NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 5 Episode 5

Unwritten Rule

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2013 on CBS

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  • What Rule?

    How come in Season 2 Episode 16 "Empty Quiver" This rule was not mention when Agents Hanna and Callen went undercover as "CHIP" Motorcycle cops? This spoiled a good episode with this stupid petty law. The team puts their life in danger all the time, to protect the USA, freedom and the citizens civil liberties but they can't have a motorbike as it's dangerous? The thing they fight for is taken away from them? On the other hand Deeks is not NCIS he is LAPD and why is this RULE not mention to him when he became a member of the team? Completely unbelievable and writing like this will ruin this show much the same way Hawaii Five-O has been ruined by bad writing and clich endings.
  • Nell's got a gun

    I enjoyed the episode. It wasn't my favorite but still strong for the start of the season. It's nice to see Nell in the field and with a gun. They've been hinting at that for a while. I imaging it's the perfect timer specially considering Daneila Ruah's pregnancy. I imagine she will be taking a more active role to explain Kensi absents or whatever they will do to hide that. I definitely enjoyed and laughed at the opening and ending sequence with Deeks and the Motorcycle. I also appreciate them getting into PTSD. Whether Deeks has it or not yet I'm not sure. Kensi could just be expecting it from all she went through with Jack. I imagine this story line will also be the reason that keeps Deeks/Kensi apart. You know they have to prolong that because one it happens they will at the very least have to shake up the partners. Oh I also loved the Callen/Nell scenes about her being called a Ginger bitch and the whole hot girls with guns thing.
  • Unwritten Rule

    I liked the bit with the motorcycle in the beginning. As inconsistent as this show has been, the one consistently entertaining thing has been the comedy in the opening moments.

    I am all for Nell getting in the field, but this case was so dull and unbelievably predictable. Not a lot of action either. Just an average episode in my book.
  • Great!

    Really enjoyed this case, which had everything from kidnapping to espionage and nothing was what it seemed! It was great to watch, very suspenseful and the character of Nell actually had some use today, unlike some episodes.

    The storyline with Deeks and the motorycycle was quite hilarious, although I don't really see the big deal! Nonetheless, it gave me a few laughs and it was nice.

    Great work, looking forward to more!