NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 5 Episode 14

War Cries

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2014 on CBS

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  • War Cries

    It's sad when on a show like this I was more interested in the blind date than the actual military murder. I kind of wish we saw more of that.

    This was just a bland episode overall. Very skippable, if you have to skip one.
  • Good Enough

    the episode was entertaining enough for me to stay glued on the screen... the case was interesting although a bit rushed since it had to share screen time with the afghan front... the last scene where G gets on a blind date had me smiling... but Nell going commando was a little unbelievable for my taste, can't imagine a highly trained mercenary getting manhandled by a petite analyst... although don't get me wrong i love nell... it was just too much... all in all... solid episode... will keep me glued for next week...
  • Really good!

    Another interesting week of NCISLA today with an interesting case. There was a lot to like about the case - it went in a few different directions before we figured it out.

    I had mixed feelings about the stuff in Afghanistan - it didn't seem like any forward progress was made on that front, although I don't really have a big issue with that if they make up for it next week.

    Callen on the blind date was kinda hilarious but also kinda out of the blue. I wonder if that will go anywhere.

    Lookijg forward to more!
  • Loved it

    So refreshing (after watching ncis & their writers trying to cram the 'female' down our throats).

    Great acting, funny parts, well written. The TEAM working together - love it.

    I love the 'tech female' in full force fighting for her life - she always comes as a surprise & fights very well.

    And I really loved the Blind date set up for callen... who knows....