NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 5 Episode 7

The Livelong Day

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2013 on CBS

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  • Very Tense

    At times, very tense. A very good movie. Hopefully doesn't actually happen in the US.

    But discussing horoscopes - not needed AND I almost turned the show off.

    Deeks and his undercover Was very interesting.... and hilarious.
  • A great installment that kept me guessing as to the Bad Guys' motives.

    But, I have to deduct a star-and-a-half for Deeks' asinine astrology. Kenzie was right: Capricorn _is_ symbolized by a goat while Aries is symbolized by a ram. I ought to know. I'm an Aries, myself! Born under a fire sign (which, occasionally, makes me hot-headed).
  • Spencer II

    I loved the spoof of Spencer Reid, Deeks undercover personality. He got the hair style of season 1 Spencer Reid, the spouting of factoids and the aversion to hand shaking. The lunchbox though was all Deeks. He should have packed chopsticks and noodles to make the parody complete of foraging with a pair of no. 2 pencils.
  • Trains shouldn't have faces

    I loved this episode. Kensi/Deeks undercover always provides the hilarity. The case was just awesome and entertaining from the start to the finish. It had its over the top action and a bit of cheese just how I like my NCIS LA. I really enjoyed the "bad guy' this week. He was really easy to like and sympathize with unlike the annoying hacker chic from last week.
  • The Livelong Day

    I admire the show for going all out, devoting nearly the entire second half to stopping the train from going over the bomb, but we knew the NCIS team would pull it off, and the way they saved the day at the last second came off as more corny than entertaining.

    Kensi and Deeks as the investigators was good though.
  • Very good! Big step up!

    After a slightly disappointing show last start, today we had a very interesting case, all involving trains! I kinda enjoyed the fact that Deeks is obsessed with trains himself. It was kinds hilarious.

    The case was ver y interesting, with a lot of drama and suspense happening at the end, and it sure was a close call!

    Kinda weird - I didn't think that guy deserved jail time. He didn't do anything wrong in my eyes, and he saved a lot of lives ultimately. Very strange, because I thought the hacker girl last week should have been charged. Bizarre...

    Nonetheless, the case itself was solid. A very big step up! I'm impatiently awaiting next week's episode!
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