NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 1 Episode 15

The Bank Job

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2010 on CBS

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  • Clever concept

    The way this episode turned out was a surprise. At first, you think that the writers cheated you by having it all part of an op., but it's better than if it were a real robbery. With Dom gone at this time, it would not make sense to injure or kill off a main character. The plot was original and still suspensful. The beginning was very convincing, and I liked how they built up that mental question mark when Kensi was shot and the people and nobody did anything. I also thought that the resolution was satisfying. They had that cliche 'we got you' moment. This was a great episode to me.
  • The Bank Job

    Wasn't there just an episode of Leverage called "The Bank Job?"

    While nobody said, "Let's go steal ourselves a bank!" tonight, this was still a great episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, probably one of the best so far in the show's freshman season. NCIS: Los Angeles was in a position where it could not fail. It was a spin-off of the most popular show on TV, and had a time slot immediately following it. Not being renewed was not possible. But now the show is really starting to warrant the massive ratings it has been getting. It began last week with the enticing episode featuring the disappearance of Dom and now we had an action-packed episode with a bank robbery, or so we thought.

    Anyway, great episode and hopefully the show can keep riding this momentum.
  • Kensi is shot multiple times in a bank holdup and then the story goes back 24 hours. A jihadist group has stolen approximately 5 million dollars to pay for a premiere bank heist team to secure their 50 plus million from being frozen in an LA bank.

    A well acted poorly scripted episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. It seems with this show either the acting is a little off or the plot is poorly done. In this episode without giving away the story, they have the show start with a scene from the end where Kensi gets shot three times and then they cut to 24 hours earlier to set up the story.

    Actually if the acting and the rest of the story hadn't been as good as it was this would have received my lowest score of any NCIS: LA episode yet. This show has great potential, but for some reason just has not found its stride yet. They could have done the scenes in sequence and it would not have distracted at all from the story. The way they did it you end up spending the whole time watching wondering what is going to become of Kensi. I have other thoughts about the sequencing as well but that would give away the plot. You know she isn't dying so what gives. No suspense! Just poor writing!

    I like the overall premise of the story otherwise and you have to wonder about people who do anything for money. Even stranger what some American's will do to be treasonous to their own country. Of course there certainly have been enough of them lately and this show doesn't seem to shy away from controversy. Matter of fact they seem to like to create it if they can.

    So a very strange story line with some out of sequence work that is a little suspicious. Nothing like trying to create drama where there is none. The acting otherwise was quite good and worth seeing. Thanks for reading...
  • Quite clever! I've been pretty happy with the last few episodes!

    The last hthree or four episodes have been sensational, and while this one was a little below it, I still found it to be amazing!

    The stroryline in this one was absolutely great! It was so suspenseful after the first sceene, and I was really happy with the way they developed it. I saw none of that cooming! Absolutely unbelievable!

    I thought that the episode had a lot of great points, and I think I would love to watch this again. I would highly recommend it, as this one and the last couple are definitely at NCIS quality, and hopefully they will head further uphill from here! Keep it up, NCIS: LA!!!