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  • Bad acting

    The cast was borderline already, and adding Necar. A bad choice. Going to try and watch the rest of this year. Ratings will fall.
  • Fun except for one

    PLEASE get rid of Sonja! Angry all the time and attitude all the time. Can't help eye rolling every time she tries to act like she's a bad ass. More like an overly dramatic child. Other than her, mostly fun to watch.
  • Stick fork in it, it's done

    They're back to the "super villian" plot. The untouchable, all poweful, adversary is out to destroy the hero. Old, trite, and contrived. The writers have started phoning it in, it's over. I'll start looking for something else to watch.
  • Lousy acting! Bad writing!

    Someone please tell Mark Harmon to get better actors and new writers. Percy is leaving and let's guess who the new agent will be, oh the sergeant from the 3/27 episode. Please find other actors.
  • At best very mediocre

    Where to start? Stupid scripts and stories that have nothing to do with ncis. Their "office" is a joke and they are the most slovenly appearing cast. The accents are hilarious. Pride spends more time tending his dive than working. It's a cliche ridden show. Junk it. Gregarious and Percy are terrible not even actually acting like agent. The lesbian thing was disgusting.
  • New Orleans

    Gregorio I am so sick of looking at her freaking face. Their accents on the show are horrible nobody not even Scott Bakula or CCH Pounder who I do like sound like they came from New Orleans I used to like the show but once they brought on Gregario it got even worse I swear she reminds me of a pug nose dog trying to get air.
  • How bad can a show still go on?

    This started off as an ok spinoff, but has quickly gone down from there. The newest characters/actors are horrible, and the acting just seems to make it all the worse.
  • Get rid of Percy

    Percy is awful!!! Can't act at all. She needs to go!! Otherwise, I like the show.
  • Getting worse over time - hard to watch

    Same plot, NCIS is the outcast agency to make some phony dramatic tension. Not believable. Dialogue with missing articles and pronouns is annoying. Female characters are surreal - also unbelievable. Scott Bakula plays his character as if he always is constipated or in menopause. Pinched, angry face. Lousy use of the spectacular venue of New Orleans as a setting. The crooked mayor sub-plot is not well utilized. New writers would be a start or get rid of this spin-off.
  • Worst show on tv

    Absolutely the worst show. Characters, story lines are absolutely terrible.
  • Ncis New Orleans is unwatchable

    Unattractive casts, awkward one liners. Terrible, hard to listen to conversations. How's this show still on? I run to change the channel when this show comes on. Rather watch Ancient Aliens reruns

    why does a female first couple of episodes normal. Becomes a regular gotta dress way out of line. Low cut shirts, unbuttoned, this isn't professional.

    Pas: Kill Gregario or whatever her name is. Can we like shoot her then the audience can decide if DIE or not?
  • Well, you've done it.

    I really enjoyed the show, even after you took Brodie off. But I draw the line with your Lesbian agent kissing the Russian female agent. You had a good thing(not GREAT, but good) going until the kiss. I want to be entertained, not disgusted. I am now a former fan. I don't want to watch gays kissing I put up with a lot but this "in your face" crap is over the line. You lose.
  • Be done with the Hamiton thing FFS.

    I'm completely f***ing over this Hamilton arc. It's been going on for three full years and has gone absolutely nowhere. They're exactly where they were in s01e01. They keep dedicating entire episodes to it but it's a complete waste of time, and they make him all arch and Dr. Evil. Just freaking end it. I don't even care how. Just be fricking done with it and move on to something that isn't boring as f***.

    Also, as everyone else has said, Gregorio doesn't fit at all. And her sleepy eyes and duck mouth are annoying as f***. Half the characters I don't even give a crap about.
  • Not liking NCIS NOLA as much as I want to

    Zoe/Brody was just okay--cute until she let her hair grow--then, eh, not so interesting/cute.

    Sonja is just irritating. She is too much of a tough girl and hard to believe what she's been through.

    I agree what they said about Gregorio--she's really a bad actor--not sweet, nice.

    At least they don't have two blondes like NCIS has added.

    Sebastian is a too much of a geek for a field agent--so his story is just not believable.

    All the tight pants on the women is ridiculous. And wearing billed caps indoors really blocks their vision--do they have to wear them or is the jacket/t-shirt enough?

    I like Pride but he did go off half cocked after the super villainy mayor.

    Please get some better writers and scripts.

    I was hoping to like NCIS NOLA more than NCIS because it has so deteriorated, especially w/ the new blonde they just added to the cast.

    Does anyone read our comments? Or do they have their own "focus/advice" group?
  • Worse and worse

    I loved this show when it came on, I was excited because it was based in New Orleans and had Scott Bakula. But once Ferlito was introduced, it went downhill fast. Now the new season has started and it's all about her character, Gregorio, she's practically running the whole show. Ugh, may not keep watching. I'm sad about that
  • I think Ferlito was a big mistake

    Ferlito was a big mistake for replacing Zoe McClellan. She is loud and sounds guttural. I tried to watch several shows this season but she gave me a headache. I LOVED NCIS New Orleans. I live close to there. But now I just cant watch it.
  • Jumped the Shark!

    For those of you old enough to remember when Happy Days had The Fonz jump a the storyline of the mayor taking over a part of the city to build a shipyard and in the process killing off a Senator and funneling drugs into the city, etc, etc. But not on Dwayne's watch the NCIS agent is going to stop the drug crew all by himself (and 3 or 4 other agents). Yeah, I'd say the show has gone off the rails, bigtime. Aside from the writing being sub-par, Bakula's New Orleans accent is atrocious, but I could overlook that. The mayor overtaking the city by himself with a few underworld "friends" is just too much.

    Spend your time with your kids, or doing something more enjoyable like watching paint dry. Just my $.02.
  • Mistake in casting

    NCIS New Orleans was my favorite program on TV until you let Zoe McClellan (Brody) go. She fit in with the team better than her replacement, Vanessa Ferlito. Please, please, bring Brody back and you will go to the top of my list again.
  • My thoughts for this season

    Not happy with Ferlito either, bring Brodie back!!

    Think it's cool Sebastian is with the team.

    Not happy with how Pride has been acting on this mayor case. He is supposed to be a professional. Instead, he keeps going of half-cocked like an insane person.
  • Vanessa Ferlito -Please please do not keep her

    I really do not care for her. She was not good on CSI NY and she ruins NCIS NO for me. I can barely watch it now. They already have one tough chick, two is way too many.

    She is not fun to watch.
  • What is up with the pants?

    As I enjoy the series, I always wonder why Percy and the female transplant from the FBI have to wear such tight pants. I imagine that as soon as those pants come off, lots of extra skin will come spilling out and go all over the place.

  • Vanessa Ferlito is not a good fit

    They need to add someone nicer and sweet to balance the hard edged short girl, (Shalita Grant).

    I do not feel she adds much to the show at all.

    I miss Brody. She was a good balance. I like the rest of the cast. Vanessa Ferlito is an actress I have never liked. She was not a good fit on CSI NY and she really does not help this show at all.

    I am bummed they hired her.
  • Great series, but....

    I really don't like the fact that they added Vanessa Ferlito to the cast... she's ugly as *peep* and the character is awfully bad.

    Also I don't like it that they made the character Sebastian part of the team... he's too much of a geek to be a proper agent....

    But overall the series is pretty good
  • Why?!

    The show is just a massive Why?!

    Why do they keep hiring actors who can't act? Or actors who are so fucking rusty at looking natural, they come off as bad actors. Vanessa Ferlito can act, she was great CSI:NY, but she has taken a long time off to raise her kid and only a few major roles between 2006 and now.

    Why Shalita Grant? She is just bad, getting better sure, but still bad. Quick death to her character, please. Iv seen wooden logs who play a better dramatic scene than Shalita Grant. Awful.

    Last why is for the Mayor. That dude is closer to a fantasy villain or a cartoon villain, not a normal day antagonist. More scandals than Drumpf. Why is he still around? Lazy writing? For those filler episodes when the story arcs are still developing and they need an annoyance? "Okay, bring the clearly psychopathic mayor into the mix"

    The only thing that saves the show is the King. His character is so strong, he carries some of the cast. Mainly Shalita. She is horrible. How she managed to get a part I will never know.
  • Fewer characters, more depth

    I agree with the world when they say: Gregorio must go. She does not fit in, even Pride doesn't seem to care for her. So shuffle her off to somewhere else, please.

    I like the Sonja character. She's a little cranky, but then so am I, so maybe that's why I like the character. But rather than just making her, or any other character one-dimensional, let's flesh them out with a home or personal life. There was a lot of hinting around about Brody and Sonja hooking up -- not sure if that is a good idea, but it would be very interesting to watch it play out. Let's give Mr. 'Bama a little yank on his chain to wake him up!!
  • Gregorio and Sonja must go or the show shouldn't make it

    Sonja's character is such a whiny, one dimmential pain! It's the writing or her improv, whichever, they are both horrible. Gregorio just doesn't fit. But, in my opinion, Sonja really brings the show down and adds nothing!! Hard to watch
  • Vanessa Lips

    NCIS New Orleans use to

    to be my favorite and looked forward to watching it until Vanessa/Gregorio joined the cast. I am trying to watch an episode right now, but watching her and her arrogance, her chin stuck out with those protruding lips is agony. She doesn't fit in. I can't stand to watch this show anymore with her in it. Sorry, this is the 1st time I have voiced my opinion/criticism of any show, but I just had to. I looked up the reviews to see if I was the only one feeling this way about her and apparently I am not. I am hoping you are listening to this shows fans. I love Scott Bakula and Mark Harmon and I would hate to see this show fail because of this newest cast member.
  • Michael Jackson lives

    I rarely dislike or voice a dislike for an actor, since different strokes for different folks and I am not an authority.... that said.... I agree about Gregorio character. In one of the first shows she appeared in , she is drinking a cup of coffee, hiding her lips, showing her button nose and she looked like Michael Jackson. Could not take her seriously from then on. Also sounds like she has adenoids.

    A lot of readers questioned why Brody was fired, she was not. She quit, because of custody issue for her child with her estranged husband.
  • Gregorio - yuk

    Get rid of her character. She's killing the show. Her acting is BAD. She ruins SO MANY SCENES. We need a reasonably pleasant character - male or female - to replace her. I only watch a few minutes of each episode now to see if casting changes have been made. I just can't understand why this actress keeps getting parts. She must be related to someone who has clout in Hollywood. C'mon producers and writers! Listen to your fans before you lose ALL of us!
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