NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 5 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2014 on CBS

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  • You do NOT mess with TUHON!!!!!!!!!!!

    Any TV show can pull out some celebrity to guest star that play no real part in the series. But to have one of my favorite celebrity to play a part in the history of the NCIS Los Angeles agents, Danny Trejo did brilliantly as Tuhon. This show deserves to keep going and going, and though we hope to see more of Tuhon, I believe this is the best part he played for the series and its best we keep this as the only time. And of course Nate, though he has a recurring role, needs to get into more episodes.
  • Tuhon

    Either a phoned in, or poorly-written, whichever you prefer, guest spot by Danny Trejo. This episode had its moments, but a weak story and just no immediate threat of danger left me feeling underwhelmed overall.
  • Well played.

    It aired on the 25 in the States, That was because of the Sochi Olympics.

    I didn't catch at first why Assistant Diplomat Akedo was looking at the clock over and over. Then after Michael Santos took out him, Diplomat Atugu and the Security Guard with the batteries and t shirt I figured it out. Slow I know. I believe Akedo should have had that guard come in sooner even if Atugu wasn't listening to his warnings.

    Callen playing it cool about his date with Joelle didn't tip off Sam on what he really thought. Guess we will have to see where it goes from here.

    Nate Getz coming to help Deeks and team was nice. Hetty saying they are short handed. But Nell has gone out with Deeks before on talking to witnesses. Nate telling the team if he told he'd have to kill them was kinda funny. Then Deeks picked on his suit. I would have thought Nate would have a better suit then Deeks.

    Kensi and Sabatino talking made me think he wasn't the bad guy. But then Grainger not believing it was him, makes me think he is again. But I get a feeling it is Booker who the actor played Pelant on Bones.

    Tuhon was a good add. Sam and G taking out the 2 in the elevator. Also them helping Tuhon take down his bad men and then at safe house later Steven Carter. Nice to use Hetty's hatchet he gave her. Also Tuhon meeting up with Hetty again was nice. Seeing he gave that knife Callen had to Kensi's father really added to the story.
  • Great!

    This was another NCISLA instalment that was really itnresting. Some good scenes in Mexico City of course, especially with those girls. Nice as well to see Nate back and in action.

    The Tuhon character was interesting at first but beacme a little bit dull for mine TBH. He wasn't all that interesting and I don't really want to see him again TBH.

    My favourite part of the episode was undoubtedly the stuff that eventuated and went down in Afghanistan. Kensi closes in on Sabatino but what is he up to? Bold move just going off on his own like that. I feel like this storyline is truly getting somewhere now!

    I am REALLY excited to see what happens next with Kensi in Afghanistan and I can't wait for next week's episde!
  • Very Nice, as usual

    So refreshing to watch this team. Interesting, exciting, cute, funny. Very enjoyable.