NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2010 on CBS

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  • Callen's ex partner

    Callen is put in a tough situation when his ex partner holds a navy recruitment center hostage and she isn't just his ex partner she was his ex wife because they went undercover as husband and doesn't know whether to trust her through the episode but in the end he was right to feel like that because she was not to be trusted and Callen arrested her when she though she got away.
  • standoff

    While NCIS continues to be stagnant, its spinoff series NCIS Los Angeles continues to pop out some interesting storylines, such as the one in tonight's episode. Anytime you get a hostage-themed episode, even if it is not really about the hostage crisis, it is hard to mess things up.

    This show is really starting to find its groove within its second season. While I am not entirely in love with the Eric Christian Olsen addition, it is hard to argue that this show is not one of the most action-packed on television. Tonight's episode was as good as Burn Notice...seriously.
  • Terrific episode, but a small step back from its predecessor.

    I did enjoy this episode, but ther were some parts of it that I didn't enjoy. The hostage situation at the beginning was really intense and a nice little twist! However, I don't think the episod edeveloped exceptionally well from that point on.

    While the involvement of an agent from Callen's past was an appealling idea initially, I think the case collapsed as the episode developed.

    I did, however, enjoy the gunfight towards the end. The high action is what makes NCIS: Los Angeles so enticing!

    The scene that ruined the episode for me was indeed the last scene in the Cayman Islands. I didn't enjoy seeing the agent, Tracy, being apprehended. I though she would make a nice recurring character fo rthe future.

    Still, a good episode, which I would have to recoommend, but not as highly as the previous episode. Keep it up, guys, and I am really enjoying the second season!