NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 3 Episode 23

Sans Voir

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 15, 2012 on CBS

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  • Sans Voir

    The two part episode of NCIS: Los Angeles was quite strong, and full of action. These are the kinds of episodes this series could benefit more of.

    We know something will happen to get Callen off from these charges, but the episode is still thoroughly entertaining.
  • Great cliffhanger!!! (Possible spoilers.)

    Well this was definitely a great ending to Season 3, albeit it wasn't quite as exciting as the ending to Season 2. However, it was spectacular and superb anyway!

    The episode is very interesting and entertaining, with a superb storyline that was extremely suspenseful and smart. This Chameleon character was definitely very interesting, and his mind games were very good for the finale, even though I hated him.

    The cliffhanger is greta! Can't wait to see what happens next!!!

    One side note - this show certainly loves to kill off its recurring characters! For example, they killed Moe in Season 2, and they killed off two more recurring roles otonight. I guess I don't really like that particularly, although I wouldn't object to Granger being killed anytime soon.

    I'm upset they killed off JHunter, as she seemed extremely interesting... :/ ?
  • Mystery Song

    Great episode! Yet it left many souring the internet for the song title and artist performing the final song in Sans Voir. It begins "I was hoping for the phoenix to be rising above the roof. You await me to make the next move." Can anyone identify this song and artist?
  • Great show.

    Very intense, suspenseful, scary even. And I never liked the Chameleon anyway BUT in this show - not like is too nice a word and i really do not like to say I hate anyone - but ......

    i certainly do NOT blame Callen for shooting chameleon& just wish it was elsewhere OR the 'bad' federal boss had told them to bring him in after they found out about the Other Deposit given to the Ch. and after they got the other man. But I guess that is what makes a good ending for a finale - but I do not like..... lol - just gotta wait.

    -- Can't wait til Sep. But I do hope they are all back!
  • Great episode, but what was with that ending???

    I was surprised that they had a 2 hour finale, but was happy because the first hour was basically giving Callen a reason to shoot the Chameleon. I wasn't really that sad that they killed either of the two agents, I didn't even know the first one, but I felt like there was a weird moment when Hetty was speaking to Hunter's ghost that reminded me of a scene in NCIS with Gibbs where he was talking to his deceased mentor, Mike Franks. I was really hoping for more Kensi/Deeks moments, but that's because I started watching the show because of them, although all the things he kept trying to do to cheer her up was pretty cute.

    The ending, ugh the ending was just miserable. I'm glad that the Chameleon is dead, but I really wish that Callen had just shoved him in the truck, drove off, and shot him where there wasn't a live news cast taping everything! Now I don't think Callen will be able to go undercover for a while, and if he does go to a federal prison the inmates are going to know he's a cop.

    I'm hoping that Callen comes back as an agent, Hetty changes her mind and realizes that her team needs her, and that they go back to catching the bad guys.
  • Good episode, with a surreal ending

    *Spoiler Alert* Overall I think the episode was great, you never really knew what was next except that it would be trouble...It was refreshing to see how the Chameleon had so much power while locked up, every move was calculated. Scary to think that there might really be someone like that out there.

    That last scene just strikes me as odd...sure Callen could have shot him so he would go to prison and do some undercover op there. Callen will defenitely come back, if he truly did kill him then it seems a bit like the Mentalist cliffhanger of last year. But there's a bigger thing bothering me: Sam and Kensi identified themselves as NCIS agents in front of a camera, now how is that going to help any future undercover work??? The only thing I could think of, is that the news crew was actually not airing live(intercepted by Eric or something like that)...

    Clearly I'm curious how they're going start next season, we only have to wait four months ;)
  • amazing show

    i am so excited for next season. kenzie and deeks make a perfect couple