NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 1 Episode 4

Search and Destroy

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2009 on CBS

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  • The series seems to be floundering.

    I really really want to enjoy this show, as I've admired NCIS from its inception, but frustration with this series is starting to take hold.

    The 2 part Legends story-line was so promising, but now that the series has been given its own legs to run with, it just seems to stumble and not really get off the ground.

    Firstly, bring back Special Agent Lara Macy. She seemed to head the team extremely well, controlling the reins of a group so diverse and so different to one another that only a tough leader, one ready to make hard decisions and even break the rules when necessary, could steer in a positive direction.

    Without a leader like this, the team seems rather aimless.

    Then there's Operational Psychologist Nate Getz. In the Legend episodes, he came across as the type of team member Gibbs was missing in his own group, ever since Kate was dispensed with, someone who can read people, someone astute, confident and able to provide insight on people, behaviours and personalities, and then able to deduce somewhat accurately how they would behave in a given situation. I saw him as a cross between Lightman from Lie to Me and Jane from The Mentalist. Since Legends, he has been nothing but wrong, and almost a comic-relief.

    It's almost as if he isn't allowed to shine, as he may take the glow away from the two main leads.

    Instead they have hard-exterior, but soft-hearted Hetty Lange, who as ... what exactly is her role? Once she seems to be a bean-counter, then she takes care of the wardrobe, then she gives orders, calling the team to meetings. All the while she sprouts platitudes that thinly veil other meanings for the damaged characters to help sooth their troubled souls -doing Getz's job.

    Back to the two leads, Callen and Hanna. Where to start? They really don't seem to have any chemistry between then, no real spark when we see them together. Moreover individually they seem to compete on who is the coolest rather than doing their jobs. There are two other field agents in the team, the rookie Vail and Blye. Let's have some mix and match as happens in the original series. At least then these two will get something to do.

    By the way why don't Callen and Hanna actually introduce themselves as NCIS agents, flashing their badges, instead of coming up with cutsie other agencies?

    This series has a long way to go before it becomes as loved as the original NCIS
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