NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 5 Episode 18

Zero Days

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 25, 2014 on CBS

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  • Zero Days

    Way too much Eric in this episode, and while I like Nell Jones getting in the field, this felt like a filler episode. Not an exciting enough premise.
  • Best episode of the season? Maybe... More like definitely

    Whilst all the reviews that came before mine focused mainly on the Kensi/Jack (her Ex-Fiancee) storyline, I loved the whole thing with Eric getting jealous because Ira kept hitting on Nell. Because lets be honest, Nothing is funnier (in my opinion) than jealous Eric. Unfortunately this season I was unable to watch the episodes consecutively as they aired and I missed the promos because of it, After I watched this episode I searched for the promo and was saddened by the fact that I didn't get the experience about worrying about Eric for an entire week (It sounds crazy I know). Back to the episode, Other than the Kensi side of things it was quirky and delightful. Eric being put in the Jail for defending a poor, helpless computer system from an uneducated police officer and his coffee. Nell "Going Undercover"as whatever to charm Ira as Eric is in the main area of the boathouse watching with jealously in his eyes. Eric in his uneasiness as Ira comments to Nell "I like you better with out glasses, it makes it easier to see your brown eyes" or something cheesy like that. and the final(Ish) scene (for the case atleast) with Eric out in the field, hacking GPS Satellites like the . Geek he is, even in the heat of battle as bullets are whizzing past. And as Ira retorts, "Anything else?" Eric counters with "Oh, and Nell's Eyes... Their hazel". Ira was clearly taken back by it and he knew, don't mess with Eric. Don't forget Deeks' humor with "my middle name is Diversion" to "I need to change my middle name" And the drama as Eric hits the deck and Sam calls out "Eric!" Man they could have faded to black right their and called it a season finale. I'm glad they didn't because the scene back at base was great. The one Eric wipes his tired eyes and as he goes to put his glasses back on Nell stops him to say "Its nice to see your eyes with out your glasses on". Great episode on all standpoints and one of my favorites
  • Just about the best episode of the season!

    This episode was phenomenal on many counts, starting with a very intriguing first scene that automatically links the case to our team. The case itself was compelling, very interesting and very dangerous with lots of action - what NCISLA is all about. It delivered as usual.

    What stole the show for me was Kensi and her former fiancee and everything that went down over there. So much drama! Originally this side storyline with Kensi during Daniela's pregnancy was nice ana a fun break detour from the usual. Now it is truly gripping and intense. I am very excited to see where this goes!

    We could be on the precepive of something great! Here's hoping next week goes bigger and better! This was a great one!
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