrying on as normal and you certainly wouldn't believe he had just lost his wife in horrific circumstances.

    Best part of episode was Kensi's proposal. I would suggest acting lessons over the break. Rapping unfortunately does not an actor make
  • I may finally have to call it quits

    I've been a loyal fan since the beginning, but as with so many other shows, the writers seem to have forgotten what made the show good. This show works best with one crime per episode. The multi-episode writing is boring and unrealistic. Why does a team member's life or job always have to be at stake? Is that really the best you can do?


    I really thought the never-ending mole premise was the worst thing to ever happened to this show, but congratulations, you've proven me wrong. Killing Sam's wife, the mother of two children, and bringing back Tahir is the dumbest damn thing I've ever seen. And sending Sam out on a revenge fueled fury that could very well leave his poor children with no parents? Shame on you for putting Sam in that position.


    End the mole. End Tahir. End Deeks' issues with the internal affairs lady. For God's sake, just end all of the stupid back-stories from the past two years and start over from scratch. Please, go back to one crime per episode and save this show before it's too late!
  • Anyone buying it?

    Not one but now two affairs going on between partners. Does anyone believe NCIS would allow sexual fraternization between partners. The whole personal life side story is boring an trite anyway. It is not why I watch the show.

    And Nell as a field operative?? PLEASE! I don't care how good her martial arts skills are. A 6" 200 lb guy gets a hold of her and she goes through a wall. End of one operative.

  • Another pair of enhanced lips

    That blonde sidekick of Galen's reminds me of Grigorio in NCIS NO, same pouty lips and not adding much to the show...
  • Terrible scripts/acting

    Is it me or has the writing on this show really gone down hill and the acting with it!! Deeks' over acts but he's shown talent before so I'm thinking it's the scripts not him. Heddie has been terrible this season.. her lines don't fit and her facial expressions are confusing!? I'm really surprised this show was renewed.. GET NEW WRITERS, ASAP
  • Hottest Show on TV - NCIS: Los Angeles

    5 Stars ***

    The best group of actors and actresses on TV for the past 8 years and is still going strong. Fantastic team chemistry, cohesion having fun. Love every episode. Actually, I bought all the DVD. Wish was available on Blu-ray disc.

    Chris O'Donnell as G. Callen, Special Agent in Charge (SAC)

    Peter Cambor as Dr Nate Getz, Special Agent and Operational Psychologist

    Daniela Ruah as Kensi Blye, Special Agent

    Adam Jamal Craig as Dominic Vail, Special Agent

    Barrett Foa as Eric Beale, Technical Operator

    Linda Hunt as Henrietta Lange, Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) and Operations Manager

    LL Cool J as Sam Hanna, Special Agent

    Eric Christian Olsen as Marty Deeks

    Vyto Ruginis as Arkady Kolcheck

    Anastasia "Anna" Kolcheck

    Stop end this show....... I hope the character expansion continues.

    Thank you.

    God bless everyone. Be safe and keep having fun.

  • Boiling!

    Hot Water was a terrific episode, but the weakest scenes were Deeks in the LAPD lobby (don't CARE where the desk sergeant proposed or where he proposes, and he's an LAPD detective and a lawyer--just walk back and see Granger) and Deeks in interrogation--way too long. Don't give him too much attention; it slows the show down. That's one reason this season has been better than last season.
  • get Deeks' mind out of the gutter

    Deeks really gets old. Way too much sexual innuendo. The relationship between him and Kensi really does nothing for the show.
  • Get rid of Granger

    I have always loved NCIS and NCIS:LA,, not New Orleans. I have never liked the actor that plays Granger, he just never seemed to fit in. I hope to live a long, long life and have nothing against the elderly, but Granger has always been frail, the sex scene he had was horrifying; and now he can't speak. I am sorry for the actor personally, but professionally he looks and sounds terrible.
  • awaken sleeping princess Kensi!


  • One story, one show

    Few shows can pull off a storyline extending over several shows and NCIS LA is NOT one of them! I love the premise of this show and the characters but it is losing that quirky, funny quality that marked this show. The writing of the extended plots is poor and the acting forced and without energy. Do everyone a favor and keep your plots limited to one show. Maybe you need new writers who can pull off the writing demands of single show. And find the mole before we all go underground due to boredom!
  • Better than NCIS?

    I just love this series and think that it is better than NCIS, at least since Ziva (Cote de Pablo) left, now with Tony (Michael Weatherly) gone as well, NCIS LA has become my favorite.
  • Co-worker say what?

    It seems that Sam needs a little sensitivity training. Seriously, Sam says "she knew what she signed up for" when Kensington ended up in a coma facing possible paralysis. It really was a disppointment. These disjointed episodes are connected by the characters and their relationships as they navigate their dangerous jobs. Maybe in a later episode Sam will have to confront his feelings, but for now he doesn't seem to have any.
  • Extra! Extra! LL Cool J wins "Most Obvious 'Roid Abuser" in all Hollywood for tenth straight year!

    Compare images of this "Juicer's" head pre and post 50 lb weight gain. Gee, I wonder why his wittle head got twice as wide? Could it beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...............

    STEROID ABUSE??????????? YA THINK, MAYBE????????????

    Also, and maybe I'm wrong, but is it just maybe possible that this juicer's "acting" is, how shall we say, tending to be a little, um, one dimensional and undeveloped?

    Is it wrong to be jaded about a rapper playing a self-righteous law enforcement ex-special forces dude?

    If I could rate it a zero I would have done so.
  • Where there smoke episode

    No fire fighter would ever enter a burning building without their scba masks on yet no one does in this episode.. Get it together writers/ producers.. If your gonna air this kind of stuff get it would mask be dangling from their waste.. Sure there is more that could be picked apart ...
  • Not NAVAL CIS like the original NCIS

    Just another cop show. AND, what's with the neck beard on Callan? That is SO over and SOOOO ugly. Lose it, please! NATHANWINKLER: that's a birthmark in her eye, google it.
  • Ugly turn

    What's going on? This show going down the path of no return (The cancellation repository). Writing is bad, acting is bad, very campy and unprofessional. First couple seasons I would rate a lot higher.

    This is a typical shows sequence every time: Case presented through a death or mystery, initial introduction banter between characters. Back and forth communication in OPS, where everyone takes a turn talking. Next, get people to talk and admit to terrible crime. Finally, RAID!!! with t-shirts and Sam bobbing head up and down. Job done, finished. Maybe throw in some feels here and there to make you cry.
  • Writers have literally lost the plot

    This show has had some excellent seasons over the years but the last two have been abysmal and getting worse. The first ten minutes of every episode is wasted with irrelevant cutesy banter that we have all heard a hundred times. Because there have been so many episodes of shows in this genre, they need a strong plot thread through each season. Everything that can be done, has been done for stand-alone episodes.

    Writing now is either lazy or incompetent and I am at the point of abandoning what used to be one of my favourite shows.
  • A Wasted Mind

    What is CBS thinking? The latest episode of NCIS Los Angeles was way too close to elements of date rape, human sex trafficking, and physical abuse. It was not enjoyable.

    Clean up your act, NCIS LA

    I give a "1' rating because I can't get it to say Zero.
  • Don't do that again!

    So disappointed in last nights show. What was director thinking when he allowed Sam to be from Africa!!??? After less then a minute of hearing accent (or more like a sad joke of an accent) script should have been altered. SHAME ON WHOEVER allowed that to be put in. After a couple of minutes of hearing Sam I was embarrassed for him and show. I did not even finish watching. Was not worth my time. Yuck
  • NCIS LA the acting

    I am from the Netherlands.

    I'm sorry to say for this series that the original NCIS is much better than this one. Acting here is bad, poor and the hopping around behind guns is hilarious:) Apparently there was a need for much shooting, so, here we are... pfffffffffff. The actors do not convince as real people, In the original NCIS this was very very much better

    You'll understand that my thumb has a downward direction:)
  • NCIS Los Angeles agent Kinsey Blige

    I've never missed an episode of this series and I love all of the actors what playing it but there's one thing I truly truly want to know Kinsey if anybody's ever noticed in her right eye when she looks to the left what is wrong with her I why is it always look like there's a black ring near the cornea find the white building next to the color I love her acting but I'm just trying to figure out what's up with the right eye
  • KEEP HEDDY, Get rid of Granger.

    Oct. 12, 2015: Heddy is no longer prominent in NCIS Los Angelus. She gives character to the show; she holds the characters together; she brings mystery so why don't we see her much now? And why do we see more of acting is terrible! He has no personality, a monotone voice, no Heddy back!!!!
  • just another sorry cop show

    yet another show glorifying the worst of the worst in our country

    the COPS, the GOVT. the fbi the nsa

    I wonder which agency is paying to have this tripe produced