NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 4 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 05, 2013 on CBS

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  • Wanted

    It is good to see them explore the personal lives, and how they are directly and indirectly affected by their jobs at NCIS, but this episode just felt like a letdown. Sam can be used so much better, his wife could be both better cast and more interesting as well.

    Not a story I would like this show to continue to explore.
  • ASuperb episode!

    This episode deals with a storyline we have waited a few months for, and it does it superbly! It was so intense and really interesting at times! And the team comes up with some crafty tactics to achieve it!

    I loved that the story continues and these cases that run over several episodes are great!

    Terrific show!
  • Well worth watching

    Good show. cute areas but intense also.

    But I really hate that it did not end - but we can look forward to at least one more follow-up show - if not more..