NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 5 Episode 21

Three Hearts

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 15, 2014 on CBS

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  • Three Hearts

    An interesting ending, although maybe not quite what peopled wanted with those two.

    Overall though a boring episode. They tried too hard with the "Angelo" character too.
  • More intense

    As for kensi & deeks - they broke up - that's why he returned her knife to her. as for the raccoon talk - may the 2 will get back together -Later -

    But for now, they need to work as a Team - or be moved to separate teams -

    The main plot of the show was what I was more concerned with - and hated it that the undercover agent went bad - and dislike it that they let him loose.

    But they must be planning to have him in a later show.

    I do have to mention the supposedly 'bad' guy with the crocodile - he just did not come across as being much of anything - turned my stomach - and I felt from the beginning that maybe his wife was just as much if not more so - in charge. - And she was. (& the now former agent was also in charge)

  • argh, frustrating to watch

    I think they are trying too hard to be something they're not. What's all that dribble from Angelo about the 3 hearts, and how is it that he would instantly reference it to Deeks and Kensi? So who's having second thoughts about their relationship? Deeks or Kensi, or both. By giving the knive back to Kensi, was that supposed to symbolize Deeks calling off the relationship? And what's with the box? They are trying to be too "deep". It's a TV show. It's supposed to be just basic escapism. There's not enough time to try to develope deep characters, or emotions. It just comes off looking too contrived Deeks and Kensi now look like two high school kids dating for the first time. FWIW, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD do a much better job in this respect. Heck, the Chicago Blackhawks even are better!
  • Another great one.

    Another really good episode today as we finally get some Kensi and Deeks time, as well as a very interesting and good case.

    The storyline was good, and I really liked the case - it evolved nicely. The Brunson guy was really annoying - I didn't like him at all but Olivia was great.

    All up, very interesting and I'm looking forward to the last few episode of the season!