NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 1 Episode 4

Search and Destroy

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

Walton Flynn is getting off a plane at LAX when he realizes that he is being followed by two men. He begins running away from these men and leads a chase through the airport and out into the parking areas. He hijacks a car and ends up hit one the men, killing him. He escapes.

At the NCIS headquarters, Eric is sharing with the group that he has over one thousand Face books friends as Sam states he is not a member. Hetty is upset with Callen because he got blood on one of her shirts and neglected to tell her about it. The group discovers that Hetty is one of Eric's friends. The group heads into the communications room and Director Vance comes online. He congratulates Eric on his milestone. He briefs the team on the situation Walton Flynn and was working for a private security group, and they have reported that he killed Amini, an Iraqi businessman that the firm was protecting. He escaped and came here, where the firm attempted to capture him at LAX, only to have one of their men killed. Vance does not want this private security agency to be operating on US soil. He explains that this is a "Hot Potato" and needs to be handled quickly with care.

Eric and the team examine the footage from LAX and find that Flynn was picked up from the airport by a person driving a yellow jeep. Although they cannot see the driver clearly, they can make out the tattoo one the left arm. Sam recognizes the type of tattoo and he & Callen head out to the local tattoo parlors. The owner recognizes her work and states it was for a woman named "Cherry".

Eric has done some background checking and found out that Flynn was in the foster care system and one of his foster brothers, Chad Ellis, owns a gun shop in LA. Kensi and Dominic head over to the shop only to find that Ellis has been tortured and killed.

Eric has also discovered that Flynn connected with an old friend, Cherise "Cherry" Dawson, from high school on Face book. Callen and Sam begin staking out her place, discussing whether or not Sam's origami swan is really a swan or a duck. Kensi and Dominic relieve them and notice that they have company. Eric runs the plates, the vehicle belongs to Citdential. Kensi gets out of her car, gets a door crasher out of her truck and hits the front of their car, which causes the airbags to engage. She asks them if they need her to call someone and they decline.

Kensi and Dominic follow Cherry to work at a local gaming company. She approaches Cherry claiming to be a friend from high school. She brings up Walton's name and observes Cherry becoming very uncomfortable.

They decide that someone needs to get close to Cherry and the best place to do that would be at her work. Sam states that he was pretty good at Donkey Kong, which rules him out. Dominic notes that Cherry likes the bad boys and it is decided Callen will go in. Hetty gives him some torn jeans and worn out looking shirt as his wardrobe. He is immediately hired and it positioned in the cubical next to Cherry. Sam is outside providing backup and the team is watching/listening to Callen form the communications room. Callen is playing one of the games, badly and tells Eric they need to go to plan B. Eric hacks the system and shuts the power down. The boss tells everyone to head home. Sam is outside disabling Cherry's car and is almost caught. Callen takes a look at her car when it won't start and then offers her a ride home. He offers to fix her car and she offers him a beer inside. He asks her if she is concerned and she states that her boyfriend is due home any minute. Flynn comes in and Cherry introduces him to Callen. Sam is outside the home and sees the firm's men at the door with loaded weapons and alerts Callen. Callen immediately grabs Cherry and they both hit the floor as the men burst in firing. Flynn escapes.

Callen comes with Cherry and while they are talking, Flynn calls Cherry wanting to talk to Callen. He sensed he could trust Callen and tells him he was set up. He did not kill the Iraqi and he has proof. Cherry tells Callen that Flynn came to her with a sim card that was encoded and wanted her to decode it. She states it is way above her ability and Callen tells her he knows someone who can decode it.

Eric is able to decode the sim card, which is from a video cam off of Flynn's rifle, which he compares to the dashboard camera in police cars. The video shows Peter Caldwell, the head of Citdential killed Amini. The team realizes that Flynn is going to confront Caldwell and look up his tinnier, he is downtown on Hollywood Boulevard. Callen and Sam rush over to find Flynn pointing a gun at Caldwell. They tell Flynn that they have the proof he is innocent, only Flynn does not believe them. They have Eric hack into the screen across the street and play the video. Caldwell's men lower their weapons and Caldwell is arrested.

Callen is escorting Flynn to meet up with the men who will provide him a new identity and a new life. They talk about their lives and Callen pulls the car over. He knows that Flynn will be safer on his own then in the government's care and Flynn thanks him and leaves.
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